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by Sharon Rondeau

Gen. David Petraeus, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, has reportedly said he will testify about the Benghazi murders to the Senate Intelligence Committee, but no date has been set

(Nov. 14, 2012) — Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus (Ret.) will be testifying to the Senate Intelligence Committee, headed by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, on an undisclosed date relative to the September 11, 2012 attack on the Benghazi, Libya outpost which killed four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

Petraeus graduated from West Point Academy in 1974 and had completed Army Ranger training and later earned a Ph.D. in the field of international relations.  He was nominated by President George W. Bush to lead the increase in U.S. forces in Iraq known as the “surge” in an effort to quell violence following the U.S. invasion of that country in 2003.

Columnist and commentator Charles Krauthammer stated on television that the White House knew about former CIA Director David Petraeus’s extramarital affair but “held [it] over Petraeus’s head.” Whether Krauthammer has sources for his statements or they are simply his opinion is unclear.

TIME Magazine suggests that Obama was “kept in the dark” about the CIA chief’s activities, although TIME has been known to present inaccurate and unsourced information which supports the government line.  TIME raises the possibility that Petraeus could have been subject to blackmail, something which Obama has used in the past to eliminate political adversaries including Jack Ryan and Blair Hull.  Obama attempted to assassinate the character of Mitt Romney during the campaign.

Petraeus resigned on Friday after the affair became public.  The scandal has now expanded to include the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, and another woman, Jill Kelley, who has accused Broadwell of sending threatening emails to her.  Obama had supported nominating Allen for a promotion prior to the news of the scandal.

Following a Fox News report that CIA agents in an annex a mile away from the site of the Benghazi attack were told to “stand down” by their chain of command, Petraeus denied that he or anyone in the CIA had issued such an order or failed to offer assistance on September 11.  The White House told a different story on November 2, stating that claims that no assistance was offered to those under attack were “baseless.”

The woman with whom Petraeus had been involved, Paula Broadwell, is suspected of maintaining information designated as classified at her home, a possible violation of federal law. Broadwell possessed a security clearance which has now been revoked.

Broadwell had authored a biography of Petraeus while he was stationed overseas, although a biography has already been written by Bradley T. Gericke.  A military reserve officer, Broadwell reportedly had jogged with Petraeus in Afghanistan, and the two used a Google account rather than a secure email account to communicate online.

Broadwell had said in her book that Petraeus had “no dirty secrets.”  Her website now leads to an error message.

The Tucson Citizen has reported that the CIA had maintained a “secret prison” in Benghazi where “Libyan militia members” were incarcerated. Broadwell cited Fox News’s reportage of the Benghazi attack and then said, “Now, I don’t know if a lot of you heard this, but the CIA annex had actually, um, had taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner and they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. So that’s still being vetted.”

It has also been reported that the late Amb. Christopher Stevens, one of four who was killed on September 11, was involved in transferring arms to Turkey with the purpose of assisting Syrian rebels.  Members of Al Qaeda are known to be mixed with the rebels.

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who has been the victim of military corruption and later local judicial corruption, has described the top commanders in the U.S. military as “command racketeers who are no more obedient to the Constitution than is Mr. Obama.”  Fitzpatrick has accused Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey and Obama of treason on multiple occasions.

Since the United States invaded Libya and toppled dictator Muommar Gaddafi early in 2011, an estimated 20,000 surface-to-air missiles have disappeared and possibly fallen into the hands of terrorists as well as transferred to Syria, which  has been in a state of civil war for 19 months.  The U.S. has spent millions of dollars attempting to locate the missing weapons.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Obama said that “there needs to be accountability” for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi on September 11, which his regime insisted for weeks was caused by anger over an anti-Islamic video and turned out to be government propaganda.

While Obama conceded that he does not “have another election” to win, reports of election fraud which have caused some to conclude that voting machines could have been reprogrammed to flip votes from Romney to Obama are growing and under investigation.  Obama has also been challenged by Attys. Orly Taitz, Leo Donofrio, Philip Berg, Mario Apuzzo, Gary Kreep, Stephen Pidgeon, and numerous pro se litigants, who allege that he does not meet the requirements of Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, which states that the president must be a “natural born Citizen.”

It is also alleged that Obama has used a “stolen” Social Security number, forged short- and long-form birth certificates, and fraudulent Selective Service registration card.  The CIA has told The Post & Email that it cannot discuss whether or not the agency vets presidential candidates.

Update, 8:15 p.m. EST:  It has just been reported that Petraeus will testify on Friday.

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  1. OPOVV speaking here, but multiply what I’m about to say a few million times, and you’ll get the picture.
    ONE: I actually have no respect for the General, and I thank my lucky stars that he never got to order me around. Anybody who just doesn’t understand that the enemy is Islam itself, and not just “a few radical Islamic extremists”, and dresses up in the garb of the enemy, smiles, shakes hands with those who are trying to kill us, is no friend of the G.I., the guy down in the trenches actually doing the killing or, and this is actually the case, trying to survive.
    TWO: General Petraeus just went along for the ride, and not one word about the Rules of Engagement that, by design, are to get our troops maimed and killed. Nice going, General, and you can thank YOUR lucky stars that I was born too soon to be in your command.
    THREE: It SHOULD be a no-brainer: if, IF!, the General would uphold the Oath that he took to the Constitution, and not to some cheap disgusting usurper who was ushered into office by traitors of our country, people like Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and everyone who had a hand in forcing the trash that is Obama down our throats, then we’ll hear the Truth, and not some made-up lie, such as “born in Hawaii” and “eligible” under the Constitution to be President.
    All Petraeus has to do is to keep his word to The Oath, keep his word to defend the United States Constitution.
    I can do it, and millions of my fellow Vets can to.
    The question is, will he?

  2. Rather humorous, Soebarkah’s contention about “not having another election to win” as it seems increasingly probable that he did not WIN this last one at all. One wonders if this will create an Electoral College snafu.

    As for being “kept in the dark”–wouldn’t that connote that the Putative Potus is a pawn of more powerful, albeit malevolent forces not committed to the well-being of the USA?