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by Tracey M. Grissom
How many impeachable offenses has Obama committed?

(Jul. 22, 2011) — These days if a news headline or editorial title contains the words “IMPEACH” or “IMPEACHMENT” it instantly draws my attention. As I turned to my favorite online newspaper today, “The Post & Email,” I saw  there was an article by one Neil Turner entitled  “Why Calls For Impeachment Process Are Still On The Table”, so after skimming the headlines, I read it first.

I can’t help myself, I love the word, “impeachment”. It’s a lovely word. Close your eyes and say the word slowly —- “im-peach-ment” — and it invokes a picture of a cool southern night when the intense heat of the day finally begins to melt away, sitting in the porch swing out on the veranda, with the scent of fresh sweet peaches and soothing leafy green mint filling the air while the sounds of returning American sanity and restoration — ok, never mind; maybe I get carried away sometimes.
If three years ago someone would have informed me the day was fast approaching when “impeachment” would become one of my favorite words in all the English language, I would have thought they were not only crazy, but a little on the morbid side. It’s really not a lovely word; it is a serious, horrible word and nothing to fall in love with— but these, my friends, are truly crazy and morbid times. And I agree with Neil Turner; we must keep doing what we can and wherever we can and any way we can.
With daydreaming aside and back at the OK Corral, better known as reality, today the news is full of talk about the debt ceiling and the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, specifically section 4, which reads:
“The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.”
As reported by Politico and WorldNetDaily, former President Bill Clinton apparently thinks the 14th Amendment gives the president the power to take any and all necessary steps to disregard the debt limit even if it means running over Congress, for he stated “he would turn to the Constitution, if it came to that.”
Regular readers of The Post & Email will remember the Congressional Research Service (CRS) has muddied the waters by “tweaking” the language of Supreme Court decisions on the most important issue, namely Obama’s eligibility, but on this debt ceiling problem they have a new report saying that if Congress refuses to raise the government’s borrowing limit, the White House cannot do so unilaterally under the Constitution’s 14th Amendment. “It does not appear that the executive has the constitutional authority to borrow funds, even if they are for the express purpose of preventing a default on the debt,” said CRS, adding that the language (of the 14th Amendment) doesn’t convey any new powers on the president to circumvent Congress when it comes to borrowing or spending.” So at least they got this one right.
On July 4th, 2011 on “Fox News Sunday,” Senator John Cornyn, a former judge on the Texas Supreme Court,said concerning the 14th Amendment, “That’s crazy talk. It’s not acceptable for Congress and the president not to do their job and to say somehow the president has the authority then to basically do this by himself.”
It may sound like ‘crazy talk’ if one believes in a traditional interpretation of the Constitution, but if it gets to that point, crazy or not, will Obama be able to resist one more grab for power? Is there anything about this regime to indicate Obama would care what Congress, CRS, or the average American would think of his running around Congress and borrowing more money? And of course Bill Clinton would back him up. (“Sure, Barry, borrow, borrow, borrow, spend, spend, spend. Just tell the American people it’s necessary to save America; they’re dumb enough to fall for it!”)
I wondered if any Congress people had weighed in on the possibility of Obama playing “I’m a one-man band” and the concept of his raising the debt ceiling himself, and after searching the internet news, what do you know — but I ran into my favorite word again. It seems during a tea party meeting on July 5th, 2011, Republican Representative Tim Scott was asked what Congress would do if Obama tried to raise the debt ceiling without Congressional approval:
“This president is looking to usurp congressional oversight to find a way to get it done without us. My position is that is an impeachable act from my perspective. There are a lot of things people say, ‘Are you going to impeach the president over that?’ ― No. But this? This is catastrophic. This jeopardizes the credibility of our nation if one man can usurp the entire system set up by our founding fathers over something this significant.”
He added later: “I don’t hate the president, by the way ― I hate his policy … I don’t attack his personality.”
Think Progress reports Scott is “not a lonely voice” in the House GOP caucus, according to Texas Representative Pete Olson. You-Tube video of Olsen’s comment here. 
Here is an excerpt from the interview:
FANG: “So Congressman Scott, is he just a lonely voice or are there a large number of people who are talking about this?”
OLSON: “He’s not a lonely voice. All of us out there, we’re getting closer to a place where we’ve never gone in our country’s history. So we’re all sort of learning as we go. We’ve never gotten to the point where we’ve defaulted, potentially, on our debt. So we’re looking at other options out there because this is new ground for all of us.”
Think Progress adds this:
“It’s worth noting that this is not the first time House Republicans have threatened to impeach President Obama. In March, Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) called for impeachment if the president didn’t reverse course on his opposition to the Defense of Marriage Act. Last year, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX)  hinted at impeaching the president if he didn’t do more to stop illegal immigration. Impeachment was even floated by Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI)  in an attempt to force President Obama to release his birth certificate proving he was born in the United States.”
At least our Congress people do think about impeachment sometimes: now if we can just get them to act.
This is an interesting radio segment from  “USA Prepares.”  Hosts Mark Wright and Vincent Finelli call upon the US Congress to consider filing articles of impeachment against Obama for fiscal terrorist threats toward Congress and the American people. Threatening to withhold grandma’s social security check IS a terrorist threat when you stop and think about it and might be a point we could bring up in our conversations with friends and family.
Also ALIPAC is launching two new website projects to help inform the public of Obama’s impeachable actions while organizing Americans to lobby the Congress and protest if necessary.
For people who use Facebook, there is the page entitled “Impeach President Obama.”
Also at AgainstAmnesty.com there is an online petition that people can sign to show their support for the resignation, impeachment, and/or charges against Obama.
The two main driving issues behind ALIPAC’s call for Obama’s impeachment are the Gun Walker Fast and Furious scandal which Congressional investigations have determined that the US Justice Department under Obama was supplying thousands of assault rifles to invading cartel smugglers.
Also, Obama has been caught attempting to establish an illegal and unconstitutional form of Amnesty via executive fiat. A memo has been issued by Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chief John Norton which orders federal employees to engage in policies not authorized by the Congress. In fact, the directives mirror the Dream Act Amnesty legislation which the public and Congress have defeated eight times in the last few years.
“We now have direct evidence that President Obama is attempting to operate like a dictator by trying to order Amnesty for illegals, while directly funding organized crime syndicates with tax dollars and elite weapons,” said William Gheen. “Obama is an enemy to the Constitution of the United States and the American public, and Congress must act quickly and decisively to restore constitutional governance in America. It is time to impeach President Barack Hussein Obama.”
Time to impeach him? In my opinion, it’s past time. As for my part, I think I’ll go get one of those nice fresh peaches out of the fruit bowl in the kitchen and sit down and write another letter to my “representative.” Maybe I’ll make it really short and sweet this time. One or two sentences. Something like:
Dear Representative,
Your Constituent
P.S. Please excuse the peach juice I dropped on the letter. There’s a reason for that.