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by JB Williams, ©2012

Leon Panetta became putative Defense Secretary following the departure of Robert Gates. Panetta has ties to socialist organizations and activists and recently allowed members of the military to march in uniform in a “gay pride” parade in San Francisco.

(Aug. 21, 2012) — Despite strong opposition from commanders and chaplains, Obama’s Department of Defense chief Leon Panetta focuses his attention on the military’s participation in a new Obama-era Gay Pride initiative, further decimating the military through a number of perverted Administration policies.

But that’s just the beginning…

Obama’s Leftist Rules of Engagement

Obama era combat Rules of Engagement can only be described as genocide, an intentional effort to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq by making proper combat rules of engagement a crime, leaving soldiers totally vulnerable on the battle field, or incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth for doing what they are trained to do.

During the eight years that George W. Bush prosecuted the war in Afghanistan, we lost 630 American heroes. Obama’s insane rules of engagement have cost us more than 1470 soldiers in just three years, with those numbers climbing to a record level in 2012.

Both here and abroad, we are experiencing an increasing level of Green on Blue murders in which foreign Muslim troops are killing American soldiers who work beside them, or trained them. Muslim infiltrator Nidal Hassan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder in the murder of unarmed service members at the Fort Hood, Texas complex.

Despite Hassan screaming “Allah Akbar” as he fired into a crowded lunchroom of unarmed American soldiers, the Obama Administration has labeled the Hassan killings as “work place violence…” and Hassan has still not faced justice. Yet numerous American soldiers sit in Ft. Leavenworth for doing their jobs on the field of battle and not even House member Allen West, who sits on the House Armed Services Committee since his election in 2010, is doing anything to free these soldiers, or stop Obama’s homicidal Rules of Engagement abroad.

Mass Cutback of Soldiers

At a time when America’s enemies are too numerous to list and the world is in historic upheaval, Obama is forcing mass cuts in military personnel without congressional oversight or authorization.

After driving the nation’s debt up 60% in three years via Marxist social spending aimed at saving left-wing labor unions rather than the U.S. economy, the Federal Government is beyond broke and Obama has chosen the U.S. Military as its prime target for spending cuts.

Massive numbers of military veterans are being dumped out on the streets after 10, 20, even 30 years of honorable service. Obama is cutting experienced veterans who have deployed numerous times in order to screw these soldiers out of the retirement benefits they earned, while recruiting a new kind of young inexperienced soldier focus only upon social justice and potential domestic terrorists.

“We request that you not take actions to implement decisions that would be difficult or impossible to reverse by anticipating congressional approval of what may turn out to be very contentious proposals before the committees have had an opportunity to produce bills reflecting their responses to the fiscal year 2013 budget request,” senators wrote.

But is Obama listening? The Hill reports that Obama has demanded a half-trillion dollar cut in Defense spending for 2013 and Obama stooges Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey are defending Obama’s budget request as the most responsible way to accomplish the necessary budget savings. They say the troop reductions are natural after the wars’ wind-down in Iraq and Afghanistan, and say that the reductions will not hollow out the force.

But as American K.I.A. skyrockets in Afghanistan and Iran threatens to seize control of Iraq and destroy Israel, is the war really “winding down?” – Or, is the Obama administration simply decimating the U.S. Military with another agenda in mind?

Imagine the real unemployment rate as Obama dumps career soldiers out into the streets by the thousands, where he has already decimated the private sector jobs market…

Obama’s Treasonous Intel Leaks

CNN reports – In a series of interviews, former military and intelligence officers accuse Obama of seeking political gain by disclosing successful secret operations. “As a citizen, it is my civic duty to tell the president to stop leaking information to the enemy,” says Benjamin Smith, identified in the video as a former Navy SEAL. “It will get Americans killed.”

A growing number of Military and Intelligence officers are going public with their open disdain for Obama policies in a 22 minute video that has gone viral all over the web.

Left-wing Soros-funded website Media Matters stirred public outrage last Thursday when Obama surrogate Eric Boehlert described the group of former Navy SEALs who have criticized the Obama administration for national security leaks as “gutless.” It’s hard to tell what’s worse here, calling Navy SEALs gutless, telling American business owners that they didn’t build their businesses, or Democrat voters that Romney wants to place them back in chains…. It’s all equally evil and blatantly un-American.

Obama and his Marxist Hollywood sycophants are ready to release their coordinated re-election movie falsely painting Obama as the American hero who “got Bin Laden.” But another film, 2016 hit the theaters last week, exposing Obama’s real anti-American agenda and his lifelong pursuit to destroy America and its status as the last standing superpower in the world.

Obama is downsizing the Military as part of his larger agenda to downsize America.

To understand what Obama’s real agenda is, take your family, friends, church groups, civics groups and patriot organizations to see the film 2016 in theaters now.

Even Mainstream Press Turning on Obama

Obama has made the cover of Newsweek magazine again, but this time, the publication is saying “Obama must go!” – Newsweek COVER STORY: “Obama has broken his promises, and it’s clear that the GOP ticket’s path to prosperity is our only hope.” Newsweek writer Niall Ferguson says: Obama’s Gotta Go!

Not only has Obama decimated the Military, he has decimated the economy, national security, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, foreign relations, set the Middle East ablaze under the new leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, waged race and class warfare across America and divided the nation like never before in American history.

Many call him a total failure, like Newsweek. But the truth is — Obama is accomplishing everything he set out to accomplish, the total utter destruction of the United States.

Veterans and Patriots are uniting against Obama, Biden, Clinton, Panetta and the entire cabal of Marxist misfits now running America into the ground. Romney and Ryan have stolen Obama’s momentum in the 2012 election and the Obama Administration is becoming increasingly desperate in their quest to retain power and finish off America before anyone can stop them.

If Veterans and Patriots don’t take a stand for the people who pay for our freedom with their lives, they will never take a stand for anything.

It’s time for the Obama cabal to go…. And then it will be time for the entire cabal to be held accountable for their treasonous actions against America, our beloved soldiers and the American people at large.

People should have asked what kinds of change Obama had in mind before placing their hopes in him in 2008. Now we know, and this will not stand!

The U.S. Military is not some perverted San Francisco Gay Pride bath house experiment for wayward Marxist miscreants. Our soldiers’ lives are precious and they must be defended from the enemy currently occupying our White House.

Know all thy enemies…. Including those who claim to oppose Obama’s Marxist agenda for America, but spend all their time taking pot-shots at Romney and Ryan. Those who work to make certain Romney and Ryan lose are just as much an enemy of this country as those who work to make certain Obama wins.

Before we can start rebuilding America, we must first put out the fire that Obama and Clinton have ignited across America and around the globe.

Without a constitutional judiciary to hold these criminals accountable, the people will have to do it in the election booth. If we fail in the election booth, nothing but the Second Amendment will save American sovereignty and security.

It’s time for Obama and Clinton to GO! Period!


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  1. OPOVV, I’m with you 110%. I’ve been against this clown since before all the idiots elected him to steal the office of President. I will say it’s more than time these people started waking up about the dangers he poses to the country and its citizens.

    Allen West has been getting more credit than he deserves.

    As you say, ALL Muslims (Islamists) OUT of the military and country. If Truman and Eisenhower can gather illegals up and truck them out, then it can be done now. We don’t need to be the cops for the world, that’s what the UN was for and since they don’t want to do it why should we.

  2. OPOVV- JB has been not only in the CLUB of Enlightenment for some time but initiated the momentum of exposure of the usurper, impostor, liar-in-chief. The encouragement is well taken as we all appreciate every Patriot contributing to the cause of preserving our Republic.

    JB has been sounding the battle cry and truth telling long before many realized what was happening. The purpose of unity in this fight for righteousness is combating evil and confronting government tyranny. The recognition of we rather than any “me” is our strength.

    Servanthood is the highest calling with the littlest of notice.

    1. You’re right, of course. We all who serve do so with a quiet dignity, too bad politicians have to push the “Me, Me, Me” to the ultimate limit.
      As you said, it’s the “We” that’ll get it done.
      Right now the balance is tipping (in the military) in the favor of the traitors, the over-throwers of our Republic by idiots who believe that slavery is better than freedom, thanks, in part, to the traitorous Joint Chiefs of Staff who allowed LTC Lakin go to prison because he asked to see Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE.
      I can’t even begin to imagine why someone, anyone, would willfully turn their backs on the hard won and dearly fought for Civil Rights, but if you’re color blind, or just stupid, I guess that’s what we ought to expect.
      If nothing else, we’re on the same page here.
      Let’s hope and pray something positive comes of it.

  3. Dear JB,
    Bravo! Welcome to the “Club of Enlightenment and Understanding”. It’s refreshing to know that the number of Sovereign Patriots who are not afraid to speak the truth is growing as more people like us point out obvious truths and put “political correctness” where it belongs: shoved down the throats of America’s traitors.
    I’ve written about Panetta being a sorry excuse for one of Osama’s stooges, and I’ve written about the “Real Rules of Engagement” (11-24-2011), and what a colossal disappointment Allen West has been, keeping his mouth shut about the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and, I believe more importantly, his embarrassing failure to publicly come to the aid of LTC Terry Lakin.
    Gays O-U-T of the military is one of my campaign promises, as are ALL Muslims O-U-T out of the military and O-U-T of our country, along with each and every illegal immigrant.
    Bringing our troops home to go after the bad guys, secure our border, and get the heck away from the killing fields is another promise.
    And a promise from me isn’t a “politician’s promise”, it’s AS GOOD AS A DONE DEAL. THE STRAIGHT SKINNY. ALL THE WAY. COUNT ON IT.
    This Vietnam Vet salutes the author, JB Williams, for one heck of an OUTSTANDING editorial. 4.0 my friend. Well done.