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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

The Karnak Temple comprises numerous decayed places of worship in the village of el-Karnak, Egypt

(Jun. 18, 2012) — Ask any farmer or rancher and they’ll tell you that betting on a sure thing is a sure recipe for disaster. Since the beginning of time, each of them have longed for another field or pasture, because when calamity strikes – fire, disease, or whatever – having a backup is their ace in the hole. The same philosophy has served us humans reasonably well.  Rest assured, with past populations spread far and wide across the globe, when a deadly virus spread or a natural cataclysm struck, or prolonged drought, ice age, or meteor impact, the human race survived because of diversity.

Human diversity comes in abounding forms, some of it successful, and some not. Since the invention of the City State, mankind’s collective knowledge has leapfrogged anything remotely similar in the past. Specialization started when an excess of food was produced and could be stored. A child showing extraordinary skill at building might have become one of the foreman at Karnak Temple, or perhaps an ability towards science would someday open the door to the atom’s potential, as discovered by Madam Curie.

Of course, just because a particular piece of knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation doesn’t make it true.  For example, the geocentric belief still represents the building blocks of today’s knowledge. Ask any scientist and you’ll be told that the search for knowledge is the key and not what we think we know now. Empirical knowledge is the enemy of enlightenment.

The Aztecs destruction was brought upon them by themselves. In no way could Cortez have defeated the Aztecs without the assistance of the neighboring tribes, who hated the Aztecs for their insatiable demand of human sacrifice, which made Cortez’s recruitment of additional troops a piece of cake. You’d think that at some point the Aztecs would have looked at themselves and asked if their actions towards others were beneficial to everyone in the long run. At this point you have to ask yourself, “Whenever destructive behavior is exposed, who benefits?”

If you extrapolated the Aztecs’ ruling every person on earth, One World Government, you’d come to the conclusion that any advances in any of the sciences and literature would be problematic, and that, at some point, they’d start to feed upon themselves in order to keep the ruling class in power, whose sons and daughters would escape the sacrificial altar.

Europe and Great Britain are losing their autonomy, well on their way since having adopted the Euro as their exchange medium. The plan is for North and South America to follow suit, paving the way for The New World Order. Everything we humans have done in the past pales in comparison to what lies in our future unless we realize that diversity is the key to success, while a oneness insures enslavement.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to see that the end game of those who are attempting to take over America have anything but destruction as their goal. It is up to us, the Enlightened Ones, if you will, to put a stop to the destruction of the Constitution. They’ll say that the Constitution is “outdated,” where the only thing that isn’t outdated is stupidity and ignorance that always, but always, backs the wrong horse.


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