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by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 26, 2012) — The Post & Email can confirm that a hearing for Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III regarding “tampering with government records” concluded at approximately 11:30 a.m. today without incident.  An indictment on the charge produced by a special grand jury will proceed to trial on April 30, 2012.

Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email that he took the documents in question on December 7, 2011 in order to report evidence of the crime of “rigging the juries” on the part of Judge Amy Reedy, who presided today.  Fitzpatrick said that he did nothing wrong because the materials were placed on a publicly-accessible table with other documents available to the public.  At Fitzpatrick’s probable cause hearing on January 17, 2012, Chief Court Clerk Martha M. Cook described the missing documents as “a list,” but the paperwork in question was a stack of juror handbooks and questionnaires used by Monroe County to gather personal information about those summoned for potential grand jury service.

During the probable cause hearing, Cook admitted that her name had been signed by someone else on the arrest warrant for Fitzpatrick, after which his computer and printers were seized.

The grand jury which purportedly reviewed the evidence against Fitzpatrick was empaneled, as Judge J. Reed Dixon described, by being “selected” by a judge in violation of Tennessee law.  The foreperson who signed the indictment is Faye C. Tennyson, who Fitzpatrick argues is compromised and should not have been allowed to act in his case given her involvement with previous grand juries which Fitzpatrick has claimed are rigged and have therefore produced false indictments against him and others.

The Post & Email asked Fitzpatrick if the video which allegedly exists of his taking the documents on December 7 was reviewed by the grand jury prior to the issuing of the indictment, but he was unsure.  He said that the group of people issuing the indictment is not an authentic grand jury and that Faye Tennyson “belonged nowhere near” the case.  Tennyson was appointed foreperson for the 2011 term, and, according to Fitzpatrick, should not be serving more than one year.  Fitzpatrick had pointed out last fall that an appointing order with the name “Fay Tennyson” left a question as to who was actually appointed and serving as foreperson.  At the time, one of the court clerks had told Fitzpatrick, “We haven’t fixed that yet.”

Fitzpatrick said his case was raised at approximately 11:15 a.m. and took “about five minutes.”  A trial date of April 30 has been set.

According to Fitzpatrick, the documents in question were mailed to The Post & Email last December as evidence that “jury-rigging” was taking place in Monroe County as he has alleged for the last two years, beginning with a citizen’s arrest of then-grand jury foreman Gary Pettway, who had served for 27 consecutive years.  The documents were placed in the hands of local authorities in early February when they came to request them.  Fitzpatrick stated that he possessed “no criminal intent” by taking and mailing the documents to The Post & Email and that he did so as a citizen reporter.

Fitzpatrick has stated that the judges in Monroe County have been rigging juries and committing crimes for at least three decades and that “everyone knows about it.”

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