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by Neil Turner

Have the Secretaries of the Armed Forces branches made the mission impossible to accomplish for our once-proud Marines?

(Mar. 8, 2011) — Everyone should remember the tape-recorded message to the IMF (Impossible Mission Force), just before the tape self-destructed that originated with the late 1960’s TV series, Mission Impossible.

“As always, should you or any member of the IMF be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.”

Marine Sgt. Larry Hutchins (proud member of the I MEF: Ist Marine Expeditionary Force) and his team allegedly had such an assignment in Iraq in 2006,  and they were ‘caught’ not by the so-called ‘enemy’, but by our own so-called ‘leadership’ in government and the top echelons of our Secretaries: The SECRETARY of DEFENSE, the SECRETARY of STATE, the SECRETARY of the NAVY (and the Commandant of the Marine Corps), the SECRETARY of STAFF, etc.

Following a ‘kangaroo’ court-martial wherein Marine Sgt. Hutchins was not allowed to present even a basic constitutional defense (such as showing the body of the alleged IMF target), these ‘disavowing’ secretaries threw our honorable IMF team (and many others such as the Leavenworth 10) to the sharks of Islamic Jihad, with not a word of support nor an act of defense by their ‘buddies,’ the members of the Marine Corps itself.

Consider these actions recently taken against Marine Sgt. Larry Hutchins:

  1. he was denied a new court-martial where a true defense could be entered (it would have exposed and undone the unjust court-martial of SSgt. Frank Wuterich);
  2. he was denied clemency or even his freedom until his case could be honestly and justifiably reviewed, scheduled for 15-16 March, 2011;
  3. after turning himself in to the brig at Camp Pendleton, CA, he was then taken to the Navy Brig at Miramar Air Station in San Diego, to be held there until his next hearing scheduled for March 15-16, 2011 in Washington, D.C.;

… and not a word of support nor an act of defense by any of his ‘buddies,’ the members of the Marine Corps itself (not even on the official I MEF website: www.I-MEF.USMC.mil).

I used to feel proud and confident in knowing that the I MEF, which comprised various IMF teams and men and women who believed strongly in the mottoes of ‘Leave No Man Behind’ and ‘Semper Fi,’ was part of the greatest fighting force for good ever on this earth. Present active-duty and former Marines know what to do in the face of the enemy, whether within or without. Let us not let ‘Semper Fi’ mean always faithful to the enemy, and not to our own!

Please make me proud and confident again.

Neil B. Turner
Veteran, Capt. U.S. Army-Aviation (1957-1965)

P.S.  A ‘Marine’s Marine,’ (Marine pilot Major George Cullins, USMC, Ret.) died this week, fighting to the end for justice following the murder of his daughter by serial strangler Dean Carter in April 1984.  (Carter still sits on California’s ‘Death Row’ to this day – with justice denied due to the corrupt judiciary).  George had a sign hanging beside the picture of his murdered daughter: “Don’t’ Stop Until The Job Is Completed”. Let’s not let his life and his message be in vain.

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  1. A very enlightening article Neil Turner, thank you for cluing me in on the IMF and on 1 MEF. No matter the country, or the war, we always seem to be fighting against the same forces of evil, which have become more prevalent than ever in America now, in these distressing times, being specifically that of the Liberal-Progressive element, demonstrated by their great propensity for “Stifling Free Enterprise, Higher Unemployment, Bigger Government, Control of Everything, Marxist, Fascist, DNC, Communist, Stealing, Lying, Evil, Abortion, Voter Fraud, Dhimmitude, ACORN, SEIU, Labor Unions, Corruption, RICO Activities, Obama Crimes, Soros, Alinsky, Sharia, Jihad, Immorality, Unjust Judiciary, Smoke and Mirrors, Delusion, Illusion, Theft, etc.

    It is now high time that we mobilize an IMF Team to take out all of these liberals, tares, evil-doers, devil’s seeds, foolish ones, kenites, democrats, beatniks, dissenters, dissidents, dropouts, heretics, weirdo’s, oddballs, protesters, malcontents, etc, etc. Everything the Democrats, and unfortunately some Republicans, (Liberals/RINOs), touch, build on, do, say, orchestrate, attempt – is pathologically fraught with fraud. Good people must stay alert – we are supposed to be watchmen; stay informed; we are living at a very exciting time in the history of mankind; don’t miss it. The Disciples wished that they could have been present to see these “end-time events”. Count me in on your IMF Team, at this time, “To Save A Nation, with God’s help”.