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by Joseph Zernik, Ph.D., blogging at Human Rights Alert

(Dec. 5, 2011) — Let’s recognize it: the US is a lawless nation, driven into bankruptcy by its own Banking-Justice Racket (BJR). Conditions in Europe are not much different.

Los Angeles, December 5 – “At the bottom line, Morgenson reports, based on Bloomberg’s data, that pursuant to Sarbanes Oxley Act (2002), all executives of the major banks, who signed on their respective certifications on the SEC quarterly filings (they should’ve switched those to robo-signers, as well), were engaging in Securities Fraud, in collusion with BERNANKE,” says Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert (NGO).

There is nothing new about this conclusion as well.  It is already well-publicized that:  [1-3]

  • Since early 2008, Bank of America’s financial statements in SEC filings have been “delusional”, and
  • Since early 2009, BERNANKE, PAULSON, LEWIS, MOYNIHAN and others were involved in a criminal conspiracy, detailed in Cuomo’s April 2009 letter to the US Senate.

What Morgenson is well-aware of, but only tangentially writes about, [4-6] that this is the reason that US banking executives are immune to both past and future criminality (a unique and often unmentioned feature of the US Constitution): They have incriminating evidence, every step of the way, on top US officers at the TREASURY, FED, SEC, THRIFT, OCC, OTC, FBI, US DOJ, and US JUDICIARY.

In that respect, the repeat fraudulent charades by US Judge JED RAKOFF, in the US District Court in Manhattan, are an integral part of the routine –  sprinkling the holy water of justice to purify the racketeers… The tight association between the corrupt US financial institutions and the corrupt US judiciary is particularly alarming. [7] Judge JED RAKOFF should have been impeached for his conduct in previous performances. [8]

Judge Jed Rakoff

Congressional initiatives are useless:  The US is unable to enforce the Securities Acts, Sarbanes Oxley Act (2002), Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act (2009), and RICO.

Let’s recognize it, once and for all: this is a lawless nation, through organized state crime – the Banking-Justice Racket (BJR) – the People are driven into bankruptcy.

The US Constitution is dead. The People are deprived of life, liberty, and property with no due process of law. [9]

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