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The press release that never-was.

Vocus refused to accept it in July 2012, stating that by sharing this information, I “intend to harm the reputation of President Obama”.

by Martha Trowbridge, ©2012, blogging at Eye on Obama 

(Dec. 6, 2012) — Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge has identified the mentor-uncle in President Obama’s Dreams From My Father as Frederick “Delano” Newman PhD of New York City.

“Many have assumed that Obama fondly referred to Communist poet Frank Marshall Davis as his mentor,” states Trowbridge. “But accumulating evidence suggests that his mentor-uncle was actually Frederick “Delano” Newman PhD, a lifelong socialist political activist and political strategist extraordinaire.”

Though not a household name, the recently deceased Newman, a 1962 Stanford PhD, was well known to radical activists. A Bronx native and near-lifetime NYC resident, Newman was renowned for his genius in political strategizing, radical psychology, skill at recruitment and retention of political activists, cult-like hold on his devotees, defiance of social and cultural norms, and highly effective party infiltration techniques. Newman’s political candidate sponsorships included Rev. Al Sharpton, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and twice-Presidential candidate, African-American socialist Lenora Fulani.

Acknowedged for his pivotal role in the election of  Michael Bloomberg to Mayor of New York City, Fred Newman was a career socialist political activist. Since the 1960′s, he devoted himself to changing the American political system. Among his initiatives was the creation of independent political parties, including the New Alliance Party [NAP], Independence Party Of New York, and the openly-socialist International Workers Party [IWP].

Key compelling evidence of Fred’s biological relationship with Obama is his appearance with his niece, Jo Ann Newman – who Trowbridge maintains is the actual identity of President Obama’s mother – at the immediate aftermath of Malcolm X’s February 1965 assassination.   Trowbridge has been asserting that the actual birth identity of Barack Obama is Bâri´ M. Shabazz, born 28 October 1959, and issued an New York SSN in 1974. Shabazz was the chosen surname of civil rights leader Malcolm X upon his conversion to the Muslim faith. From 1954 through his 1965 assassination, Malcolm X resided in New York City.

“Unlike the endless questions and contradictions presented by what is known as ‘The Obama Narrative’, the Fred Newman / Jo Ann Newman / Malcolm X context raises no red flags,” states Trowbridge. “What’s more, when set in this context, the person we know as President Obama makes perfect sense.”

Additional supporting evidence for Ms. Trowbridge’s identification of Uncle Fred as Obama’s “Uncle Frank” includes Newman’s experience running three prior-to-2008 national United States Presidential campaigns for black candidates; his mastery of political party infiltration and takeover; his widely acknowledged strategic political genius;  his impressive charisma; and the likely biological link between him and Project Vote founder Sanford [Sandy] Newman. [In the mid-eighties, Sandy Newman hired Obama to ‘organize’ Chicago].  A close tie to Fred would also explain Obama’s ‘surprising’ Supreme Court appointment of New Yorker Sonia Sotomayor, who openly affiliated with Newman.

Trowbridge’s discovery of Fred Newman sprung unexpectedly. In September 2011, with the launch of the Terrible Truth blog, Trowbridge’s post Saps, Stool Pigeons And Stanley Ann’s Hair revealed that the famous Obama 2008 Campaign Mother-Son photo had been materially altered. Not only was the mother’s face changed, what appeared to be long hair was actually digitally falsified. Why would the campaign not want America to know his mother sported short hair, became the core investigative question. This discovery eventually led Trowbridge to identifying the young woman at Malcolm X’s wake/funeral as Jo Ann Newman. From there, came Uncle Fred.

Fred Newman was reported to have died in July 2011. “This could explain the marked difference between the efficacy of the Obama 2008 campaign, and the lagging, stumbling Obama 2012 campaign,” Trowbridge says. “No Fred.”


Appreciation to Private Investigator Neil Sankey for his insight; and to Erik Rush for his early-on research collaboration.

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  1. DNA would solve the issue. Especially as they refuse to deport drunk driver Uncle Obama.

    The looming issue still lingers why the charade of talks, fiscal cliff talk, and barry laughing in the face of GOP. The complicity of silence on the GOP is now the crime of all time. Criminal acts and treason by barry soetero are his MO but to not have ONE person in leadership stand to vet the impostor is sheer confirmation of TOTAL government corruption. The illusion of differences in political parties is just that, an illusion.

    With three speculative theories of barry’s origins it works perfect for his fraud to continue. No authority is willing to prosecute. So there you have it we watch the Republic dissolve before our tear filled eyes.

  2. For all of Trowbridge’s tantalizing assertions, all that she presents is simply conjecture. I think the Shabazz auto accident in Hawaii in the early 80’s (see Mario Apuzzo’s blog) is also tantalizing in light of Obama’s head scar. However, if Trowbridge has any evidence to substantiate her claims, she needs to come forward with it.