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by Sharon Rondeau

From Wikipedia: Writer Amiri Baraka, formerly LeRoi Jones, speaking at the Malcolm X Festival in Oakland, CA

(Mar. 6, 2012) — The release by the late Andrew Breitbart’s website of a playbill bearing the title “The Vetting, Part 1:  Barack’s Love Song to Alinsky” contains the  name of a “Sen. Baraka Obama” at the bottom, listing him as an after-performance panelist.  Saul Alinsky, who wrote about “revolution” and changing the status quo in American society, is best-known for his book Rules for Radicals, which instructed disillusioned and poor people in how to change their communities by organizing.

If Obama had run for his state senate seat under the name “Barack,” why was he noted on the playbill as “Baraka?”  Is it a misspelling, or was Obama using that variation of his first name?  Is it the same person?  If so, why was Obama’s first name spelled differently from the way in which he was known in the state senate?

The black Muslim civil rights leader Malcolm X had a poet friend who had changed his name to “Amiri Baraka.”  The name originates from Arabic, is usually given to a female, and translates to “white” or “blessing.”

Baraka attended several universities without graduating and joined the Air Force but was exposed as a believer in communism and given a dishonorable discharge.

Baraka’s Facebook page contains an entry by one Rastafari Shabazz and a video of his reading of a poem he wrote after 9/11 entitled “Somebody Blew Up America.”  “Shabazz” was the last name taken by Malcolm X after he converted to Islam.

Amiri Baraka commented that in a biography of Malcolm X written by Manning Marable, the author “makes judgments” rather than “observations.”  Baraka stated:

My point being that Marable must be judged by what he says not by what others say he “intended.” The best thing about the book, of course, is that it raises Malcolm X to the height of our conversation again, and this is a very good thing in this Obama election period. (Post racial it ain’t!)

Baraka claimed that Manning Marable exhibited an “essential ‘disconnection'” in his work and cied as a drawback “Marable’s failure to understand the revolutionary aspects of Black Nationalism, as a struggle for ‘Self Determination, Self Respect and Self Defense.’ A struggle for equal democratic rights expressed on the sidewalks of an oppressor nation by an oppressed Afro American nationality.”

Did Baraka see a connection between Malcolm X and Barack Obama?  Baraka denies Marable’s apparent suggestion that Malcolm had extra-marital affairs, but one researcher believes that he did and that “Barack Hussein Obama” is Malcolm’s illegitimate son.  Malcolm was reportedly a communist, hence the FBI opening a file on him.  In an interview with “Russia Today,” Amiri Barak stated that he “wishes for communism in America” and described Obama’s putative presidency as a “transitional” economic period to socialism.

Is the Obama regime all about “black nationalism?”  Is that why his putative Attorney General, Eric Holder, refuses to prosecute “his people” in the wake of clear evidence of crimes?  Is it about racism?

Baraka described himself as a Marxist.  Obama, a so-called student of the Saul Alinsky model to effect “change,” believes in “spreading the wealth around.”

A video entitled “JoAnn Newman and Malcom [sic] X” shows a white woman with a black man and ends by showing, among other clips, a photo of the woman known as “Stanley Ann Dunham.”

Amiri Baraka was not only a poet, but also a playwright described as “giving dramatic expression to the Black experience.”  His work was performed at the Castillo Theater for which Dr. Fred Newman was artistic director and whom researcher Martha Trowbridge states is an uncle of “Barack (or Baraka) Obama.”  Newman was also a Marxist.

In a piece written about “The Sixties” in February 2009, Author Norman Richmond states that Baraka and Malcolm X had at least one face-to-face meeting in New York City following Malcolm’s 1964 visit to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, at which time Malcolm had met with the leaders of those countries.  Richmond continues:

Unlike other U.S. presidents, President Obama knows who Malcolm was and what he stands for. Like many males with African roots, President Obama was moved by Malcolm’s life story. A cursory reading of his autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” will prove this point.

How was Obama “moved” by Malcolm’s life story? Malcolm X aspired to be a lawyer and a politician.  What has Obama become during his lifetime?

Is either of these two men Obama’s biological father, or is it someone else?

There is reportedly information about Obama which the mainstream media did not release prior to the 2008 presidential election, including his affiliations with the Democratic Socialists of America.

The Communist Party USA features red, black and white in it s logo, as does the Saul Alinsky playbill revealed by Breitbart’s company.  The CPA endorsed Obama for President in 2008 and has done so again for 2012.  What kind of a symbol is Obama to the communist movement in this country?

And what about Baraka?

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  1. Sounds like you are uncovering the trajectory of the development of the “persona” known as “Barak Obama”: it smacks of TAQIYYAH: Deceit and Deception as tools to achieve one’s TRUE goals. It is all being revealed in the knick of time. Many thanks for your efforts, Ms Rondeau!

  2. Here we have to look up in our search box “Members Of Congress or the Senate in the American Communist/Socialist Party”. Also, do so for actors and actresses past and present, you will be amazed at the names that are listed. Maxine Waters, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Barney Frank, Lauren Bacall, on and on. Why would these people live in America and want to be in the Communist Party. If the Muslims, Black Power Groups, anti-American groups of other “origins” don’t like “America”, why don’t they get out and leave everyone else in peace? There are many things that I DON’T like about what politicians did in early America or are doing now including what they did to the American Indians who were here before any of the whites, blacks, yellows, green, purple or any other classifications. America is still the best place to live. In Europe, they are paying $16 dollars a gallon in Norway, I have spoken to people living there and that is recent pricing. If you run a red light there, it will cost you $1500 dollars and there are no “ticket lawyers” there to buy you to expunge. No minority or majority can say they were treated like the American Indians were treated as a whole. Read the book “I Left My Heart At Wounded Knee” and see what was done as a small part of what all the Indians experienced. Slavery in America was started by a BLACK MAN, not the whites, read the history. President Lincoln was REPUBLICAN who fought to ABOLISH SLAVERY of Whites & Blacks, the DEMOCRATS wanted to KEEP SLAVERY. Blacks were not mass slaughtered as were the American Indians nor were any other “groups”. Why were the “Black Muslims” In Philly not prosecuted for intimidating voters at a polling place? If some “skin heads” were doing that, what would the result have been? America has had great “Black” writers, musicians, military men and woman, business men and woman, sports men and women, on and on. Let’s cut the Bull, there is no place for racism in America. If you can’t handle the system, leave. We all have to attempt to get along and coexist and function. I saw it work in the military. In civilian life, everyone wants their own way but you still have to learn to give and take in life. Many Black Power members complain about the terrible “White Establishment” when they end up recreating exactly the same environment in their own communities fighting among themselves. Without learning and willing to get together and work together, America is doomed under ignorance, greed and selfish ways of old that only undermine progress in any society. Just look at some of the other countries out of the U.S. Some are doing well but most are falling apart under human greed and corruption. The same greed and corruption that is running Washington in America today, everyone wants POWER & Control, the seeds that have destroyed every other country in history. Unless we educate in history and see our past in the world, we are doomed to greed and ignorance, the formula for disaster. Ask a Somali Pirate how life is there. Remember, America has the largest armed population in the world and the people are not all stupid and ignorant. If that population becomes pushed to it’s limit, and the government continues to drive up costs, the population may react to that forced living condition that is taking away America’s livelihood. At that point, color won’t matter, money won’t matter, law and order won’t matter, authority won’t matter, the government won’t matter. All that will matter is who has enough ammo and food to stay alive while it lasts and America already went through that in the Civil War and they haven’t changed the history books on that yet. So, would you prefer that or try to reorganize what is left of what is here in the now? It’s our choice, wake up America.

    With the proof of the last 4 years, it’s obvious that the “Democratic” party should be abolished but that may never happen, unfortunately, for the good of the nation. The “left” that hates guns and is always fighting to have our rights taken away will find out what “Real” gun control is all about when they are forced to give up their possessions of lives by armed gangs that will roam the streets uncontrolled if our system does collapse. Then it will be too late and we will be another Greece which Obama and his clan would love to see. Our government supplied the Indians in Custer’s last stand with the latest repeater rifles to slaughter Custer and his men so that he couldn’t run for politics. We have seen 4 years of coverups by the press, law enforcement, government offices/departments,the judicial, the military, the “media”, are you surprised we are where we are? After all, isn’t keeping your “job” more important than anything else? Even it it means cheating America, your fellow workers, your family? Even if a Republican Elections Commissioner named Jim Miller is killed and the car set on fire in Monroe County, Tennessee? Even if the Democrat controlled Police Department may be the only suspects in the case that a Federal Investigator walked out on the case calling the town “Hopelessly Corrupted”? Don’t you think they don’t care about you and it’s all about them? What else do you need to know? If we take away America’s beer and football games, then you will see action! That time may be near.