It’s Over for the Unions


by OPOVV, ©2012

Lansing, MI was the scene of violence on the part of union supporters who objected to Gov. Rick Snyder’s support of “right-to-work” laws

(Dec. 13, 2012) — A woman reporter is raped by a gang of thugs in Egypt, and here in Michigan a reporter gets sucker-punched by a thug, backed up by a gang of thugs. I wonder if that FOX news contributor in Michigan had been a female whether she wouldn’t have suffered the same fate as her sister in Egypt. Seems like the Muslims don’t have a monopoly on thugs, because we sure saw the dark side of the Nazi philosophy coming home to roost in Lansing, Michigan. Of course, you understand, the first people who were rounded up to be sent off to the concentration camps in Germany were members of unions.  I will try to explain the Nazi mindset in using people for their own gain and then discarding them.

A case in point was the photo-op of the turncoat Governor Christie and Obama after Hurricane Sandy came roaring through the Staten Island area. I hate to say it, but if all the white residences would have put on blackface, like Al Jolson, maybe something positive would have happened. Or maybe if they had pretended they were washed-ashore Muslims, Napolitano of Homeland Security would have given them apartments, food stamps, cash spending money, college education paid for, and it’s a gift, not a loan, from the taxpayers of America.

Believe it or not, I was a Union Shop Steward at one time in my life, and that happens to be my highest elected office. I held that job for a couple of months until I quit, when my conscience got the better of me, as it has all my life, even in the military. So I know a little bit about the union mindset, of the “us” against “them,” the same kind of mental illness cops feel about “civilians,” as if they’re not.

The Nazi Party targeted members of unions because of the “thug” mentality, which is akin to mob mentality; consider them first cousins. The pronoun “I” is seldom used; “we” is the pronoun of choice, because they never act individually, but rather as a colony of ants, one-track minds, and don’t even try confusing the issue with facts. It reminds one of Obots, does it not?

Another reason members of unions were at the head of the line to be sent away to the camps was that, once they figured out that they had been had, used by the Nazi Party for votes, there was a chance of reprisal due to their inherent ability to communicate with one another outside normal channels.  In other words, they knew one another and communicated by word of mouth, and they trusted only their fellow members. Keeping secrets from a paranoid government is a sure way to get targeted and is just as true today as then.

The next chapter in this scenario is to have Bears fans attacked at a Lions game. Fights breaking out over a Bulls and Piston game. You see, it’s the mindset, a belief that an individual is more than a single person but belongs to a much larger identifiable group such as a union.

I sued my union in Federal Court for trying to shove itself upon my fellow employees and me. I lost the case, and almost lost my life. But I’m here to tell you that the day of the unions is over. We have child labor laws and a 40-hour work week. Granted, some unions still do a beneficial job, as the ALPA, but for the most part, time has passed them by. The day of the dinosaurs and the day of the thug have passed.

These days I identify myself as a Patriot, as a believer in the Constitution, and as an American. When I voluntarily enlisted in the military, I took the Oath, and that Oath is all the union I’ll ever need.



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  1. meyerlm   Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 10:28 PM

    YEP!, 60 miles from my front door~and 150 miles west of “Little Baghdad”-(Detroit)-the state is in turmoil and they don’t even understand the Law~as I keep saying~”OBOTS” can’t read or understand~OOHHH, WELL~
    They had only to Ask, NOW the have Received!!

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