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Does the Federal Reserve see this as play money?

(Apr. 4, 2013) — The United States Government, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (in conjunction with The World Bank) have acquired a monopoly on our money. There are no cross purposes here, no ambiguities.

Really, now, who owns our country? Who are the players, the honest dealers, the cardsharps, the bottom-of-the-deck dealers, the stackers, the counters, the shufflers, the deliverers, the manufacturers, the overseers, the collectors, the winners and the losers?

I’m here to tell you (to paraphrase Hillary Clinton), what difference does it make?  It’s a stacked deck, there’s no way we can break even. The thing is, we’ve all got to play; we don’t have a choice. We need to live somewhere: pay the electric bill, pay for water, insurance, food. There’s no way not to play.

You, me, and everyone else don’t even own our own money. We, or our elected representatives, don’t even have oversight control of our money. We, meaning Americans, don’t have any money. What we trade are pieces of paper that the US Treasury has printed under the direction of a private corporation, and on that paper are the words “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE.”

You see, it’s not our money, even though we’re the ones who worked for it, earned it, got up in the morning and fought rush hour, studied, sweated, worried over our jobs, striving to do better, earn more, become successful, and all this time it’s not even our money we’re getting paid. We’re getting paid in worthless paper that has no value, except the value that we hope it has every time we try and exchange it for a hamburger, for instance, or a full tank of gas.

These green pieces of paper that we’re trading have no backing; I mean, we can’t exchange it for something intrinsic, something we can sink our teeth into, something we can hold, stashed away for a rainy day. No, what we get is nothing, not silver or gold, corn, bricks; nothing except, well, nothing.

Where did all the wealth go? Our country was rich; we had gold, silver and a bright future for the next generation, but all we have now is nothing. We’re leaving our kids with less than nothing, for our excesses today will have to be paid by the labor of tomorrow.

It didn’t used to be this way, and it doesn’t have to continue this way. But as long as we allow the private company called the Federal Reserve Bank to dictate our monetary requirements, the World Bank to have banking monopolies in Third World Countries, turn a blind eye to the “loans” the IMF makes for mining the natural resources of Third World Countries, with no forethought of environmental destruction through contamination and pollution consequences, and ignore the massive payoffs, bribes and kickbacks to our government officials (for instance, the Vatican Slush Fund), a worldwide depression (on purpose) will ensue to pave the way for “The New World Order.”

It’s up to us to stop it. Obama and his Goons, Congress and the state legislatures, are all complicit either as perpetrators or accessories in the overthrow of the United States Constitution. We should end further business with the Federal Reserve Bank and take back control of OUR money, money that represents the wealth and prosperity of our home.

Our country has many serious problems, but they’re all fixable with the right people. Today we have the wrong people in Washington. We need to fix that, and we also need to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank.  After all, this is our country.


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