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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

(May 11, 2012) — When you open the “Sovereign Citizen” CD, there is an icon that comes up, a box with a single file, and it says, “Files currently on CD.”  When you click on that, seven more files will come up, and it’s the same heading.  These are the seven files that are on the CD.  So when you look at the seven files, one of them is “handouts,” one of them is “Lesson Plan and Cover Sheet;” one of is “Question & Answer;” another is titled “Video File.”  Then one has an icon for Microsoft Word, and it’s the PowerPoint talking points which I had in my hand, hard-copy, the other night.  The last of the files is the two-hour PowerPoint presentation.

When you click on “Video file,” that takes you to another seven video files, and they’re all Windows Media (WMV) files, and one of them is titled “SAR Line Officer Video.”  “SAR” stands for Surveillance Activity Report Line Officer Training.  when you click on that, you get a video that begins, and it’s about an eight-minute presentation.  At the end of the presentation, at time mark 7:50, there’s a slide that comes up that tells you that this video was put together by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, which is a part of the United States Department of Justice.

When they’re actually running it, it’s like the blink of an eye.  At 7:51, there is a slide that comes up that shows 11 different logos for 11 different organizations involved in the assembly of this one video.  Among those 11 agencies, you have the Department of Justice and a couple of subordinate departments are listed there.  You have the U.S. Defense Department logo.  The Department of Defense (DOD) is part of this presentation.  Then you have the Department of Homeland Security; they’re a part of this presentation.

Someone was able to print off these slides, and what I saw the other night was the paper version of the slides, and it was in the paper version that I saw these words:  “Bureau of Justice Assistance” and “Department of Justice.”  This is how I am reporting that this product is part of the Obama White House.  The two-hour PowerPoint presentation was put together by two men, Dwayne Collins and Dan Gilley, from the East Tennessee Fusion Center.   I looked up Collins and got some information on him:  he’s a veteran of the police department.  This is their website plan cover sheet, and the date is August 1, 2011.  It says down at the bottom, “Instructor References” and it says  “fbi.gov,” and ROCIC.  I don’t know what that means, but I’ll find that out tomorrow.  It’s the “ROCIC Special Research Report on SCM 2010.”  “SCM,” I’m sure, stands for “Sovereign Citizens’ Movement.”  There is also “Southern Poverty Law Center, Sovereign Citizens’ Movement,” the Tennessee Fusion Center, and the Anti-Defamation League, something called “The Lawless.”  That’s where this is coming from.

It’s every part of the Obama circle of influence which has to do with putting down individuals who are legitimately standing up against corrupt government.  The thought that crosses my mind right now is that in all of these presentations, what you do not see being addressed is when somebody like me stands up to challenge government and is legitimately doing so and doing so in a law-abiding way, and is right.  Everything that we’ve reported is correct, and that comes back to the report I read tonight on Mr. Peak.  Oh, my gosh…it’s me all over again!  This woman (Judge Amy Reedy) is out of control.  His story is consistent with what both other people and I have reported.  The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department along with the East Tennessee Joint Terrorist Task Force, FBI and Department of Justice…the Nationwide Surveillance Activity Report (SAR) group has a campaign in place which is intended to put down anybody who would stand up and challenge government which is spreading across the country.  This is a counter-offensive against anybody who has a bumper sticker with an upside-down flag, “Posse Comitatus,” “Don’t Tread On Me” – anything that declares our country in distress – is automatically declared an “anti-government terrorist extremist.”  This is how law enforcement officials are supposed to deal with this person – with great suspicion. This is going to get people killed.

The one thing that none of these presentations addresses is when they’re right about the challenge to government.  This is very serious.  I stood up in a completely legitimate way, with the complete cooperation and foreknowledge of the police department. There was nothing that was done clandestinely or placed any officer or official in any danger of physical harm.  We did it by the book.  This is not how I am portrayed in the training presentation.  The Tennessee state government, including Dwayne Collins and Dan Gilley, is trying to protect and keep under wraps the corruption we found here by declaring me as someone who is a right-wing extremist nut who is challenging a legitimate government.  That’s not what happened.  Tonight we know so very much more about the corruption in government in the state of Tennessee.

The challenge to government here in the state of Tennessee, in the Tenth Judicial District and Monroe County, is legitimate.  It sticks.  That is my complaint of corruption against John Bitoff and all the other military officers who have been working against me and to my detriment:  the financial, professional and economic harm for almost a quarter of a century.  Everything that I have discovered is proven.  Everything, including Mr. Obama’s treason.  That is a term that is used disparagingly, in a pejorative sense, in one of the videos.  You have a guy with a Ph.D. talking about how “all these guys are charging ‘treason,'” but the charge is out there, and it’s legitimate.

So the effort here – and this is why it was leaked – everything you see on here fails to address the problem, which is that you have law-abiding citizens standing up to a corrupt government, and it’s the corrupt government that’s using this as a counter-attack.  It’s the corrupt government that’s putting this out there to get people like me killed so that we stop trying to expose the corrupt government.  This is counter-battery; this is counter-fire.  You point out the government’s corruption, and this is the kind of response that you get, and you have 11 agencies involved in this, plus the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This course, distributed all over the country, has made it so that if I were to travel anywhere in the country and be pulled over, I would be in trouble.  All of a sudden, it’s a felony stop.  That’s what the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department used to justify a SWAT-team raid on my home on the 7th of December.  Go back and view that NSI seven-minute segment and think about it in terms of what law enforcement officials did in preparation to come and assault my home.  They handled me as a sovereign.  When you get to the end of this presentation, they talk about how law enforcement officials, acting on their suspicion, are able to capture a computer or other materials and effect an arrest later on because on the computer they found a lot of information that showed that the owner was trying to build a bomb or planning some kind of event against a target in the United States.  That’s why Conway Mason, working with the judges and Martha Cook and the others thought they were going to get me more deeply identified as a “sovereign,” again, taking the heat off of them.

These people are in a frantic panic, doing everything they can to try and find something that is going to further the fiction against me as a “sovereign.”  And Darren Huff is caught up in the same thing.  Because information that we’re bringing to the attention of the public is correct.

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  1. Dear Commander,
    I’m afraid you hit the nail on the head, government employees are actually as stupid as they pretend to be.
    Imagine being so callous as not giving a hoot about the millions who’ve died in the cause of Freedom and Civil Rights. They’re easy to spot: they all share the same “caught in the glare of the headlights” look whenever the subject of oaths, honor, and the Constitution come up.
    At first I felt sorry for them, people who never understood the difference between freedom and slavery; then I felt pity for people being without the intellect to appreciate such wonderful works as Shakespeare, Tolstoy, and our very own Constitution;
    I now harbor nothing but disdain for those who callously discard what mankind has yearned, fought, suffered and died for during the last couple of thousand years, countless generations having but one goal: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    Trash, they are but trash: people who have been given the Golden Ring of Freedom, and treat it as if it’s always available, whenever they change their minds.
    Being a sovereign means you never have to bow down to anybody, ever. I’ve never bowed my head to anyone at any time, and never will. While in uniform, I saluted Old Glory standing tall, and will continue to support and defend the Constitution, as one would reasonably expect from everyone else who took the Oath. Sadly, that’s not the case, for if it were then we wouldn’t have the lie that is Obama in the White House, and everyone who follows him a traitor to the cause of justice.