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by Doretta Wildes, ©2012, blogging at Doretta Wildes

(Feb. 16, 2012) — Another cold day in hell. But hell on Earth is beautiful, if not merciful or just. The trees twist intricate traceries and I twist yarn around my knitting needles. The sock I’m knitting grows.

It’s funny how one English word can contain volumes. “Twist,” which means to wind around like a spiral or double helix–true sacred conformations–can also mean to wind around like a maze, a form of hell. “Twisted” means crazy, not of right mind. It’s also, of course, a dance from the sixties, an elegant hairstyle, a cinnamon bun, a citrus peel, a sprain, an unexpected departure. Eccentricity.

The point is that the meanings of words can twist in seemingly unrelated, even opposite directions. But nothing is unrelated, when you think about it, as words teach us.


Some of the most twisted ops ever committed by the American technocracy are being perped on human and animal DNA. Or viruses that prey on forms of DNA and RNA. For decades, mad eugenicists have been attempting to soft-kill  humans, or interfere with our fertility via vaccines, fluoridated water, big pharma drugs, chemtrails, viral weapons (such as HIV), preservatives, tainted food, GMOs, and nuclear devices. Given the degree to which the runaway technocracy has gone underground, you can be assured that the kill methods we know about are only the tip of the spear.

Why go to such lengths to kill off the lovely, precisely twisted and partially decommissioned human genome? Look around you. While you likely don’t know anyone at the top of the ruling pyramid, as above, so below. Look at the evidence in our politicians, corporate leaders, church, media and education nabobs, university presidents, celebrities and other VIPs of the world. If you can imagine what true wisdom is like, then what we have here is assuredly its opposite.

Our leadership is twisted in the uglier sense of the word. Narcissistic, ego-driven, power-mad and bereft of the inner spirit. Enamored of its mirror image. Giving itself credit where credit is clearly not due. In some cases merely venal and controlling, in others murderous. Convinced that it knows what is best for you and for humanity in general.  Ultimately divorced from humanity, by pride and power, paralleling what is true of the real Earthly Tyrants, who are divorced from the rest of us by blood. Well, genes.

Leadership on this planet has always been about power, but it is no longer about wisdom or even justice. It is about vanity. The higher you go, the more you see that it’s a kind of High sustained by murder, rape (especially child rape), violence. By human sacrifice. Advancing oneself along this path, currently the goal of most humans in the corporate and political machines, is the road to perdition.


“Too many people.” You hear it all the time: our planet is over-populated by humanity. Unless, of course, there is a war on, in which case the Malthusian equations are shelved and replacements become necessary to restock the military. They need our warm bodies to fight their wars, push their papers, stock their factories, enforce their dictates. Up to a point. Too many of us means time for collateral damage: Time for murder and genocide. Bring on the control mechanisms and the lab experiments. Bring on Malthus.

It is a big lab experiment out there currently. Look up at the sky. Study it. Note the worm-like faux cloud formations gushing from the posteriors of jets. Someday, when you have time, watch what happens as they spread and obscure the sun. Ask yourself, if you are over, say, 40 years of age, whether the sky of your childhood encompassed such anomalies. I won’t bother to cite references or provide links in this article, but urge you to do your own research on chemtrails. (There is at least one on this blog site.)

What’s happening in the sky is happening in our food, our “medicine,” our schools, churches, workplaces, airports, you name it. We are being numbed and poisoned and controlled, dumbed down and ultimately taken down. We are being destroyed by bureaucrats working for oligarchs working for Them. The objective is to enslave us in ways more insidious than most people could ever imagine. In fact, They are counting on a failure of the human imagination. They know that, except for the few of us who find it hard to sleep, most of humanity is eating out of Their hand, slurping up their porn, sports and the delusions that pass for History. And the hierarchies that pass for the Holy.

The trap being set for the human body is nothing compared with the one in store for the mind. The next false flag op set to trigger a third world war will be a brilliant example of financial and technical perfidy. Unless you are reading blogs like mine or tuning in to alternative news sources, you are destined to fall for it. The lesson of this mistake is between yourself and your Creator, just as it was for “good Germans” and all who have ever conformed to survive. And all who still refuse to examine the facts about 9-11.

But the real twist to this story will not be provided by mass enslavement or protest or war or even the death of the U.S. Constitution. The real twist will be provided by the planet itself. I’m not talking about “global warming” but about the consequence of orbiting a star that is unstable while harboring intelligent beings with agendas unknown to the rest of us. As above (the Sun), so below (the Earth).

Much is unknown, and that is good because it means there is still so much to be decided by each of us. Perhaps the real twist courses through the individual human heart. There are those who say that each point in the universe contains every other point. If so, the real twist is paradox.


A sock is not a cathedral, but its architecture has an elegant and pleasing logic. First, the cuff, which is a tunnel leading to the heel, gusset, foot and toe. I’m still working on the cuff, suspended between four needles, which gives me an excellent opportunity to contemplate the nature of life itself as I twist my way down. Life would not be possible without the circle, the helix, the spiral, which are the templates upon which it’s built. Thus, the lowly sock is a reminder of this fact, that all things that move through time–whether a cell nucleus, a worm, a musical composition, a photon or the human foot–do so by pivoting, twisting and spinning.

Life itself is spin. The most beautiful human voices in the world spin.

A pity there is another meaning to that word. Spin. It is what They do to the notably bad news to keep the blind rushing to their jobs, eating poison, watching TV and submitting to gropes by the TSA.

But that is the way things have always been on this planet. The goods, the Real Goods, are misappropriated.

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