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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

Where are the “Bravehearts” in Congress to stand up and address Obama’s treason against the United States of America?

(Feb. 26, 2013) — Obama’s entire life and career have been a daisy chain of lies and schemes designed to take over America and redirect her away from God, achievement and freedom.  Obama’s handlers and the international and Muslim billions behind him (that the media has ignored from the beginning) have been grooming Obama for the takeover of America since he was a little boy.

The overall agenda has always been to cut the throat and jugular vein of America while sucking her spirit and real energy dry.  Obama has taught from and worshiped at the ground of Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven.  These were the evil communist and social disruptors that Obama and Hillary worship to this day.

Obama has obeyed Alinsky, Cloward and Piven perfectly.   There is too much change to focus on, too many distractions, and contrived crises everywhere –  to manipulate gun, health and economic control. Obama has beautifully accomplished his evil goals, hurling many ‘assault weapons’ on the people and Constitution.  A little over half our country has been seduced and sautéed in his anti-American onions twice now.

Horrifyingly, as with many major crimes, there are accomplices.  Someone watches the patterns of the bank employees, someone plants the bombs, someone plays the merchant and someone drives the getaway car.  Once the hit is complete, all share in the stolen spoils and feed their lust for more money and power.

Who are the accomplices to Obama’s crimes on our country?

Most of us know by now that Obama’s entire staff, czars,  Hillary Clinton,  Rahm Emanuel (now working hard to keep the cartel going in Chicago), and the progressive Democrats in power in the House and Senate are guilty of crimes against our Constitution and the people.  They have turned our military against the people with the NDAA Bill, denied our Miranda rights and intend to hold us indefinitely if Obama defines any of us as a terrorist.  Hello, anyone home?

Obama and his accomplices lied from day one about the extreme controls, taxation, threats and rationed care contained throughout this ‘unread’ Obamacare bill from hell.  Already, we see massive increases in health insurance rates.  My husband and I have seen his health plan at his work increase three times this year alone, while lessening care and increasing our deductible.  Medicare has been robbed nearly a trillion dollars so far – attacking millions of our seniors with suddenly unpaid and expected care.  I have exposed this in my last article.

The crimes and violations are everywhere, the executive orders allowing Obama to assassinate people, the drones flying overhead; the list of unconstitutional and leadership breaches is endless.  Let alone the ‘Commander n’Chief’ who denied all requests for help and ordered all military to stand down during the Benghazi attack.  He even fired a few generals who followed their oath and tried to help.  That one event, which all Congress knows about, should have resulted in Impeachment charges if not Treason charges against Obama.  Instead, the investigation and questions to Hillary and all were soft-peddled.  Why was there ‘professionalism’ and ‘courtesy’ with Hillary and Obama on this murderous betrayal???  There should have been anger, rage and a few broken tables as Congress was writing up impeachment papers or more.

Now the gun schemes are everywhere

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) exposed one of Obama’s Twitter schemes calling his anti-gun campaign a complete fraud.  He found that Obama had fueled it with fake tweets not coming from real people at all.  You mean Obama…not real?

New York and California are attempting, with Obama’s support, to make all gun owners pay ‘insurance’ if they own guns.  You know, in case someone steals it and uses it in a bad way.  You can see this push a mile away to try and manipulate the whole country to pay a gun tax or gun insurance premium just to own their gun.

Obama is trying every lying scheme he can to make us register and insure our guns.  He is also ‘deputizing’ our mental and physical health field to be his spies and ask gun questions of their clients.  He is continuing to broaden his classifications of ‘mental health’ dangers and definitions to include returning vets from war (already done).  He is now targeting anyone who reports pain, loss, depression or suicidal ideology at one time as someone potentially dangerous and not able to own a gun.  There will be no ‘confidentiality’ left in the mental and physical health field anymore.

Obama will try and get guns from the masses by taxing ammo, regulating and taxing gun stores so much that people cannot afford guns.  Then there is his SS tool, the IRS controlling us, hiding behind the contrived ‘health’ shield.  If people end up being behind on their forced insurance payments and perhaps not paying the fines on time, guess what, no matter what the liar, Obama and the IRS say, they will come after your accounts, assets and heark…your guns.  You will be viewed as a criminal of some sort because you don’t pay your ‘Gambino crime family health care bill.’

Who else intends to be Obama’s accomplices?

We already know the trail of bad guys surrounding Obama.  What about the GOP and its leadership?  What about the Tea Party?  What about the 30 conservative Governors and endless Sheriffs?  Who else on the conservative and Constitutional side is going to do conservative sound bite theater to appear like William Wallace in “Braveheart,” then walk away?

It is all too obvious to me that ‘conservative moments’ seems to be all that the GOP and elected officials are interested in these days.  A few rise up but VERY few.

Here are a few words from my heart and the masses I hear from for our leadership in America.

“Stop raising money, campaigning for your own job and career and being ‘appropriate’ and ‘polite’ to Obama.  Stop protecting your backside, reputation and families.  Our homes, reputations, safety, freedom and dreams have already been squandered and sold down the river.  The American dream has officially become the American nightmare.  This has been allowed to happen because the conservatives, instead of ferociously standing for the truth and freedom, are instead acting as Obama accomplices to the crimes of the century.  Wake up, leadership, everywhere before it is too late or we are all flattened. Do your job and save our country.”


Laurie Roth

Ph.D. Songwriter and singer, Patriot, survivor, national radio talk show host, commentator, Mom and citizen of the United States of America


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  1. Watching the so called conservatives and Republicans in Congress
    give in to everything Obama wants, everytime, makes me think they are a big part of the problem.
    I am sick of watching the dog and pony show of them “standing up” and then giving in at the last minute.
    I have written letters, called, marched, all to no avail. There is no excuse for any of the behavior of all 3 branches. Each has hidden and deferred to Obama, obstructing the law and going against the American people. Justice Roberts even put new language into ObamaCare so he could make it “constitutional.”
    I’d like to know what all these accomplices think they are going to get out of the deal. There are only so many seats in the political elite’s government. So after they come for us, they are going to come for them.
    I do believe the only one who can turn this around now is God. Prayer, repentance, and humility are the formula the Lord gives us.
    Going to Washington will only give Obama the excuse to declare martial law, and enact the NDAA. God responds to humble, contrite hearts and hears his people’s prayers.

  2. Sending mass faxes from the American people just doesn’t cut it. I believe the boxes of faxes are no longer even being delivered to their offices but sitting in the mail rooms and waiting to be shredded. Either we need a huge delegation of coalitions to go to Congress and make our demands or we all go to Washington and stay there until until the ursurper is removed in handcuffs. There is no other way. We have done everything and when SCOTUS denies us our rights then we have the right to follow our Constitutional rights as our forefathers have put forth. Remove them all.

  3. Dr. Roth;
    I just commented to another P&E article before reading yours and we patriots must organize around this central issue if we are to survive.

    Now that the SCOTUS has officially refused to allow discovery into the subject of Obama’s eligibility to be President, in a case in which this forgery and fraud has been so clearly documented (Noonon v Bowen), the expectation for a successful legal challenge is now beyond hope. This does not mean these challenges should end, it just means we patriots must accept the reality our Judicial System is corrupt from the very top down.

    Somehow, we patriots must come together and force the Republican controlled House (while they still control it) to exercise its constitutional authority and responsibility to immediately take up this issue, hold hearings, invite Sheriff Arpaio and Dr. Orly Taitz to present their case and appoint a special prosecutor to open up the authentic records Obama has ordered sealed by executive order.

    This is the only way this Republic can be saved, as a Republic with a meaningful constitution.