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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet, Presidential Candidate

Will a day come when every American puts his hand over his heart to sing The Star Spangled Banner?

(Mar. 20, 2012) — Before the year ends, you will be asked to take a public stand on the issue of the Constitution, for or against. There will be no degrees, no halfway measures in your decision: it’ll be all or nothing. Those of you who have supported Obama in the past will have to decide whether you’re for America or have joined the ranks of the enemies of the Constitution, for by this time everyone should realize that Obama has never been vetted and is not legally qualified to hold the office of president, so ignorance of that fact will not excuse anyone from supporting or following illegal orders from Obama.

There have been fears of martial law, and that reminds me of the saying that was popular in the ’60’s: what if they gave a war and nobody came? Well, now, what if one of our government law enforcement officers (Secret Service) actually did the job for which he was hired? What if someone made a citizen’s arrest on Attorney General Eric Holder for treasonous activities, for his failure to uphold his Oath to the Constitution? The same goes for ALL other members of the Obama cabinet and the heads of all the other departments. What if one of the Secret Service Agents stuffed Obama in a Yukon and transported him to the nearest police station and had him arrested for being an illegal immigrant, for falsifying his Selective Service registration, for using multiple Social Security numbers, and for currently using a Social Security number not issued to him? What then?

So what if Biden takes over, it’ll be only a couple of months before we kick him out. And does anyone really care what happens to Obama, Holder, Napolitano, Hillary, and possibly the biggest traitor of them all, Condoleezza Rice, the one person I thought would want to uphold the Constitution and the advances in Civil Rights.

Let’s say Americans have their heads screwed on right and elect me as President; what then? I’ll tell you what, every American will be called upon to win the worldwide war against Islam. I don’t care if you’re a retired General or Seaman, or in prison, or in a wheelchair: if I think you can be of assistance to win this war, you just got drafted. And it goes without saying that every Veteran will be asked, once again, to step up to the plate.

Look, I’m not going to sugar-coat it: the reason why we’re in the mess we’re in is because of the dumbing-down of our citizens. It’s not rocket science: we are capable of unlimited good for the positive advancement of our species. Our Navy can control the world’s oceans, Air Force the skies, Army land, Coast Guard protecting the home front, and our Marines are just the right amount of “in your face.” Let them make up their own Rules of Engagement as they go along, and I guarantee you that America will be back on top before you can say One-Two-Three, as long as we have a president who has been there, done that, knows the score, and is willing and able to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Back on top: our money will have real value vs. fiat Federal Reserve Promissory Notes; an educated population and not mindless zombies exhorting Socialist worthless babble; a nation of laws and morals, the direct offspring of an educated population; no welfare but meaningful employment, even if it’s picking up cigarette butts, and a military second to none. All citizens will be members of their State Militia, owning their own weapons and required to keep their weapons at home and ready.  In these troubled times, it’s best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Self-sufficiency is our battle cry; we are dependent on no other nation, working together as a united people with a united front. Proud Patriots reciting the Pledge of Allegiance “Under God,” and singing our National Anthem with hand salute or hand over heart. Make it happen. Vote for America.

You, and hundreds of thousands of your fellow Patriots, may be asked to storm the office of your Secretary of State and be an integral member of the persuading force that will convince the powers that be that it is in everyone’s benefit to FOLLOW THE LAW in not letting a non-vetted candidate remain on the ballot.  ARE YOU WITH ME ON THIS?


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  1. “every American will be called upon to win the worldwide war against Islam.”

    That would be me, COUNT ME IN!

    Sorry for being late to report in, had a computer glitch!