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by Dr. Alan Bates, MD, ©2012, blogging at Gulf1

(Oct. 28, 2012) — Here are facts with enormous implications for the Obama Administration and the elections regarding the Benghazi attacks gathered from over 120 diplomatic cables (some of which have been reportedly leaked by someone in the State Department) and analyzed by multiple reliable sources including FOX News and Veteran Defenders of America.  Prior to September 11, 2012 there were increasingly frequent requests by CIA and diplomatic staff  in Libya for increased security at  the  U.S. consulate (which had already been attacked twice,  in April and June of this year),  the latest occurring the day of a pre-planned mortar attack by Islamic extremists on both the consulate, and five hours later the CIA annex where two SEALs were killed on the rooftop  while manning a machine gun position. The two SEALs even provided the coordinates of their attackers to a  Special Ops C-130 crew flying nearby but to no avail.

These events raise questions in two areas.  First,  why were requests for increased security turned down for months and who was responsible?  Second,  those in the White House situation room which included the President’s national security advisor viewed the attacks in real time via two unmanned drones.  During that time urgent help was requested by Ambassador Stevens, soon followed by a request from two (now-deceased) SEALs at the nearby CIA annex that they be allowed to assist the consulate staff.   All requests were denied. Why and by whom?  Hours later, urgent help was requested at least twice by those at the CIA annex when they came under attack—and that was also turned down.  It all lasted seven hours.  Military aid was available within a half hour (F16s within 20 minutes, Apache helicopters within one hr, and a  C-130 gunship flying nearby).  This weekend, according to CIA director Petraeus,  no one in the CIA refused requests to assist the trapped Americans in Benghazi.   The protocol is for such aid to be dispatched when needed per the military or CIA  UNLESS overridden by the Commander-in-Chief.  And that is Obama.  Obama instead went to bed so he could get up the next morning to fly to a fundraiser in Las Vegas while four Americans died without the assistance they had requested. Why did Obama not approve military assistance?   Why did Obama and Hillary Clinton along with others in the Administration lie to the media, Americans and above all,  to the families of the deceased that a video clip produced on the West Coast was responsible for a ‘protest’ in which our men died, when they knew in realtime the reality of a terrorist attack and even the radical militants who claimed responsibility for that attack?  As an aside, why is that video clip producer in jail until after the election and denied access to the press?   Finally, why is the mainstream press trying to ignore these questions?   Collusion!

It is obvious to anyone with cerebral circulation that the Obama Administration had an agenda which supersedes protecting our personnel in the Middle East.  Could his motive to not provide enhanced security in Libya have been to maintain a low profile towards the locals in Libya?   Did Obama deny help to our ambassador and SEALs in order to protect his campaign myth that taking out Osama Bin Laden  extinguished much of the terrorist threat from Al-Qaeda?   What other explanation is there–incompetence? It appears that Obama and his minions propagated a cover up story to protect his political objectives at the expense of American lives and ultimately American trust (if there was any left).   These are not the actions of an honorable patriotic president.   Barack Obama appears to be a heartless coward and a liar who should pack his bags and vacate his office and take his Secretary of State with him.

Anyone who is aware of the many coverups which place Americans and our nation at risk and who would still vote for the narcissist anti-American in the White House either has no honor or has not been paying attention to them—like Fast and Furious; like the hundreds of EPA rules coming out right AFTER the elections which will drive up energy prices to unprecedented levels by slapping more regs on the energy industry which will be passed on to consumers; like ordering defense contractors who will lay off workers to defer such announcements until AFTER the election despite a law which requires at least 60 days notice; like cutbacks in Medicare by 716 billion dollars to fund Obamacare AFTER the elections.  There are many more.

The BOTTOM LINE:  This election differs from any other during my lifetime.  America is at a fork in the road between unrestrained dictatorship and a free republic.  If you choose to continue the destruction of our republic,  vote for  Barack  Obama,  the amateur, dishonest, egocentric Marxist with deep racist views, who openly disrespects American exceptionalism, our Constitutional freedoms with limited government, the rule of law,  and our military service people by imposing political correctness, disarming our troops at inopportune times, and providing classified intelligence to certain American newspapers and our enemies. Obama was elected on an empty promise for undefined ‘hope and change’ by naive uneducated voters, the Left, and those who wanted to elect the first black president without regard for his qualifications.   Our only chance to reverse the destructive course of the past four years is to vote for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, an experienced, honest, charitable, business-savvy, pro-Constitutional, the non-racist candidate with a successful bipartisan track record, who respects American exceptionalism and the military strength to defend our freedoms. Romney is the only rational choice if America is to see security through true economic recovery, energy independence, fair trade, removal of oppressive regulations which constrain small businesses which provide the majority of jobs, and most importantly, repealing misguided destructive, bankrupting Obamacare.  Your choice is that between preservation of the American dream for our children, or the Left’s transformation of the once strongest, most prosperous country on Earth to a Marxist regime or worse.  Do not take your freedom for granted!

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