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by Zeb Blanchard

Are grand juries in Georgia also lost to the people?

(Apr. 21, 2012) — A challenge was conducted outside the judicial “system” in parallel with the OSHA Georgia Ballot challenge initiative.

The challenge was run as a complaint against SOS Kemp for unlawfully placing putative citizen Obama on the Georgia ballot without meeting the constitutional requirements for the office of president.  The SOS, in Georgia, is required by law to certify candidates to constitutional requirements.  Kemp, by his admission, did not do so and therefore broke the law.

The complaint was filed with the office of the SOS but was sent to OSHA and then returned to the SOS where it was answered by Kemp’s attorney, who stated that “The DNC qualifies the candidates.”

An investigation to be conducted by the Attorney General was requested of the Governor’s office, as required by law, but was not done on the grounds that “We aren’t going to do that.”   A similar response was had from the Attorney General’s office.

A special grand jury was requested in the local district but turned down on the grounds that the county in which it was to sit did not meet the population requirements of the “law.”  This caveat is not obvious in the Fifth Amendment.

The local judge and the District Attorney were then consulted regarding the method of lodging a complaint with the local grand jury.  A discussion of the issues which might be filed resulted in a warning from the DA that issues outside the county and especially those involving the state would not be heard.

The complaint against Kemp was then submitted to the county grand jury on the grounds that they were the venue of last resort since the state on all levels and in all venues had refused to hear the complaint.  According to the grand jury foreman, the complaint was put to the grand jury and turned down on the grounds that it was a state issue and involved a challenge to Obama being on the ballot.  Further discussion with the foreman revealed that the DA was in the grand jury room when they deliberated on the complaint against Kemp and that he was often in attendance during their sessions.

The corruption of the jury is not their fault.  Juries are not appropriately charged with their responsibility nor are they advised of their power to judge the testimony as well as the law (in Georgia).  Juries in most cases, and this one specifically, are not aware that they are an autonomous group and do not work for or report to the DA or the court itself.  They do not know that they are a citizens’ jury and work to see that citizens get a fair shake in the judiciary process.  The dichotomy is that the DA works for the state and the grand jury works for the citizens. They are also not aware that they can make presentments against an unethical and corrupt district attorney.

The citizens’ grand jury is a “court” of last resort for a nation being smothered by tyranny with few avenues for redress of grievances.  The grand jury can only function as well as its members are educated to allow it.  The initiatives of the Fully Informed Jury Association (www.FIJA.org) must be ramped up so more citizens are aware of the power of the grand jury.

The citizens’ lawful avenues of redress are becoming very narrow.  Our tenuous hold on the Constitution and our very freedoms is at stake.

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