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by Sharon Rondeau

Obama has been said by a detective investigating Obama’s background to be have used multiple identities

(Sep. 7, 2012) — Barack Hussein Obama has just been renominated as the presidential candidate of the Democrat Party, but on September 6, 2012, the lead investigator of the Cold Case Posse told Rick Wiles of TruNews that Obama has been known by three different names.

Wiles stated that there is “a long list of questionable identity documents” associated with Obama but that the national media made sure that the information was “covered up.”

In his interview with Wiles, Detective Mike Zullo gave the history of the investigation into the long-form birth certificate image carried out by the Cold Case Posse commissioned by the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office.

Zullo said the Cold Case Posse has existed for seven years.  He related that he interviewed Dr. Jerome Corsi for 16 hours prior to moving forward with the investigation.  During the “14th hour,” Zullo said that Corsi pointed out a fraudulent registrar’s stamp on the image.  “The document, in fact, would be a fraudulent document,” Zullo told Wiles.

Zullo stated that he went to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and said, There’s fraud that’s been committed against the people of Maricopa County,” Zullo quoted himself as saying to Arpaio.

Previously, Zullo had reported at two press conferences that the Cold Case Posse had found that the long-form birth certificate image and Obama’s Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries.”

At 8:15 in “Part 2 of 4,” Zullo began discussing how a case of “identity theft” is detected and handled by law enforcement.  Regarding the birth certificate image, he said that Obama has “plausible deniability.”  Zullo said that since Obama’s attorney from the Perkins Coie law firm allegedly obtained the document from the Hawaii Department of Health, Obama might not know that it is fraudulent.  “The only person that would have the authority to make a birth certificate from the state of Hawaii would be the state of Hawaii,” Zullo said.

He then explained the several ways in which Hawaii allows residents to register the birth of a child or an adult in the state of Hawaii even if the person was not born there.  Zullo said that sometimes a birth document was amended in that way.  He said that information indicating that Obama was born in Hawaii exists, but that it does not necessarily indicate he was born there.  “We have evidence to show that a lot of Japanese citizens were placed in that same registry but were never born here,” he said.

Zullo continued to say that Kapiolani Medical Center has no information that Obama was born there, as Obama claims.  He said that Obama’s birth certificate could have been “amended,” but “Whenever you ask for a copy of it, it has to be stamped that it’s been ‘amended,'” Zullo said.  He described a scenario whereby an amended birth certificate was given to Obama’s attorney in April 2011 and “created a PDF file,” which would be “a crime” because the information is “unvetted.”

The long-form birth certificate image was released to the public on April 27, 2011.

Zullo referred to the “verification” which the Hawaii Department of Health provided to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, which he said does not actually verify that an authentic birth certificate exists in Hawaii for Obama.  Bennett accepted the verification letter and agreed to place Obama’s name on the state ballot, which Zullo described as “unfortunate.”

“We had through the metadata on the computer file had determined that 20 minutes before this was uploaded to the White House website for the world to see, it resided in a Mac computer, and it resided in a program called ‘Preview.’  And before this was uploaded, people were still working on this file,” said Zullo.  He stated that the first person he would want to identify is the “person that gave permission to upload the file.”  He said that “the next person” to be sought out would be the person who actually uploaded the file.

“There’s a crime here.  It begs the bigger question as to why,” he said.

Zullo told Wiles that he made a second trip to Hawaii very recently and found that he could “find no evidence of Mr. Obama being in the state of Hawaii prior to going to first grade or kindergarten…I have no evidence that he was in that state before the age of five.”

Obama’s public life story says that he was born in Honolulu at Kapiolani Medical Center, resided there until the age of six, when he allegedly went with his mother to Indonesia, where he stayed until the age of ten.

Zullo expressed doubt that “Stanley Ann Dunham” and “Barack Obama Sr.” are Obama’s parents.  “We know a lot of the photographs have been doctored,” Zullo said, at which Wiles mentioned a photo reported by WorldNetDaily to show the hand of a black person connected to a depiction of Stanley Ann Dunham, who was white.

Zullo said he had focused on a child born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 who lived 22 hours, Virginia Sunahara.  He cited the difference in birth certificate numbers among the Sunahara birth certificate number, which was revealed when the child’s adult brother requested a certified copy of it last year, and Obama’s.  “You’ve got a 400 certificate number move between Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, the Nordyke twins’ birth certificate numbers, and Virginia Sunahara,” he said.  He mentioned that he had spoken with Ms. Verna K. Lee, a former registrar for the Hawaii Department of Health who is now 95 years old.

Zullo said that he does not believe that the doctor listed on Obama’s birth certificate actually delivered him.  “The document has nine layers, nine lengths…They tried to chock it off to an anomaly to layering, to something being scanned in…”  He said that “the document lays out in a file that allows you to see what was moved and what was changed.”

He went on to say that he believes that the document uploaded to the White House website server was “done in error.”  He believes that it was a “working file” rather than the “finished file” which would have hidden the manipulation which occurred.  Zullo stated that there were about 125,000 downloads directly after the image was displayed on the White House website, and therefore it could not be removed and replaced with the finished file.

In Part 4, Wiles asked Zullo if he had taken the evidence to the local FBI office in Phoenix, to which Zullo responded, “No.  The FBI office is part of the Department of Justice…We won’t do it because we’ve also had individuals who have contacted the FBI, and the reception that they got over this topic were less than desirable,” Zullo said.  Wiles related a story about an FBI agent he had approached about a suspected infiltrator in which the agent ended up in federal prison, concluding that many in public service are not “loyal to the country.”

Zullo said that after the July 17 press conference, a local CBS reporter used “Alinsky tactics” to discredit the posse’s findings.  “It turned out that this news reporter is the director and past president of an organization in Phoenix, First Amendment Coalition.  It turns out that one of the other directors, an attorney by the name of Bob Bauer, is part of that organization, and it turns out that Bob Bauer is an attorney for the law firm of Perkins Coie.”  Perkins Coie Atty. Judith Corley had allegedly retrieved Obama’s birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health.

Wiles suggested that Obama is a “foreign plant” and that “the government is being overthrown,” with which Zullo appeared to agree.  “It’s a scary, scary time,” he said.

Zullo questioned why Obama wrote his memoir at age 35 when he was a “nobody.”  He referred to the memoir as a work of fiction.  “It was to give him a cover story for a life that never happened.  Everything about him is a story, and every document attached to him is fraught with problems,” Zullo said.

Wiles then asked under what name Obama operated before entering politics, to which Zullo answered, “Barry Soetoro was the name he used before he decided to change it himself.”  He mentioned the names “Barack Obama,” “Barry Soetoro,” and “Soebarkah,” the latter having been listed on alleged passport applications made by Stanley Ann Dunham when flying between Indonesia and Hawaii.

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  1. Very obvious to the entire world, America the Republic is compromised and in a state of lawless operation. The biggest proof of crimes committed is the expediency of obfuscation to facts uncovered. By barry’s own words “the only people who don’t want to disclose the truth,are people with something to hide” .

    Notice on every issue known to be false from his lips, he reinforces the falsehood with direct claims and confident wording. This is exactly how Hitler managed his rise to power. Powerful direct lies. Deceiving the masses.

    He also used in deliberate camera shot in his DNC speech, the word “citizenship” as a distinctive of American culture. That is not an error. When he is arrested for crimes of treason, forgery, fraud, ID theft, it will come out in BOLD truth, barry soetero not even a citizen of the USA. Did you see the sheeple just buying his every word without discernment.

  2. Let’s cut the BS, let’s force Perkins Coie the DNC Law Firm in Seattle that’s been paid over $4 million in taxpayers money through a POTUS protection clause to turn over the goods! That means ALL the papers they are hiding to allow the public to know the TRUE identity of the USURPER who is running our White House and the criminal associates that have enabled him to destroy America and it’s economy and flood America with illegal Mexican and Muslim’s to gain votes for their criminal organization The Chicago Machine. This is the biggest THEFT RING America has ever seen. God and Israel will remain in the political stage whether Democrats like it or not. We do no support CAIR or the Arab Brotherhood Of Muslims or any other organization that wants the overthrow of America or any other country. The “Kufar” will not bow down to any Muslim’s in the U.S. and Muslim’s will not take over America as ordered by the “Kuran”. The “liberal left” should be given free tickets to go and stay in the land of Muslim Origin with Obama and they will all be happy there. Get out of America and leave America alone.

  3. There has been a coup d’etate in the USA and most don’t care or pretend not to notice. The declarations of allegiance by the bureaucracy are false and worthless. Even the military are willing to serve a traitor.

    1. The tenor of most of the presentations at the DNC sounded reminiscent of that taught by Erik Jan Hanussen in the 1930’s.
      It was like a cheap vaudeville show and inspired little confidence in anyone except true Obotic “believers.” These “speeches” did evoke the notion of a Coup d’etat for they sounded like mind control exercises used by more than a few cults, contemporary and 20th century.