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June 17, 2011

New Mexico was admitted to the Union on January 6, 1912 as the 47th state

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to New Mexico Rep. Yvette Herrell:

From: Deborah Warren
Subject: The Truth matters. The Constitution matters.
To: yherrell@yahoo.com
Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2011, 8:27 PM

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

cc: Representative Herrell

The Honorable Yvette Herrell
PO Box 4338
Alamogordo, NM 88311-4338

The Honorable Yvette Herrell
Room 203ICN
State Capitol Building
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Speaker Boehner,

Along with many Americans, I have reached my saturation point with our public servants and the corruption that runs rampant amongst you.  The violation of Fiduciary trust has gone beyond questionable activities amongst a few and grown to an undeniable level of blatant Treason for which each and every one of you is GUILTY.

We, concerned citizens who come from all walks of life and educational backgrounds and span all Parties and age groups, have found common ground and are committed to exposing the criminals at all levels of our government.  We are the disenfranchised and betrayed citizens with no Party and no representatives in our failed government.

While we are struggling and screaming at the top of our lungs; each of you continue to violate us, our country, our Constitution, our future and your SWORN OATH.  It is not a matter to twitter about behind our hands or for you derelicts to laugh about while you steal us blind and swill the champagne we pay for…or while you enjoy a scotch and relaxing massage in the royal ‘clinic’ you cretins set up inside our Capitol.   It is not an outdated and meaningless concept.  We take it seriously and mean to see the violations prosecuted.

Victims of all manner of crime; from the real estate and financial fraud to food poisoning that the FDA was well aware of long before the public were informed … to the usurpation of the White House … are waiting.  We are waiting for a few good men and women to stop lying and blowing smoke while our country slowly burns.

You KNOW what is going on…you know about the crimes committed by our government and the obfuscation of evidence and the protection of these Traitors.  You know about the crimes committed by global raconteurs, including those who run huge banks and corporations and the public servants who are paid by the citizens of our nation (and by their fellow business raconteurs, drug dealers, money launderers, gun runners, war mongers and human traffickers).  YOU KNOW and yet you do nothing to deserve our trust and the payments you extract from us through your bribery, extortion and coercion.  You clearly expect to continue your theft and enjoy the retirement we are determined to see that none of you ever receive.

You’ve been there too long and know too much to feign innocence or helplessness.  We clearly sent you marching orders and instead you make golf dates with your evil co-conspirators.  We asked you not to compromise with evil and now realize that you are part and parcel of the evil we trusted you to fight.  Your betrayal is unforgettable and unforgivable.  What is almost laughable is that people like you think you will survive these crimes.  You are marked men; by the very filth you conspire with.  Historically, people of your ilk and status will disappear when they tire of you or you have served your purpose.  And stupidly you play and dance to their rules and tunes.  You grovel and grin, slobber all over them, embrace them publicly…you prostrate yourself and kiss their filthy sandals.

We worked hard to fill some 680 seats nationwide with legislators and governors who promised Conservative leadership.  You are one of the many who used us…and are deep in the conspiracy to defraud each of us.  We all know what those promises were comprised of and you are all doing a piss-poor job which we now realize is all ‘by design’.

The question I like to ask is this:  Are you stupid or are you a crook and a liar?  THIS IS NOT A RHETORICAL QUESTION.  PLEASE ANSWER.  Of course, I will not get an answer because you are obviously one of the guilty parties and a coward to boot.

You, pal, are part of the problem  You are shameful and deserve the fate of a Traitor along with most of our Fiduciaries.  Violation of Fiduciary Trust, Treason, Theft, Obstruction of Justice are only the tip of the iceberg and all are fully actionable offenses…civilly and criminally.  We will, as the Constitution clearly states is our legal right, take matters into our own hands and by-pass the self-appointed royalty that has abused our trust and destroyed so many of us personally and irreparably at such a time as we deem necessary.  We will deal with you all eventually just as we dealt with prior kings who violated us or tried.  You had the opportunity to be a real hero and instead chose to be a foe.  We will honor those who founded our nation and lost everything in the process.  We will honor those men and women who fought and lost limbs and life and continue to do so with the misguided belief that they are being led by leaders who believe in what they are fighting and sacrificing for.

The sickening idea that you would continue to play along with the filthy S.O.B. in our White House and his stinking Mooch of a wife knowing full well that they are illegally occupying said residence and doing everything they can to destroy us is more than we can abide.  The idea that you would offer to play golf or even sit at the same table screams volumes at us and makes you no better than them.  WE put that gavel in your hand along with the sacred duty that accompanied it; not a golf club and a tissue to wipe your tears as you grovel and embrace the Muslim Marxist puppet in our White House.  You, like Bush Senior and so many other men who once inspired patriotism and naive trust only succeed now in bringing up my last meal and an anger so visceral that I cannot believe it is my own.

We can only conclude that you have been sullying our halls of Congress for all these years on behalf of a stinking cabal which has no respect for us and our foundation and would destroy our future for the fleeting personal gain accumulated in the short life we humans are afforded.

I look at you and I cry.  I cry real tears and not the fake ones you use to fool us with.  Sometimes I wonder if your tears are for your family, that you have violated so profoundly, or for yourself and the failure you have become…the shame you have brought upon yourself.  I wonder how you can face a day without slitting your own throat for violating the very system that allowed you to rise from a poor little nothing to a powerful position (although, in reality, you remain a poor little NOTHING; it seems).  How much alcohol does it take for you to sleep at night?  There is a special place in Hell for all who turned our shining city on the hill into the laughing stock it is now.  It is the stench of your rotting corpses that rises from the muck we are mired in.

You are no leader unless you are just another thug presiding over a gang of thugs.  There is no excuse for the crimes and cowardice…NONE.  YOU are Speaker of the House because of US.  WE did that and you have spit in our faces.

While evidence of egregious and unbelievable crimes mount daily.  While that evidence proves the Usurper is illegally occupying our White House.  While evidence mounts regarding the financial crimes for which you filthy thieves paid off the criminals…notice I did not say ‘bailed out’ because what you all did was pay them off with money you literally stole from U.S.  While our enemies are granted gifts of our money against our express wishes.  While all of this continues; you do nothing.  You make a mockery of your position and a caricature of humanity.

Now we learn that billions more of OUR money was loaded up IN CASH onto C130s and hauled into IRAQ.  There is no justification for cash being loaded into anything…not in this day and age of technology.  The disappearance of that money was planned and we all know it.

We are not going away…we are not giving up…we will hold each of you accountable and proceed with all legal means by which to see you all pay the price for your crimes.  You aided and abetted in the illegal installation of a usurper and you continue to aid in the cover up.  You aided in the theft that ended up in the hands of our enemies here and abroad and continue to do so.  You derelicts allowed the usurper to declare and engage us in what is turning out to be THREE MORE WARS…making the formal total five.  And, yet, you totally ignore the war we are waging here at home against criminal public servants and agencies, Muslim infiltration, Illegal Alien invasion and theft and the rampant fraud being perpetrated against us all.

You can perceive this as a threat, but I make none.  I am making a promise based upon my faith in the American people and their ability to rise to the challenge and win.  I’m just one over-fifty female who has little left to show for my work ethic and time served on this planet, thanks to you folks.  But, I have my voice and that is still a Liberty I intend to use to the fullest.

Should you wish to see the evidence we will use to prosecute for all the crimes we are uncovering; I will be glad to have it sent to you.  Starting with the massive evidence against all of you for the usurpation of our White House by a foreign and enemy agent.  You owe us all an answer and not the same tired responses provided for you by the Regime…we’ve seen those carbon copies from many of you.  I won’t hold my breath because I would surely die from oxygen deprivation.

This, if allowed to continue without relief and retribution by our current government employees, will only end badly….VERY BADLY.  There will be no place to hide or avoid what is surely coming.  The only way to stop the horrific mess we will surely face when the ‘American Volcano’  (ours will not be a ‘spring’) erupts will be one of you megalomaniacs pushing the red button we feared as children.

None of this is conjecture or the ranting of an extremist, birther, nut job, fanatic as characterized by those of you who use those terms to deflect from your own insanity and the greedy, power hungry narcissist thugs who belong to your club.  Our formerly trusted Fiduciaries are the insane and twisted characters of Twilight Zone and Sci Fi fantasies.  The Pretender in our White House is a criminal borne out of a failed Petri Dish experiment.  You are the real Boogeyman of my childhood and your grandchildren would go screaming into the night if they really knew what you are part of and what the future you are facilitating holds.

Yes, we are fanatics where our Constitution, our health, our blood, sweat and tears and our children are concerned.   Contrary to your canned speeches and hopes; we cannot be intimidated and deflected from our purpose.  When one falls, twenty more will rise.  For every twenty who are informed, twenty times twenty are informed.   Every day, more Americans begin to stand and fight.  It is ironic when you consider that by intentionally putting us out of work, stealing our homes and credit, killing us and our children and our dreams, invading our privacy and subjecting us to all manner of abuse, stealing our money and retirement income; you created a monster.  You created people who have little to lose and everything to gain and reclaim.  You created a multitude of people who have nothing else to do with our discretionary time and impressive energy and skills.  This is not a battle of wits and cunning; it is war.  It is a war we did not start; but we are willing to finish it…mo matter the cost or the outcome.  We are unwilling to live the life you cretins are trying to carve for us.  You see…our love and our passion will carry us.  We have nothing to apologize for or excuse.

The Truth matters.  The Constitution matters.

Respectfully not,

Deborah Warren
NATURAL BORN U.S. Citizen and Texan

CC:  7468 members of state and federal government

And the following response was received:

From: yvette herrell [mailto:yherrell@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2011 10:41 AM
To: Deborah Warren
Subject: Re: The Truth matters. The Constitution matters.

Ms. Warren:

“You go Girl!” Your letter was beutifully written and I want to thank you for sharing it.  You have easily portrayed the thoughts and the conversations shared by Americans all over the country in one simple letter.

Thank you again!

Rep. Yvette Herrell
NM State Representative
District 51