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by Lonnie B. Collett, ©2012

Is Obama placing the United States government under the control of the United Nations?

(Jun. 11, 2012) — Try to imagine America being part of a “One-World Government”….But before you do, consider a “One-World Religion,” which I’m sure would end up being part of the package.  Really think about it.

You might be thinking that here is no way…America has always been the Land of the Free, and that includes freedom of religion.  Christianity itself has no fewer than 15 different congregational interpretations of the Holy Scriptures; otherwise we would have the same house of worship in every city and town.  As it is, there are the Catholic, Baptist, Church of Christ, Mormon, and Pentecostal churches, just to name a few, who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Then there’s the Jewish faith which have been persecuted for years for just believing in the Lord.  Now add a few more to the mix such as the Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims.

During the last few years,we have learned more concerning the Muslim faith than the majority of us care to know.  If you are old enough, you could remember when the boxing champion Cassius Clay told the world that he had become a Muslim. The majority of us said, “What’s that?”  Then he changed his name to Mohammed Ali.  A “Moha”… who?  But he sure could box!

The Muslims’ goal has always been world domination.  Their religious belief and their government are intertwined, whereas in America our religious beliefs and government are separated, giving us freedom of religion.  Try to imagine living together with a radical religious group in a One-World Government, with the Muslims trying to assume complete control of your faith, not only pushing their belief in Allah but also Sharia Law.  Our Lord clearly states to have no other God, and they can keep their laws as well.

America was created as a Republic form of government, which is not to be considered the same as a democracy.  In a democracy, the majority rules.  Sometimes in a democracy, the innocent lose the majority vote and suffer the consequences.  A lot of innocent citizens were hanged because of angry mobs’ rule.  Our Republic form of government is based on our Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the United States. American citizens are protected with rights under the Constitution.  Obama is making it his goal to destroy our Constitutional Republic for a dictatorship of elites within the United Nations.

The United Nations’ membership include countries whose political form of Government consist of some that are considered a democracy, while others are Socialist, Marxist, Communist and one lone Republic form of government out of now over 192+ different countries.  For over 200 years, we have been the envy of the world’s citizens.  Many gave up everything to immigrate to America to experience our freedom, and now the Benedict Arnolds and one Kenyan desire to strip us of our beloved freedom and offer it to the dogs of the world.

The United Nations originated the idea of One-World Government prior to Obama, yet he and his Communist cronies act like scavengers pecking at the bones of our precious freedom, cherishing the thought of destroying our envied way of life.  Recently it was discovered that we have well over 120 Socialists and Communists in our Congress.  This certainly limits the voting power of those Americans that are left supporting the Constitution.  Automatically we know how the 120 plus will always vote.

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  1. Obama committed treason for crimes against the Constitution as soon as he took office. This is where Mr. Fitz got involved when Obama set troops on civilians in Samson, AL in 2009.

    Attacking sovereign nations without congressional approval followed that.

    His most recent support of the muslim brotherhood, self declared enemy of the United States, adds the crime of aiding and abetting the enemy to his long list of treasonous activity.

    However it will require someone in congress with a spine to make these charges. Since the majority of congressmen are spineless and victims of the “philosophy” of politically correct it won’t happen. But why can’t a citizen enter these charges through his citizens grand jury? Unless this is the reader’s first experience with the Post & Email he will realize that the citizens grand juries are a thing of the past, they are totally corrupted, having been taken over by the judiciary “system”.

    So where are we in terms of the hypothetical “boxes?
    Soap box – We all marched on Washington protesting Obamacare with the obvious results, i.e. we got Obamamcare
    Ballot box – We elected 87 tea party/conservative/freshman congressmen to do our bidding; most turned into RINO’s.
    Jury box – LOL :-), :-), :-)
    Ammo box – ???

  2. “IMPEACHMENT” is NOT an Option! You cannot Impeach someone that does NOT LEGALLY hold the “Office of the President of the United States of America!”
    I believe that “Criminal Charges” should be brought for Fraud, Draft Dodging, SS Fraud, Identity Theft, Uttering and Publishing Fradulant Government Documents, Felony by Conversion, Theft and several other “Tiny Infractions” against our Constitution.
    Impeachment would NOT resolve any of the Legislation signed and placed into Law, it Bari-(0r whatever his name is)-has signed these documents under an assumed identity, they might possibly be NULL and VOID, Impeachment would only lead to more years of “Legal Wrangling, He Said, She Said, Taxpayers paying Millions for Trial activities, e.t.c.
    BESIDES, Four Years of this Debacle is ENOUGH, ALREADY!!

    1. Why not begin a traditional impeachment investigation procedure and convert it to a criminal charge once it is determined Obama’s birth certificate and selective service registration card are both forgeries. Speaker Boehner has the constitutional responsibility to carry out this task and is participating in an act of treason right along with the forgers and their collaborators while this usurper continues his conversion of our beloved Constitutional Republic into a Marxist Regime more to his liking.