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by Paul R. Hollrah, ©2013

“President Petulant”

(May 10, 2013) — [Editor’s Note:  Reader discretion advised; not recommended for children.]

On the 1,560th day of his bogus presidency, Barack Obama left the Oval Office and walked the short distance down the hallway to the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. As he entered the auditorium he held a short list of six names clutched tightly in his hand.  The list contained the names of six White House correspondents, selected in advance by his press secretary, who would be allowed to ask questions of the make-believe president.

The list was headed by Ed Henry, chief White House correspondent for Fox News… an all but obligatory inclusion because of Henry’s position as the outgoing president of the White House Correspondents Association.  The others on the list were the usual suspects: Jessica Yellin, of CNN; Jonathan Karl, of ABC; Bill Plante, of CBS; F. Chuck Todd, of NBC; and Antonieta Cadiz, of the Spanish language newspaper, La Opiñion… a sop to his upcoming trip to Mexico and Costa Rica.

With the exception of the Fox correspondent, it was a group that could be expected to ask only “softball” questions… but that’s not what happened.  His third questioner, Jonathan Karl, of ABC News, asked, “Mr. President, you are a hundred days into your second term.  On the gun bill, you put, it seems, everything into it to try to get it passed. Obviously, it didn’t.  Congress has ignored your efforts to try to get them to undo these sequester cuts.  There was even a bill that you threatened to veto that got 92 Democrats in the House voting yes.  So my question to you is, do you still have the ‘juice’ to get the rest of your agenda through this Congress?”

Obviously stunned by that punch to the political solar plexus, Obama responded, “Well, if you put it that way, Jonathan (chuckle, chuckle), maybe I should just pack up and go home.  Golly.  You know, the… I think it’s… it’s a little (chuckle, chuckle) as Mark Twain said, you know, rumors of my demise may be a little exaggerated at this point.”

Then, returning to his tiresome old blame-it-all-on-Congress theme, the most petulant political leader in American history said, “Look, we… you know, we understand that we’re in divided government right now.  Republicans control the House of Representatives.  In the Senate, this habit of requiring 60 votes for even the most modest piece of legislation has gummed up the works there.  And I think it’s… it comes as no surprise, not even to the American people, but even to members of Congress themselves, that right now things are pretty dysfunctional up on Capitol Hill…”

It is a recurring theme with Barack Obama, who regularly reminds all who will listen that he was reelected in 2012.  What he fails to mention is that he won reelection with only 51.1% of the vote, while Republicans won 54% of the congressional seats across the country, compared to the Democrats’ 46%.  At the county level, nationwide, Mitt Romney carried 2,421 (78%) of the 3,113 counties, while Obama carried only 692, or 22% of the counties.  Obama won reelection by carrying the big cities, heavily inhabited by those who want something from government, those who rely on the “nanny state” for their shelter, their healthcare, and their “daily bread.”

Republicans won the governor’s office and both houses of the state legislature in 24 states; Democrats won the governor’s office and both houses of the legislature in just 12 states.  If the voters declared a mandate in 2012, it was Republicans who won it.  So, take away the non-producing parasites from the vote totals and we are left with a massive GOP victory. 

When questioned about his policy on the Syrian civil war, Obama said, “My policy from the beginning has been that President Assad had lost credibility… and that the only way to bring stability and peace to Syria is going to be for Assad to step down and to move forward on a political transition.”

In that brief statement, Obama stated, not a policy, but an opinion and a distant hope… an opinion that most fifth graders share and a distant hope that has near zero chance of coming to fruition.  But the “leader of the free world” thinks it’s a “policy.”  He went on to say, “But even if chemical weapons were not being used in Syria, we’d still be thinking about tens of thousands of people, innocent civilians… women and children… who’ve been killed by a regime that’s more concerned about staying in power than it is about the well-being of its people.”  (Oops!  The pot should not call the kettle black.)

Then, F. Chuck Todd, of NBC, asked a question about Obama’s attitude toward those Democrats in Congress who are beginning to see Obamacare as a “potential train wreck.”

Demonstrating that he has no concept whatsoever of either economic principles or the Law of Unintended Consequences, Obama replied that “The Affordable Care Act… Obamacare… has now been with us for three years… A huge chunk of it has already been implemented.  And for the 85 to 90 percent of Americans who already have health insurance, they’re already experiencing most of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, even if they don’t know it…”

What tens of millions of Americans who already have full-time jobs and health insurance do know is that they will soon find themselves without either.  Being a liberal Democrat and unable to process any cause-and-effect situation beyond a single factor, he seems not to understand that a great many employers, unable to afford the higher costs of health care for full-time employees, will be cutting 40-hour work weeks back to part-time 29-hour work weeks so that they won’t have to provide the part-time workers with health insurance.  As a result, millions of American families will be struggling to make ends meet while working at part-time jobs and losing their healthcare insurance.  Most will find it necessary to take a second part-time job just to get by.

It’s what honest Democrats correctly refer to as a coming “train wreck,” and the only justice, if there is justice, lies in the fact that the vast majority of those so victimized by Obamacare will be those who voted to elect and reelect him.        

After taking his final question from Ms. Cadiz, there was a shouted question regarding what many in the mainstream media see as the cutting edge issue of the 21st century: the acceptance and normalization of homosexuality as a lifestyle equal in every respect to the heterosexual lifestyle.  A reporter shouted, “Jason Collins, do you want to say anything about him?”

Obama stopped dead in his tracks.  The man who would have ignored a shouted question about his administration’s failure to heed warnings about one of the Boston Marathon bombers, the man who would have ignored a shouted question about his foot-dragging on the Keystone XL Pipeline… took the time to confer role model status on a black athlete who has publicly “come out of the closet.” 

Proving once again that, without a teleprompter and without being able to rely on the adolescent “you know” crutch, he would be barely able to communicate, he said, “Yeah… I had a chance to talk to him yesterday.  He seems like a terrific young man, and, you know, I told him I couldn’t be prouder of him… And, you know, given the importance of sports in our society, for an individual who’s excelled at the highest levels in one of (our) major sports (to) go ahead and say, this is who I am, I’m proud of it, I’m still a great competitor, I’m still seven feet tall and can bang with Shaq and, you know, deliver a hard foul… and for, you know, a lot of young people out there who, you know, are… are… are, you know, gay or lesbian, who are struggling with these issues, to see a role model like that who’s unafraid, I think it’s a great thing…  And so I’m very proud of him…”

This is the man who was so busy prepping for yet another high-dollar fundraiser in Las Vegas on September 11, 2012 that he couldn’t find the time to call his Secretary of State or his Secretary of Defense to find out whether or not his ambassador to Libya was dead or alive.  Yet, he found time to call a black professional basketball player to congratulate him on having the courage to admit that he is fond of dropping his knickers in the men’s locker room, hoping that a teammate will come along and see him as a “target of opportunity.”  Like it or not, Democrats, that’s who Barack Obama is. 

The Obama tenure in the White House proves one thing, and one thing alone.  It proves that our economy is so big and so strong, and that our underlying principles of self-government are so timeless and so enduring, that even the most dedicated enemy of our country, working 24/7 from a desk in the Oval Office for eight years, can only slow it down temporarily.  Those who’ve studied physics understand the concept of kinetic energy, otherwise known as momentum, the product of mass times velocity.  In economic terms, the momentum of our national economy is a product of its size and its dynamism.

Obama may have arrived at the White House in January 2009 convinced that he could repeal the laws of economics.  He has done damage, but just as the laws of physics are not subject to repeal, neither are the basic laws of economics.  So, yes, Mr. Obama, you should take your own advice… just “pack up and go home.”  You have two daughters who will, for the rest of their lives, have to bear the burden of carrying your name, identifying them as daughters of the most corrupt president in history.  So why not do them a very big favor by cutting your losses now.  Pack up your childish petulance, take whatever positive legacy you have left, and go home to Chicago… or to Kenya… two places where you can’t possibly make things worse than they already are.  


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  1. It would be far more just and satisfying to suspend the Eighth Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment during the sentencing phase of ocommie’s trial rather than allowing him to just “Pack up and go home.”

    I just wonder if he were to “pack up and go home”, would he finally, at long last, be forced to divulge his destination and admit that he is a Kenyan? Or would he lie about that, too?

  2. Hey Paul, you remember what Stalin said about the Pope, “How many Divisions does he have?”
    I’d like to be an optimist, but the Joint Chiefs of Staff have already collected their pieces of silver and made a partial deposit in the Vatican Bank, nowadays referred to as “The Vatican Slush Fund”, so they’ll do everything they can to keep the usurper in power, heck, they’ve nothing to lose since they’ve turned their collective backs on their Oath, as evidenced by allowing LTC Terry Lakin to be railroaded in a kangaroo Court Martial that would not allow the doctor to present a defense, as in WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?
    No, Obama will only leave the office of president at the point of a bayonet, nothing less, after all, Obama’s work is not yet done: the Constitution is still hanging on, if only by a thread, and Israel is still standing.