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by Paul R. Hollrah, ©2012

Can Mitt Romney shoulder the mantle of restoring freedom to America following Obama’s devastation of it?

(Oct. 12, 2012) — An April 10, 2012 Investors Business Daily editorial by Ernest S. Christian tells us in stark terms exactly what Barack Obama has in mind for us if he is allowed to finagle a second term in the White House.  He writes, “Barack Obama is very dangerous, the apotheosis of an insidious strain of authoritarianism that destroys freedom from within.  Like an invasive species, it had been gnawing away at America’s vitals since the 1930s.

“Then, impatient for power, Obama’s Chicago contingent hit upon the ultimate quick-acting fraud: capture the White House by electing an illusion.  They conjured up an imaginary Obama invested with virtues never before or since found in the original.  The make-believe Obama then starred in an electoral fairy tale scripted by the media and proclaimed a hit by bewitched voters.  Thus did it come to pass in the year 2008 that Americans were duped into electing a president quite different from the illusion for which they voted…  The lights of personal and economic freedom in America are starting to flicker.  If Obama gets a second term, they will go out.”

As Christian envisions Obama’s impact on America in a second term… “(W)e will sink into a new dark age of absurdities designed by Obama.  Centuries of American law and civilization will be turned upside down.  The sacred will be defiled, the repugnant exalted, the Constitution inverted.  Instead of protecting us, it will be used to exploit and enslave us.  Our rights to speech, religion, and property, and to privacy in our persons and homes, will be transformed.  They will become Obama’s rights to take our property, tell us what to say, how and whether we may exercise our religion, what medical care we may receive and how long we are permitted to live…

“Only the willfully obtuse fail to see how life in present-day America is beginning to resemble Obama’s Orwellian world.  That’s because Obama’s forerunners in the Democratic Party spent decades forcing government’s tentacles deep into every nook and cranny of our existence.  All Obama now need do is wind the coils tighter and squeeze us harder.  The pain will be an exquisite ‘teaching moment’ for the doubters…

“Confident that he can quickly finish killing off the remnants of capitalism and other earthly freedoms, Obama has opened a second front by attacking the Catholic Church on matters of conscience — the inevitable effort by a would-be totalitarian to eliminate competition and gain control over the spiritual lives of all people of all faiths…

“Obama is already bombarding America with deadly deficits, exploding debts, and debilitating regulations.  The economy is badly wounded.  Millions of jobs have been obliterated.  There is ‘Obama money’ and make-work for those who collaborate, but hard times for everyone else.  That’s the way Obama’s ‘protection racket’ works.  He has cruelly targeted the old and sick, threatening them with the emotional and medical horrors of ObamaCare.  He has stolen the future from the young.  Already facing a lifetime of high unemployment, high taxes, and slow growth, they will stare in horror as a re-elected Obama tramples underfoot the last vestiges of the American Dream.

“Barack Obama will not throw dissidents into torture chambers or send trainloads of us off to gulags in Siberia.  He won’t need to.  He will use federal rules and regulations to break us, forcing us to do and say whatever he wishes.  No scars, no screams of agony, only the crushed spirits and shame of people bound head to foot in red tape and groveling for crumbs.

“If you think ObamaCare for your body is hazardous to your health and liberty, just wait until you experience ObamaCare II for your mind and ObamaCare III for your conscience and soul.”

Nowhere have I read a more complete and comprehensive indictment of Barack Hussein Obama.  Whatever it is he stands for, one thing is certain: it is the total antithesis of what Americans have always believed about the greatest nation in all of recorded history.

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer predicts that, given a second term, Obama “will take the country to a place from which it will not be able to return.”

Krauthammer has it right.  And the only person standing in the way of Obama’s grand plan is Mitt Romney, a man who will confront a task far greater than that faced by any previous American president.  It is Ernest Christian’s “end times” scenario that Mitt Romney will face when he enters the White House on January 20, 2013.

However, as we see Mitt Romney today, is he the pillar of strength that was George Washington, the “father of our country?”  Just as Washington was given the task of securing our freedoms 224 years ago, Mitt Romney will be called upon to shoulder the heavy burden of restoring those same freedoms to a mortally wounded America in 2012, and beyond.

As we see Mitt Romney today, is he the intellectual giant that was Thomas Jefferson, our third president?  Romney clearly does not possess the unique combination of intellect and eloquence that Thomas Jefferson possessed.  He speaks in a halting style and he has difficulty at times expressing even the simplest truisms without sounding as if he is an elitist, disconnected from the realities of day-to-day life in the lower and middle classes.

As we see Mitt Romney today, can we see him as the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, the “Great Emancipator,” whose job it was to heal a fractured nation, a nation in which neighbors took up arms against neighbors and brothers fought against brothers?  In Lincoln’s time, the issues were human slavery and whether or not individual states had a right to secede from the union in order to pursue a different view of states’ rights.

Lincoln ultimately saved the union, but in a day when most Americans read about current events in newspapers when the news was a week old, or more.  Mitt Romney will be faced with healing a critically fractured nation in an era when communications are instantaneous.  In Lincoln’s time, we were a nation of just 31,443,300 people.  Today, we are a nation ten times that many… more than 320,000,000… but a nation every bit as divided by hatred and distrust as in Lincoln’s time.  Romney will be called upon not only to save the nation, but to discredit a virulent leftist cabal motivated by little else than hatred and a hunger for power.

Finally, as we see Mitt Romney today, does he possess the same level of determination that characterized Ronald Reagan as he fought to rid the world of the communist menace?  Today we have an Islamist enemy that is far more dangerous and far more numerous than the communist evil that Reagan faced.  The Islamo-fascist enemy we face today has infiltrated every nation and every institution of Western society and it will be Mitt Romney’s responsibility to lead the West in turning back the Islamo-fascist threat.  Romney is not “the great communicator” that Reagan was, but it is imperative that he find a way to convince the people of the Christian world to unite behind him.

These are the things that Mitt Romney will face when he enters the White House on Sunday, January 20, 2013.  The problems he will face will be equal to or greater than those faced by the four greatest presidents in American history… Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Reagan… combined.  If he fails there will not be another opportunity, either for him or for a successor.

Democrats have so soiled the fabric of American society that the day Mitt Romney sets foot in the White House his very top priority must be to set in motion a complete reversal, a return to American traditions and constitutional principles.  And he cannot be timid about it.  He must attack the stains of liberalism with every ounce of vigor he can muster.

As president, Mitt Romney will have to muster the same level of no-nonsense resolve displayed by Bishop Thomas John Paprocki, of Springfield, Illinois.  Writing in the Catholic Times, Bishop Paprocki explained that he had read the Republican Party platform and that he found nothing in it that was intrinsically evil.  However, he went on to attack portions of the Democratic Party platform that “explicitly endorse intrinsic evils.”

And while the bishop did not specifically instruct parishioners whom to vote for or against, he did tell Catholics, by implication, the potential consequences of a vote for Obama and other Democrats.  He said, “I am not telling you which party or which candidates to vote for or against.  What I am saying is that you need to think and pray very carefully about your vote, because a vote for a candidate who promotes actions or behaviors that are intrinsically evil and gravely sinful makes you morally complicit and places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy.”

While restoring our traditions as a nation of laws, Mitt Romney is going to need a backbone every bit as strong as that of Bishop Paprocki.  And if he begins to weaken or waver it will be up to us, conservatives and Republicans, to refocus his attention on the task at hand.

Yes, the lights of personal and economic freedom in America are starting to flicker.  If Obama is given a second term they will surely go out.  But if the light of freedom is to survive on this planet, it is Mitt Romney who must keep it burning.  Succeed or fail, in the history of mankind, Mitt Romney is destined to be a man of ultimate consequence.


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