Obama Must Go


by Don Fredrick, ©2012, blogging at Colony14

(Sep. 14, 2012) — The Associated Press has reported, “Federal authorities have identified a southern California man once convicted of financial crimes as the key figure behind the anti-Muslim film that ignited mob violence against U.S. embassies across the Mideast, a U.S. law enforcement official said Thursday. Attorney General Eric Holder said that Justice Department officials had opened a criminal investigation into the deaths of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other diplomats killed during an attack on the American mission in Benghazi. It was not immediately clear whether authorities were focusing on the California filmmaker as part of that probe.”

Shamelessly, a federal law enforcement official, “who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss an ongoing investigation,” leaked the name of the filmmaker to the media. It is assumed that the filmmaker has committed no crime. The federal government has no business investigating him. It certainly has no business whatsoever giving his name to the media. The man, his wife, and his children have essentially had targets placed on their backs by the Obama administration. The leak was almost certainly intentional, meant to ensure that the media will continue to focus on the anti-Muslim movie, rather than Obama’s failed foreign policies.

In the last few days the Obama administration has unnecessarily apologized to Muslims for a movie. It has essentially expressed embarrassment for our sacred First Amendment. It has reluctantly defended that First Amendment only after being shamed into doing so by Mitt Romney. It now attempts to strip a filmmaker of his First Amendment rights by telling the world who he is and where to find him.

If these shameful incidents of September 11–14 do not result in Obama being thrown out of office by the voters, there is little hope for the future of the nation.

5 Responses to "Obama Must Go"

  1. jetdriver2   Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 10:01 PM

    Bravo Don!

    It seems that the outrages against the rule of law and common sense by this phony president and his grotesque administration grow worse by the day.

    I just do not understand why the few responsible Conservatives in Congress are absolutley silent.

    Where are the adults in the Congress? How much longer can this craziness go on?

  2. The Obama Timeline author   Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 3:27 PM

    And what about Bill Maher’s film, “Religulous” that makes fun of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? Have Obama and Clinton apologized for that? No, because Maher gave O’s PAC $1 million. The Maher film can also be used by al-Qaeda and Iran to incite Muslims to attack embassies or Americans.

    Frankly, I smell the stench of Iran in the Cairo and Benghazi attacks…

  3. Sidesaddle   Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 9:43 AM

    Thank you, Don!

    Even Pravda agrees with you.

    “Outrage: Why is the US surprised?”
    Just what exactly did the United States of America expect from their darling terrorists in Benghazi, the ones they “saved” after they armed them, trained them and prepared them to remove the Jamahiriya in Libya and replace it with the farcical “government” we see there today?

  4. OPOVV   Friday, September 14, 2012 at 11:19 PM

    Dear Don,
    Great editorial.
    The tiger reveals its stripes: Federal authorities admitted that they are investigating a US citizen for exercising First Amendment rights. Now, if that doesn’t send shivers down your spine, nothing will.
    Government employee “leaked” the name of the film maker, as if the film (watch “FITNA”) has any bearing on anything happening on the planet earth. Muslim don’t need an excuse to riot, to cause mayhem, destruction, death. To “blame” the film’s producer on the Muslims acting, well, like Muslims, is the same as me blaming my wife for a bird’s death because she let the (outdoor) cat out. Ridiculous.
    Let’s look at the facts. What we have is a United States military without a head. We have the body: planes, ships, tanks, and the people to operate them, but we don’t have the “brain” to put it all together.
    We have a State Department that continues to follow an out-dated and unworkable foreign policy that was broken the day it was implemented.
    We have government employees supporting a person who is unqualified to hold the office of president, and every time they refer to him as “President”, or salute him, or do anything other than placing handcuffs on him, is a disgrace to our country.

  5. Drew   Friday, September 14, 2012 at 10:42 PM

    It’ not right to blame the film maker, he was only exercising his first amendment rights. The blame belongs on Obama’s shoulders. He and the State dept. knew about the problem, but he thought he didn’t need any intel. briefing, he had to go campaign and have a fund raiser. Our embassy’s are burning and he’s playing. When’s this jerk going to start doing his job, it’s been four years and still nothing, but standing on our necks.

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