Obama’s Ineligibility: Our Last Chance to Save America

AN OPEN LETTER TO STATE REPRESENTATIVES TO BLOCK OBAMA FROM THE BALLOT by Lawrence Sellin, ©2012 (Jan. 2, 2012) — Sir or Ma’am, Natural born citizenship was clearly defined in the Supreme Court holding Minor vs. Happersett (1875). It was a case about women’s suffrage, and in order to determine if Minor was allowed to […]

Atty. Orly Taitz: Upcoming Actions on Six Obama Eligibility Cases

“HUNDREDS OF HOURS” SPENT ON PREPARATION by Sharon Rondeau (Jan. 2, 2012) — Atty. Orly Taitz has provided an update on six active cases, the first of which has a hearing on January 6 in Hawaii.  In Taitz v. Fuddy, Taitz has filed a Motion for Reciprocal Subpoena Enforcement against Loretta Fuddy, Director of the […]

New Year’s Visit to Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

“DENIED SHOWER ACCESS” by Sharon Rondeau (Jan.2, 2012) — A visitor to the Monroe County jail on New Year’s Day reported the following: Walt looked and talked fine.  He gets daily treatment and monitoring from the contract nurses who work for the jail.  He is also getting a low glycemic diet, amazingly.  He has spent […]