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by Sher Zieve, ©2010

This man propelled Obama into the White House through various channels and has indicated that he believes he has god-like powers

(Dec. 26, 2010) — There once was a time–not so very long ago–when what I am about to write would be consigned to the “tin-foil hat” group;  that classification that says all who participate are “loonies” and/or “kooks.”  But, that was before The Obama rose to power in the United States of America.  And that was, of course, before Obama & Co (funded heavily by he-who-says-he-is-god George Soros) began the systematic dismantling of the USA, the cessation of our Constitutional liberties and freedoms and the intense preparations for our enslavement and imprisonment.

Note:  On 3 June 1993, Soros told The Independent News:  “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me into trouble.  It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of God, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”

Last month TSA gropings (the term “pat-downs” is way too mild for what they actually affect) began to be inflicted upon the American public (but apparently only one segment of said public) in the nation’s airports.  If you will notice–from the myriad YouTube videos that have appeared, only non-Muslim, non-minority American adults and their children seem to be groped by TSA Agents.  And, as actress and entertainer Christine Ebersole advised when she has been–on several occasions–groped by female TSA Agents, she felt as though she was being forced into submission by prison guards and that we have now moved into tribal law.  After one of Ebersole’s experiences, in which she refused to be touched by a TSA Agent, the Agent told her that she shouldn’t fly anymore and that she–the Agent–could call the police at any time and have her (Ebersole) removed…and we assume jailed.  Tragically, as few have complained (and parents have even allowed their children to be groped!) the TSA sexual groping of ONLY non-Muslim and–at least predominantly–non-minority US citizens are subject to said groping, the suspension of the US Constitution’s 4th Amendment (and a few others) has been successful.  Now, the Stalinist/Hitlerian ObamaGov has moved to its next phase of our enslavement.

In various parts of our country (including a number of locations in North Carolina), towers resembling prison guard towers are being erected–some, if not most, in large Wal-Mart parking lots.  The company erecting them is ICX Technologies, which–from its website–builds “mobile observation towers,  provide a high level platform for an array of surveillance options” and “mobile perimeter surveillance platform capable of rapid deployment.”  Oh, and by the way, guess where the money for these came.  Wal-Mart, you say?  Not even close.  The money comes from the federal government and Obama Stimulus money (his “stash”) that was originally stolen by the usurper and dictator from you–the taxpayer.  In other words, We-the-People are now paying for our own imprisonment.  No wonder Obama continues to laugh and smile.

Under The Obama regime, Conspiracy theories are not theories and–to quote Rev. Wright–the Obama subjugations (without strong opposition from the American people) are now “comin’ home to roost.”  That one fateful election in 2008 had the most dire consequences ever to befall our nation.

Still think those recently refurbished FEMA camps and the ObamaGov’s military Ads for “Internment Resettlement Specialists” are nothing to worry about?  Really?

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  1. I am a former flight attendant and trainer for United back when they were a real airline. Our security measures were the best as a crew, and we had to train for emergencies etc every 6 months. This was of course back in the early 70’s, when flights were being hijacked to Cuba.

    If someone even looked suspicious I had them pulled off and that was the end of it. Now you have the radical left “diversity” loons wanting to hug and kiss terrorists, give them civilian trails and feed them Filet Mignon for trying to kill us.

    With Eric Holder, the Communist thug, as AG, is it any wonder that our enemies feel embolden to try and kill us, or blow us up.

    This country is in serious danger, and I will be a Son of a Gun, if I would allow these muslim thugs, or the rogue dictator thugs hanging out in our White House to push and shove me around.

    I do not fly any more because long before 9-11, my husband and I were held hostage by American Airlines in 98 degree heat on a runway for hours due to a mechanical failure.

    We tried to get off the plane and were threatened by the flight attendents, who went & got a Pilot to read us the riot act. I let all of them have it, and the Pilot turned white when he realized I was a former airline employee. He actually was embarrassed. I wrote to the heads at American, & never found out if anything happened to any of the classless thugs. And they were classless.

    So I decided I would never fly again, long before this TSA tyranny. All I can say is I would end up punching every one of these Communist thugs in the mouth, or better still kick them in a very debilitating area.

    “We The People” have come from a civil society where we have been taught to be polite even in the worst circumstances. Well we are past all that now my fellow Patriots.

    It truly is time to take this country back from this band of Communist Marxist filth within our Government, Military, Colleges, and lets not forget our corrupt “Pravda” news media.

    I have had enough and I am not afraid of them. These thugs are hoping many Americans will be afraid to stand up, for fear they will get on a Obama hit list.

    Do not fear these thugs. This is what they are hoping for so they can finish us all off.

    Fight for America, because remember were it not for our brave forefathers who were outnumbered, we would have never had America. We need to fight to keep our country, as America is not theirs to steal.

    America is truly the last great beacon of hope and peace for the entire world.

  2. Attention All Campers, let us know when we get close to hitting a nerve of reaction to “I’ve had enough of this”. In the mean time, you or someone you know sold us out in 2008 to what you thought was a better offer. It is difficult enough to fight the ‘establishment’ but to also take on the stupid citizens too is exhausting. I have watched ‘you people’ at town hall meetings and you act like you just had the honor of meeting some important person that was elected to steal you blind. I am dumbfounded that people are as gullible or just plain stupid, I can’t decide, maybe it is both. So where are the preachers, that attend to their flock of followers one day a week, I can’t hear you speak of the present and the future. If there was another place to move, I would already be there and don’t think I have not been searching for a long time now. As long as people continue to just go along, they are only throwing more fuel on the fire.

    I can only imagine that those of you ‘readers’, are as sick of talking about it, reading about it and writing about it, as I am. Including watching less propaganda TV. I for one ‘get it’. It is too bad the rest of the power in numbers are too lazy to do much of anything other than take up space and live in denial.

  3. Nice article… however, a bit one sided and political. Both parties are in bed with each other and both are coordinating the destruction of our Constitution and our freedoms. What we see on TV is just a side show distraction. The TSA, Homeland Security, Patriot Act, etc… were implemented and many of our freedoms were stripped going back to 9/11. Nothing is new or has changed since 2008… just more conditioning efforts.

    To pin the “systematic dismantling of the USA, the cessation of our Constitutional liberties and freedoms and the intense preparations for our enslavement and imprisonment” to the year 2008 and one man is naive.

    Anyone who has studied (really studied) the events of 9/11 will know that we are at war with a phantom enemy contrived by the CIA and the (shadow) government. Many innocent lives were lost and most American’s duped by this false flag attack on our country.

    The demolition of the North and South towers can be debated all day long, but where these folks really messed up that day was in the systematic demolition of building seven which was not hit by an aircraft… there is no other logical explanation of how building seven fell that day.

    Drop the R, D, C, L and all the fighting about who is responsible. It has never been the government’s priority to protect the people, only its self-interests. Keep alert and prepare for the inevitable… our “protectors” are surely doing their part.

    1. Dear Mr. Morato:

      You’re correct. It is a “one sided” article and that side is the United States of America and the American people. It would be excellent if those on the Left would actually open their eyes to what is happening and join We-the-People. Sadly though, I suspect that events are rolling out just the way the Left likes them…


      1. You are right. And–I don’t believe for a second that a plane hit the Pentagon. I have seen a few pictures of it right after the “crash” and there is no indication that a plane or parts of it can be seen or could even have hit the building and not taken out cable lines on its way in. The towers and building 7 went down alittle too cleanly and ppl have said they heard demolitions systematically going off all the way down.

        We can’t trust anyone in gov right now and we need to start acting.

  4. Seems to me the mountain people had it right. Don’t pay the damn taxes and run off the revenuers when they get too close. I’m NOT kidding. They are taking OUR money to fund programs to harm and subdue us. How much is enough? I am saying “ENOUGH”.

  5. Not only is the current TSA gig an absolutely, ridicules, un-successful waste of time and effort, but the very people who should be screened are now exempt – Muslims, Islamic terrorists, jihadists, etc. Undoubtedly we must shake our heads, and possibly get a grip on reality here, wouldn’t you say????? or does it make sense to look for explosives by groping a 90 year old white-American Grandmother and her 8 year old Granddaughter? And as to the George Soros thing, he is just another “traitor-piece of crap”, who obviously should be banned from America, or arrested for subversion, with all his domestic assets being seized. We really do need to have a few politicians with a modicum of brain-power!

  6. Back in November 2008, I had a sinking feeling that I could not shake. Through the end of 2008, it dogged me constantly. I’ve since learned to live with it and to not let it eat at me all of the time. Now, whenever I read something like this, it only reminds me that my inner voice (or gut feeling) is always right; I don’t know how or why, but it is.

  7. I could never get over the fact that people continue to fly at all, especially after 9-11 and the shoe bomber and the panty bomber and all of the other close calls, taking children on flight with them is the height of selfishness, if they go the kids are going with them. If you dont’ like the TSA affair don’t fly. I would not step foot on a plane and I used to be a good customer. If you put up with unknown people touching and groping your private parts and your children’s privates or putting you under a dangerous radioactive scan then they feel you will go along with anything, you have shown your subservience. Now they will take the next step which will probably be worse than this and you will probably go along with that too. You are paying for them to do this too.

  8. I am very grateful for Sher Zieve’s Articles. It is always reassuring to see that others see the ominous schemes of the BHO regime.

    I pray that enough Good Patriots will stand up and sound the alarm before the Country that we love is utterly destroyed.

  9. As a police academy graduate (a long time ago) I would like to point out that the magnetic scan position with arms raised is a posture of submission. This is what you are told to do before you are cuffed. But any arm position is sufficient to expose ones sides for the scanner, held forward, held out, etc.
    I don’t speculate about TSA and the body scanners being a conspiracy theory; we are being conditioned to be submissive to Big Brother (Big Sis?), period!.

  10. Has anybody ever read a news item reporting that TSA’s screening efforts resulted in the arrest of a terrorist? I have not. If the American people are compelled to undergo screening indignities just to travel, it would be awfully nice to know that these unconstitutional screenings actually resulted in the successful apprehension of a terrorist once in a while.