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by Dr. Alan Bates, MD, ©2012, blogging at Gulf1

(Oct. 21, 2012) — Candy Crowley,  Communist News Network’s chief political correspondent and a known supporter of Marxist Obama and his rogue regime, went from role of debate moderator to ‘accessory to coverup’ when Governor Romney confronted Obama about his administration’s campaign-driven coverup of the facts surrounding the murder of four Americans at the consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  Ms. Crowley misrepresented the transcript of Obama’s comments made in the White House Rose Garden the day of the attack, during which he implicated a virtually unknown video about the Islam prophet Mohammed as the cause of the attack (which he called a protest) rather than Al-Qaeda terrorism.  This ‘video myth’ was perpetuated by the Obama Administration for at least two weeks despite their having been informed  by intelligence officials  in Libya within 24 hrs  that the attack was pre-planned and carried out by Al-Qaeda.  Complicit liars in the Administration included Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,  UN Ambassador Susan Rice,  Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney, and even ‘Bully’ Joe Biden who believed that blaming a video would provide cover for Obama’s main campaign theme that killing Bin Laden was  America’s victory over Al-Qaeda and that Al-Qaeda was not responsible for the Benghazi tragedy.  But the truth caught up with the Administration as  intelligence officials not only debunked the myth but even revealed that the Obama Administration had turned down numerous requests for enhanced security from Ambassador Stevens and others as late as the day of the attack—even reduced protection in order to make a positive impression on the Libyans—on the heels of other Al-Qaeda attacks on the Red Cross and British embassy.  Obama showed more concern about getting on with his campaign fund-raising trip to Vegas than the deaths of four Americans and the truth behind the attack,  behavior not seen in any president during my lifetime!   This entire incident is yet another example of intentionally misleading Americans for the purpose of protecting Obama’s Islamic friends (The Muslim Brotherhood) AND getting himself reelected,  just as occurred with the Fort Hood terrorist massacre of 13  American servicepeople (called a ‘workplace incident’ by the Administration) and the shooting down of an American Chinook helicopter by Afghan insurgents in August of 2011.  Obama and Clinton offer our servicemen and women as sacrificial lambs to the Jihadists!  This administration does not know what ‘peace through strength’ means.

This was not the only lie told by Obama during the second debate.  Demonstrating his  narcissistic personality disorder by constantly challenging Ms. Crowley for the last word anytime Governor Romney cited FACTS which hurt Obama’s credibility, Obama lied about his own motives and accomplishments (or lack thereof) while misrepresenting or distorting Romney’s record of achievements and plans for moving America forward. Perhaps Obama’s only accomplishment during the debate was that he smirked and laughed with contempt fewer times than ‘Bully’ Biden did during his ‘debate’ with Paul Ryan.  Here are a short list of other lies and distortions by Obama noted during the second presidential debate:

1.    Energy security and prices:  Obama denied the fact that oil drilling permits on public lands had decreased some 62 percent during his first three years in office when compared to the Bush Administration (fewest granted by any recent Administration), due to the regulatory roadblocks put in place by his  Dept of Energy.  He tried to blame any denied permits on “lose it or use it” by oil companies.  Facts show that Obama blocked approval of oil drilling permits for the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska and most recently blocked development of the Canadian XL pipeline in order to please his tree-hugger environmentalist supporters, thereby costing the nation thousands of new jobs and a long overdue move towards American energy security (this so aptly illustrates Obama’s narcissism over what is best for America).   Obama emphasized ‘green energy’ but failed to mention the multimillions of ‘middle class’  taxpayer dollars wasted on failed green companies such as Solyndra.  He naively blamed current high gas prices on the low prices which accompanied the recession when he took office.  Obama lied when he said he supports coal plants; Romney pointed out that Obama’s EPA has caused many coal plants to shut down, costing jobs and leaving many in the coal-mining business praying for a Romney victory.

2.  National debt:  as expected,  Obama blamed Bush and the Republican Congress for the nation’s economic woes when it is clear the Democrats engineered the policies which culminated in the housing crisis—inflicting the greatest damage on the middle class in national history.  Romney pointed out that Obama had two years with a Democrat majority in both Houses of Congress and kept not one of his campaign promises,  whether dealing with immigration or entitlement reform or cutting the national debt even though Obama appointed and then ignored all recommendations of  the Bowles-Simpson Commission, instead continuing to spend our nation into massive debt with no solution (during the debate) except to ‘make the rich pay their fair share of taxes’ (they already pay MORE than their fair share and even confiscating their wealth would run Fedzilla for only 9 days!).   Obama STILL does not understand basic economics which even his Democrat predecessor John F. Kennedy and Republican Ronald Reagan understood—that lowering taxes across the board and on corporations generates jobs and creates a broader tax base and MORE tax revenue than increasing taxes on anyone including ‘the rich’ (as Reagan would say: “there he goes again”).

3.    Immigration:  Obama had promised immigration policy reform during his term but instead broke numerous existing laws with executive orders permitting illegals to stay in America, while suing states for trying to protect their citizens by enforcing existing laws.  Romney emphasized enforcement of current laws which encourage legal immigration, protection of our borders, and working to find  bipartisan solutions for related issues.

4.    Second Amendment rights:  Obama lied by stating he supports the Second Amendment.  He and his  DOIJ have a clear longterm record of  opposing the Second Amendment and always trying to find ways to nullify that freedom, the most blatant being the Fast and Furious scandal, the purpose of which Romney properly pointed out was the subject of a coverup by the Administration for ‘unknown’ reasons (tongue in cheek).    An undereducated questioner asked Obama if he would reinstate the ‘assault weapons’ ban, as if to blame select guns for crimes and not the people who commit illegal acts with firearms.  Obama said he wanted to reinstitute that ban despite the facts that assault weapons are (a) not automatic as many believe, (b) the guns labeled as such are less powerful than many other rifles used for hunting, and (c)  AK and AR rifles are false symbols for the Left to take away all guns from American citizens when these type guns are almost never used in gun crimes.  Obama’s record on the Second Amendment is the subject of my September 30 commentary entitled ‘Disarming America’.

5.    Women’s issues:  Obama lied about his record towards women who have suffered during his administration with higher joblessness and more poverty.  The Left insults the intelligence of women by trying to claim that taxpayer-funded contraception and abortion are their primary concerns,  when women have far greater concerns—jobs,  the Left’s corruption of their children in our public schools,  as well as infringement on religious freedom.  Romney was able to convincingly counter Obama’s false claim that he does not care about women.

Romney had several opportunities to expose more of Obama’s lies but instead concentrated his efforts  on  drawing a stark contrast between his public and private record of business expertise, charity and ability to work in a bipartisan manner AND Obama’s lack thereof.   Noticeably,  Romney failed to touch on why Obama, Holder and the Democrats are opposed to fair elections through Voter ID and purging voter roles of felons, the dead and illegals.

In conclusion,  you have a choice between Barry Soetoro—alias Barack Hussein Obama—an amateur, dishonest, egocentric  Marxist with deep racist views, who disrespects American exceptionalism, our Constitutional freedoms with  limited government, our rule of law and our military (through imposing political correctness, disarming them at certain times and the White House giving away intelligence to our enemies), elected on an empty platform promise for undefined ‘hope and change’ by naive uneducated voters,  the Left, and those who felt the need to elect the first black president (shallow ‘skin-deep’ thinking),   AND former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, an experienced, honest, charitable, business-savvy, pro-Constitutional, non-racist candidate with a  known constructive bipartisan track record, who respects American exceptionalism and the military strength to defend our freedoms.   Romney is the only rational choice Americans have for economic recovery,  cost-effective energy independence, fair trade, lifting the oppressive lead boot from the necks of small businesses which provide the bulk of employment, and repealing/changing the destructive and bankrupting Obamacare.  America is at the proverbial fork in the road—and the choice is preservation of the American dream for our children or the Left’s transformation of the once strongest and most prosperous country on Earth to the throes of Marxism or worse.  Let us pray!

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  1. Dr. Bates brings a lingering question I have that seems to receive little to no attention and I am probably too late in raising the issue.

    Does the debates really advance our understanding and knowledge of the candidates or is it just a vehicle for the press to pollute the American mind with their brand of one sided “Democracy”? Pat Caddell recently stated the Press Has Become ‘Threat to Democracy’ and ‘Enemy of the American People’.

    The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) appears to most observers to be in the pocket of the Press, as is pointed out in Dr. Bates blog and by their own choice of moderators. ABC’s Martha Raddatz in the vice presidential debate October 11, and by CNN’s Candy Crowley in the October 16 town hall debate and now CBS’s Bob Shieffer in tonights debate. Both journalists to date have repeatedly interrupted the Republican candidate and directed the discussion with a predominantly liberal agenda. Does anyone think Schieffer will be different? If you do, check out his performances in the past on CBS as he is very consitant in asking questions of conservatives that are liberal leading.

    From their site: [The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) was established in 1987 to ensure that debates, as a permanent part of every general election, provide the best possible information to viewers and listeners. Its primary purpose is to sponsor and produce debates for the United States presidential and vice presidential candidates and to undertake research and educational activities relating to the debates.]

    As I have watched along with you, these debates, it appears to me this Commission has not lived up to the own mission statement. “BEST POSSIBLE”, does that depend on how you define it? As Clinton said; “it depends on what the definition of IS, IS”.

    Is it not past time the CPD be evaluated on a partisan basis where the Moderators are no longer chosen from the press pool or should I say Cess pool?

    Semper Fi