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by Ron Ewart, ©2011

If we could only harness the lightning!

(Aug. 29, 2011) — There is probably no one alive today who can remember life without electricity, and yet 98% of man’s rise out of dark sub-Sahara Africa was without this form of work-saving energy.    The only forms of energy to do work that were available to mankind prior to the American Revolutionary War was the power of the wind, water power, horse power and man power.  There were some crude steam power devices invented in the 1600’s but steam power had not been adapted commercially to locomotion until well into the 19th Century with the steam train and steam ship.  Nevertheless, steam power would not be used to drive the first commercial generators to distribute electricity until the late 1800s.  Illumination at night, prior to the invention of electricity, came mostly from fire, candles and whale oil, or carbide lamps.

Only in the last half of the 19th century was man blessed with the power of the electron and Edison’s great invention, the incandescent electric light bulb.  It was the electron that pole-vaulted mankind into the 20th and 21st Centuries.  It is the electron that will continue man’s march into the future, that is, if we discover a cheap, clean, limitless source of energy before we run out of hydrocarbon fuels.

In an article dated May 19, 2011, from the Brookings Institute, we read this:

“As gas prices continue to rise, the future of American energy policy is once again in the forefront of discussion. At a recent event, Michael Greenstone outlined the vital role that energy consumption and innovation play in driving economic growth in the United States and on a global scale.   He noted that in nations like India and China, which are growing at unprecedented rates, energy consumption has been a key driver of growth and has helped improve the standard of living in developing economies.”

We emphasized this well-known fact in our Youtube video entitled: “America’s Energy Policy Borders on ….. “.

There is no American energy policy!!!!!  It is hopelessly trapped between two opposing ideologies.  One ideology (the left) irrationally believes that hydrocarbons are “killing” the planet and sending us into the doom of runaway global warming because of CO2 emissions and further believe we must put all of our eggs in the wind and solar basket, no matter how inefficient and costly they may be.  The other ideology (the right) believes that energy is the lifeblood of a growing economy and to cut it off, limit it, or restrict it, is not only grossly negligent, but borders on treason.   One of these ideologies has to be more right than the other.

But here are some facts that we show in the table below, from the U. S. Energy Information Administration, on energy consumption in 2008.  The BTU units in this table are for representative purposes only.  It is the percentages of energy use that are relevant.

                              BTU’s            Percent







Natural Gas





















source: www.eia.gov

As anyone can see, wind and solar energy make up less than 1% of the total energy consumption.  Anyone that believes you can make up the difference in fossil fuel, hydroelectric and nuclear energy production by expanding wind and solar energy is living in an upside-down fantasy world of distorted reality.  Could it be they are seeing the world through Alice’s fuzzy looking glass?

To base a national energy policy on this flawed approach to energy consumption for a growing economy, is committing national suicide and in fact it is aiding and abetting our enemies, a test in the constitution for treason.  While other countries are expanding their energy production with a vengeance, we are shooting ourselves in the foot, the knee, the stomach, the chest and in the head.  A foreign enemy could not come up with a more diabolical plot to destroy America.  One might ask, who is behind this misdirected energy policy of in-efficient alternative energy sources and what are their motives?

If America is to survive as a free, prosperous and growing nation, that meets the needs of and protects the individual rights of its people, all efforts by private industry must be directed towards creating a cheap, clean and limitless supply of energy so that American energy is not held hostage by foreign dictators who arm themselves with weapons of mass destruction from the monies we pay them to buy their oil.  To shove billions of taxpayer dollars, that we don’t have, to prop up and subsidize wind and solar energy, can only be described as insane.

A new energy source will be discovered in the not too distant future that will eventually take us off the hydrocarbon standard. But until it does, to try and replace our fossil fuels, hydro-electricity and nuclear production with something that clearly is impractical and economically unsustainable, would appear to be a policy created by people who exist in a dense fog and can’t see their nose in front of their face, or they have evil ambitions in their minds.

There are many new energy ideas on the drawing board and in the testing phase.  Some are simple, but many are complicated and rely on emerging technologies and require huge sums of money for research and development to make the idea or process commercially applicable.  The winner of the new, cheap, clean and efficient process will become unimaginably wealthy and it is this drive for untold riches, in a capitalistic society, that will finally force the transition out of fossil fuels and into a bright new day of unlimited energy.

However, if we do not come up with a new source of energy to replace fossil fuels, “The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that not only will America die as a free nation, but the rest of the world will be plunged into darkness, anarchy, chaos, hunger and mass starvation.  Because, you see, a growing world population requires food, water and energy to survive.  Unfortunately, without cheap energy, sufficient food and water become impossible and the massive reduction in the world population that most environmentalists want to see will become a reality.

But to get where we want to be in the world of reality and freedom, one of America’s opposing ideologies is going to have to be dumped in favor of the other ideology ….. the sooner, the better.  If you can’t determine which ideology has to be dumped, you are part of the problem.

A SIDE NOTE:  The lawsuit we wanted to file against Obama was not feasible due to the fact that you have to show actual damages.  As much as we wanted to file this lawsuit, we cannot demonstrate actual damages and counsel has indicated that it is just not practical nor advisable.

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