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by OPOVV, ©2013

Has Obama been a positive or negative influence on life in America?

(May 7, 2013) — Good morning, and thanks for signing up for my class. Had you not signed up, I wouldn’t have been hired and would still be living in my car, which wouldn’t be so bad except for the predators out there and the cops telling you to move on out of the safe areas into the danger zones.

Before we get into the introduction of the class, I’d just like to say that not all homeless people are druggies or thieves, although some are. Not all unfortunate souls are crazy, either.  As a matter of fact, there are a lot of them who, all of a sudden, found themselves out on the street. If you ever wanted an advanced degree from the “College of Hard Knocks” about human nature and the kind of person you really are, try living out on the street sometime: if the experience doesn’t kill you, you’ll walk away a better person.

Okay, let’s get started. You probably wondered about the meaning of the title of this course, so to satisfy those who can’t wait to hear the whole story, let me just say you’re watching a carpenter build a house and, right now, you see him cut a 2 x 4, which is good since he needs that particular length for a trimmer, but he inadvertently cuts the power cord to the circular saw. You just witnessed an example of a “Negative Improvement.”  Then there’s the story about a carpenter who was cutting  ¾” roof sheathing, and that was good, except he positioned himself on the outer side over a three-story drop, and that was bad.

Notice the examples I gave ended up all bad, but that’s the way of negatives; it just can’t be avoided. Another common thread is that the people were not doing anything extraordinary, just another day in their lives. The first example put the carpenter a little behind schedule: he temporarily fixed the cut cord with electrical tape and bought a new one on the way home that day. The other carpenter was taken to the morgue.

The difference between your everyday “mistake” and “Negative Improvement” is the severity of the consequences. One may make the same mistake again and again through one’s life, but one “Negative Improvement” will definitely be remembered.

The people of our planet are at war with one another.  The vast majority haven’t a clue what’s going on, mainly because they’ve been mentally pointed in a certain direction and are intellectually unable to have, or acquire, the ability to change direction. However, due to the availability of the internet and shortwave, nobody has the excuse of not being informed as to what’s happening in the world.

We have been told that Islam is “one of the world’s great religions.” That statement can be found in all the encyclopedias and dictionaries in every language, but because something is repeated doesn’t make that statement true.  Islam may have religious overtones, but the purpose of Islam is to form a Totalitarian State with draconian powers that abolishes any semblance of Democracy and Freedoms. In essence, it’s a male-dominated political philosophy that allows no room for criticism from any quarter, especially from women.

Obama was thrust into the White House through illegal practices and deception and, although I agree that diversity is beneficial, the cost of having a ¼ Black, ¼ Arab and ½ White President isn’t worth losing our Freedoms over. If people could look past the shade of a person’s epidermis, one would see that Obama and his administration are bent on destroying America in every way possible.

I see that our time is almost up, so I’ll end by stating that all the foreclosures, the lost jobs and the increase in the price of a barrel of oil, and so your gasoline, is a well- planned attack on the United States; so well, in fact, that we’re paying for our own destruction.

Obamacare has nothing whatsoever to do with health but everything to do with control.

Our military is not as it once was: it’s weaker, and the majority have no concept of what an illegal order looks like; nor do our police, as demonstrated by the illegal searches and seizures in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Christians are being persecuted so as not to “offend” Muslims.

Our courts have nothing to do with justice but everything to do with keeping the usurper Obama in power.

If everyone in America were armed to the point of “open carry” we wouldn’t have our inner cities “war zones,” and the chance of any women attacked would be as close to zero as could be reasonably expected, yet this Administration wants to Abolish the Second Amendment, not for our safety, but in order to control us.

The commonality of Obama’s dealings all are reminiscent of his Islamic upbringing: complete control of the population by abolishing Freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

Obama is, therefore, an example of “Negative Improvement,” where an unknown individual was sworn in as a president but turned out to be ineligible and a Muslim whose goal is to destroy America. People have learned from “Negative Improvements” and, if you supported Obama in the past, don’t you think it’s about time to learn from your own “Negative Improvement”?



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