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by Todd Sweet, ©2012

Can good win over evil in this world? Has "Satan corrupted our government?"

(Feb. 26, 2012) —Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email is in receipt of numerous letters from Tennessee inmate Todd Sweet, who was convicted of breaking laws in three states and has admitted his guilt.  Sweet was housed at the Morgan County Correctional Complex in Wartburg, TN until early this month, when he was relocated to the South Central Correctional Facility in Clinton, TN, which is operated by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a private company which takes pride in its “future-focused, forward-thinking correctional solutions.”

In a recent letter from Sweet, he and his new cellmate expressed fear for their lives based on a lack of cameras in the cells and a lower ratio of correctional officers to inmates. On February 20, 2012, The Post & Email attempted to contact the warden of SCCF to express our concern for the physical safety of the inmates.  On our initial call, we were informed that the warden was “in a meeting” and were reportedly routed to his voice mail.  However, voice mail was not accessible, so we hung up and called back.  We were then transferred to someone who asked us why we couldn’t “leave a voice mail” for the warden.  We explained that we had tried to do so but were unable to access it.  After being transferred back and forth once more, we were able to leave a message with someone, but it was not the warden pictured on the facility’s website.  We explained that we had received two letters from inmates expressing fear for their lives and that we were from the media, leaving the name of our publication and phone number.  Our call was never returned.

Sweet wrote in the letter that a corrections officer at the new CCA facility described his “present situation” as “illegal” and provided the name of the officer.

The following letter was written on November 30, 2011, while Sweet was an inmate at the Monroe County jail, during which time he became acquainted with Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who was serving a sentence for a conviction of “resisting arrest” stemming from an October 27, 2010 arrest for allegedly “failing to appear” at a court hearing to discuss a change in his representation.  During the arrest, Fitzpatrick was tasered repeatedly by four Monroe County sheriff’s deputies and incurred a torn left ear, bruised ribs and shoulder.

Fitzpatrick had believed that the letter had been misplaced or lost, but recently located it and sent it to The Post & Email.  Sweet has stated that he has renounced crime and corruption and has called upon others to do the same.  Sweet declares:  “It is my desire to get this country, starting with Monroe County Tennessee, back to God.”

The text of Sweet’s letter follows.


I was going to give a lengthy intoduction [sic] as to who I am and what and where I came from.

I have decided to allow you instead to draw your conclusions from the future instead of the past or whatever you choose.

We all have free will.

Whether free or incarcerated.  Rich or poor I want you all to understand no one can decide anything for you.  No, the decision is 100% yours.  Right or wrong you also must live with that decision.

I myself have made many choices over my 38 year life span.  I will also make many more.  As I chose to be a criminal and a father and husband for quite some time (of which [sic] is a dangerous double minded decision) I also over the course of the last few years have decided to change and be an obedient follower of Christ.  A good father and a productive citizen [sic].

Some that know me or think they know me may say my decision is impossible or that it is impossible for me to change.


Shall I remind you that Paul was Saul, the biggest persecutor and murderer of Christians in Biblical times and After, his head to head meeting with the Lord he changed.  Shall I also point out that the Holy Bible is about change.  Grace.  Faith.

And Love.

Page 1 of Todd Sweet's November 30, 2011 Essay

A recent study revealed that 74% of America believe [sic] in God and the Bible.  But only 17% of those actually read their Bibles and are obedient.

For those that are interested in a more indepth [sic] confrontation with this issue please contact the Amy Foundation in Lansing Michigan who [sic] publishes a Book series entitled the Disciple a Nation Series [sic].  I highly recommend it.

Change.  My change has been a battle.  No doubt would I have lost the battle had I not allowed God to work in me.  Alone I could do nothing.  Another thing that helped my change was the fact that I hit absolute rock bottom.  I finally realized that I was beyond my understanding that I was no good at holding it all together.

So it took rock bottom (death) to be able to build me again.

God cannot resurrect someone who is not dead to their past ways.  Past attitudes.  And beyond their own understanding.

But what do I know?

Page 2

Let me tell you what I know.  I know that I chose to give my life to Jesus Christ.  And I know that Gods [sic] power alone has now brought my life back in line with the greatness He planned for me long ago.

I know that Gods [sic] grace and His Supernatural Miracle working power has freed me not only from several possible life sentances [sic] for fraud (big fraud) but His power also paroled me from Arizona State Prison on April 14, 2011 – then after He took control of a potential life sentance [sic] for escape from prison in Michigan by dismissing it – He also worked on the hearts of the Michigan Parole Board when after careful consideration granted me a parole on 11/22/11 to the Great State of Tennessee, Monroe County.

One of the most corrupt counties I have ever witnessed [sic].  That should say alot [sic] from a man that spent most of his adult years playing on and gaining evidence of the same type of corruption – just in other places and of smaller magnetude [sic].

Romans 13 tells us all that we shall be subject to the authorities.  For there is no authority except from God.  That the authorities that exit [sic] are appointed by God.  Romans 13 goes on to tell us that the rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil.  That if you do what is good you will have praise from the same.

Simple.  If you walk right you have no reason to not respect and obey the law, as well as law makers.

Page 3

Beautiful.  And again….Choices.

You choose to break the law – you go to jail.  Your choice.  Not the officer who arrested you.  Yours.  So dont [sic] blame him or the laws.

But what happens if the same authorities act outside the law?  Should we overlook it because they are Gods [sic] agents?

Or are the corrupt unjust ones actually Gods [sic] agents or following the prince of the world – Satan.

Well.  First we must pray for the ones that are under Satans [sic] influence.  Then we must forgive them and look into scripture for Gods [sic] answer.

Which brings us to Romans once again.  This time Chapter 12, Verse 18.

“If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.

Page 4

I must say that when God first pointed that scripture to me, what I saw was…”as much as depends on you live peaceably among all men.”  So I did.  I bit my tongue (something everyone who knows me knows thats [sic] a feat in and of itself).  I turned the other cheek.  I walked away.  Sometimes ran.  But the perversions of justice stayed on my heals [sic].

Then God put the scripture back in front of me.  Over and over and over.  I prayed “Lord please stop showing me this verse, I get it.  I forgive the injustice done to me.  You have forgiven the injustices I’ve done to others.  I get it. [sic]

God said to me…Son.  Read it again.  So I did.  But this time asking before hand [sic] that the Spirit lead me to what He was trying to get me to see.  I mean heck, in my NKJV the whole verse is only 15 words.  Whats [sic] there not to see after reading it over and over and over.

Once again I read it.

“If it is possible, as much as….

Wait a minute

“If it is possible.”

Page 5

And it hit me.  God was opening my mind and heart to what I was missing.  I was doing my part, And Satans [sic] agents just kept on and on in their efforts to trample me by ministering to and being accepted by the law and government in the particular situation.

Therefore it had become impossible.  Not “possible” to live peaceably.  It was time for defensive action.

In that situation, by prayer and faith and many “works” God jumped aboard as my attorney and the dispute was soon settled.

Though God puts the Government in place, he fully expects that government and its Agents to act in accordance with the #1 command that brings all others into obedience.


Page 6

Back to Monroe County Tennessee.  I know my faults.  I know my choices.  I live with their consequences daily.  I am sorry to anyone who feels I wronged them.  Truly.

You either accept that or not.  God has, so that’s [sic] what counts.  I now wake up each day and throughout that day I do a heart & mind check.  I search them to see if unrightiousness [sic] floats.  When I glimps [sic] it, I pray and get back in line with the Father for He cannot have anything to do with unrighteousness.  I try to act as Jesus and his Army have already mounted their white horses and are galluping [sic] towards us at the very moment.

Our country was built on these very principles.  Satan has distorted them.  He has corrupted our Government.

We, the people must come together as a great nation.  All of us, in Love, and get back in line with the truth.

In my future postings I will give you a history lesson on myself and all of the corrupt acts I have been a party to or have first hand [sic] knowledge of not only in Monroe County Tennessee, but all over this country.

Page 7

I do not want to seem as if I’m picking on Monroe County TN either.  It is simply where I am at at the present time.  This is my immediate community and with that said, God tells me to love my neighbor as myself.

My neighbor is defined as my community at present.  Hence, Monroe County.  And I must say that there are good and honest people here.  Loveing [sic] people.  Inmates public [sic], and authorities alike.  Lets [sic] not look at Government as a whole.  Not yet.  Let us instead begin the resurrection of this small community by looking at and praying for individuals we know to be struggling with being corrupted and compromised by the prince of the world.

We will pray in faith that our Father in Heaven will move on the hearts of those in positions [sic] of authority.  To return to what is right and based in love.


Page 8

Let me run a cenerio [sic] down to you.

A Grand Jury is to be picked under the same laws and rules as a jury.  I would quote those laws and rules but for the present I am being denied my right to freely study law books that are in existence [sic] here at the jail. (for obvious reasons)  But anyway, the Grand Jury is to be formed by 36 individuals each year.  Plus a jury forman [sic].  None of which can have served on ANY jury in the county for a back period of 2 years.  Completely and utterly destroying any chance of any one person serving consecutive terms.  No, only one year.  Then they must not serve for two years, then they are then allowed to serve for one year and on and on and on.

You all follow?  Every third year an individual may serve on a jury.  Grand or otherwise.

Now.  The Grand Jury foreman must be appointed by a judge and must have an appointing order.

This all must be complied with in order for a Grand Jury foreman to sign an indictment to gain an arrest in a particular case.

Now before I go further, some of you may sit there and think that this doesnt [sic] effect [sic] you because you dont [sic] break the laws.


Page 9

This is important to you because its [sic] what our founding fathers that gave you the right to live free and bare [sic] arms and buy groceries said is important to you when they framed our Constitution.  Some say our Constitution is outdated and irrelevant.  Again choices.  If that were a fact than [sic] the laws that were made to protect your property and safety hold no weight neither [sic].

Back to case in point.

What would you do, given the information about Grand Jury selection, if you were suddenly served an indictment, arrested and detained only to find out that the individual whom [sic] signed it had been acting as Grand Jury Forman [sic] with no appointing order whatsoever…..

For 28 Consecutive years.

No appointing order.  And no regard to [sic] the laws that protect us from having the same Foreman consecutively for 2 years in a row, let alone 28.

Impossible isn’t it? [sic]  No one would allow such corruption and injustice.  Such gross disregard for the laws.

Well….Monroe County Tennessee has.

Page 10

Mr. Gary D. Pettway.  Jury foreman acting with no appointing order for 28 consecutive years until one Brave Retired US Navy Lt. Commander brought it to light.

Then they (Government of Monroe County) appointed Faye C. Tennyson Jury forman [sic].  The first change in 28 years because they were caught.

Every single indictment signed by Gary D. Pettway for the last 28 years is without merit and without jurisdiction.

You cannot stop crime by opperating [sic] in [sic] criminal behavior yourself.

I believe in the Constitution.   I believe in the law.  I believe in the good people of Monroe County Tennessee.

I even believe in the corrupt individual that has been compromised by the forces of Satan.

And it is my desire not to cause turmoil.  It is my desire to get this country, starting with Monroe County Tennessee, back to God.  And in light of Matthew 28:18-20, I have the command and the authority to do it.  For verse 19 tells me – orders me to…

Page 11

“Go, therefore and make disciples of all the nations.”

Which deals with individuals [sic].  To make a “disciple” one must teach the individual to obey the Laws and Commands of God.  #1 = Love.  And if you love your neighbor you dont [sic] use corruption to fight corrupt people.  You use love and prayer and the Law.” [sic] Verse 20 commands us to..”teach them to observe all things I have commanded…”

People.  Acting unlawfully is not acting in love.  That goes for me.  The inmate beside me.  The guard at the door.  The cop on the street.  The judge on the bench.  The Grand Jury Foreman signing unlawful indictments.

And remember the faults of the Jewish Pharasees [sic] and Saducees? [sic]

They thought by appearance and by living by the laws of the old testiment [sic] and going to church made them rightious [sic] in Gods [sic] eyes.  Not so to you who think this article does not effect [sic] you because you have your Bible on your coffee table and you go to church once or thrice per week.

Page 12

Are you walking in Love.  For your neighbor?  Your spouse?  Your Boss?  Your fellow human being that is locked up?  The corrupt politition? [sic]

We all must come together.  Love and forgive everyone.

And bring this county, then all counties, into obedience to the word of God.

The God that gave you free choice and the Constitution to protect that freedom.

Quit spitting at the Constitution.  Quit spitting on God.

Editor’s Note:  A penciled-in star appears on the following line leading to a side note, which reads:

This cenerio [sic] is not fictitious, it is my present, as well as many others [sic] present circumstance.  Its [sic] happening and was just brought to my attention.  Again…what would you do?

I will leave you with this until next time, which will be soon…..

I promise you.

It was once said that I spun complex webs as a confidence man by a certain judge.  So in response…..

Weave the web, the thread is spun, the web is wove [sic], my work has begun.

May God bless you until next time.

Todd J Sweet ©Nov. 30, 2011

And remember.  Gary Pettway + no appointing order + 28 years = no jurisdiction and gross injustice.

Page 13

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