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by Sharon Rondeau

Lt. Col. Allen West served in the U.S. Army in Iraq and in 2003 was accused of improperly interrogating an Iraqi policeman regarding information on an impending attack

(Dec. 24, 2010) — Lt. Col. Allen West was born in 1961 in Atlanta, Georgia to a military family.  He was elected to Congress on November 2, 2010 to represent Florida’s 22nd district, having relocated there from Georgia in 2004.

Like Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, West was the recipient of many Army awards.  Both received the Bronze Star and Meritorious Service Medal.  Even more remarkable, both received the Army Commendation Medal three times while serving.  Both have deployed to Afghanistan.

West and Lakin both have earned advanced degrees:  West holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and a second Master’s in Military Arts and Sciences; Lakin is a medical doctor who is board-certified in family medicine and is a licensed osteopath.

West’s Facebook page and weekly message are here.

Lt. Col. Lakin was court-martialed December 14-16 at Ft. Meade, MD by Army officers who refused to answer his concerns that Barack Hussein Obama did not meet the constitutional requirements to serve as president and commander-in-chief.  Another eligibility challenger who was also an eyewitness at the court-martial stated that Dr. Lakin had requested a congressional inquiry to which he should have been entitled as an active member of the U.S. military which was never answered.  The eyewitness, CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (USNR Ret.) said it was “a kangaroo court” and that Lakin “was railroaded.”

The Post & Email will be publishing a full-length interview with CDR Kerchner on his observations from the court-martial in the near future.

In 2003, West was accused of employing overly harsh interrogation techniques and faced the possibility of a court-martial.  West had fired a pistol near an Iraqi policeman’s head and threatened to kill him, not harming him, to obtain information about a “planned attack” on the Army. At a preliminary hearing, West said that “the method I used was not the right method” but added that “If it’s about the lives of my men and their safety, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can” and chose to go to trial on the charge of aggravated assault.  He received “non-judicial” punishment rather than a court-martial, forfeited $5,000 in pay and retired with 20 years of service.

Both men’s defense attorney was Neal Puckett, a retired Marine, whose slogan is “When your future is on the line…you need experienced lawyers in your corner.”  However, Puckett did not achieve exoneration for either of these long-serving, decorated military men.

West received support from various congressmen, while not one member of Congress has stepped forward to support Lakin’s defense of the U.S. Constitution.

The following emails were sent to Lt. Col. Allen West’s transition team this evening, Christmas Eve 2010:

From: arnie
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2010 09:26:04 -0800
Subject: Congressman West: Merry Christmas–now do the right thing!
CC: arnie
To: Gowesttransition@gmail.com

Dear Congressman West,

Thank you for your Christmas greetings, your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

I have followed your campaign from the start. You seem to be the one man who appears to be the man as represented; the real McCoy.

While the rest of us may enjoy Christmas, there is one individual that should also be enjoying Christmas with his family. A man who has put his country first!

As a result, due to the most regrettable circumstances involving the illegal usurper in the White House, this man now occupies space in Leavenworth.

I write you with this suggestion, since Col. Lakin represents no threat to society, and since the Army and the government has done such a poor job of administering justice, perhaps with your help and influence, you might be able to persuade those in authority to at least permit Col. Lakin to spend Christmas with his family.

Such a marvelous gesture would be looked upon with great favor by all of us who have been greatly discouraged by the recent turn of events. Congressman West, we look to you as one outstanding human being who, not only understands And appreciates the sensitivity of this situation but the mood of the electorate as well.

Should you be inclined to agree with this suggestion,  “We the people” look forward to your success in this endeavor.

Merry Christmas to you and to those you hold dear.



Congressman West:  Merry Christmas

Congratulations on your election victory.  I believe you are a strong conservative and as my co-patriot, Mr. Rosner states, the real McCoy.

Mr. Rosner and myself and many others I know of spend hours of our time on line  communicating with each
other and our elected officials.  Since the election of November, 2008, this has become for many of us almost a full time job.  The assaults on our American freedoms by this administration are an outrage I never imagined to have witnessed in my lifetime.

Our country faces many issues and one which must above all be addressed is the issue of unconstitutionality of this presidency and in its wake the travesties which have been committed, including, but not limited to the injustice committed against Col. Lakin as cited below.

Without a complete and thorough investigation of Obama’s crimes and his illegal ascent to office, and a successful prosecution of these crimes and Obama’s removal from office, our country cannot move forward and heal.

I sincerely hope the new Congress will take on this task.




It remains to be seen if West will act on Lakin’s court-martial and subsequent incarceration.  West will be sworn in early next month.

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  1. My trust is West is on hold. As with all politicians once they get into office they forget “We The People. I am not saying he will forget, however only time will tell about West.

    He may turn out to be another Colin Powell, or Michael over at the RNC who have both been complete traitors.

    Bachmann has been one of the few to stand with us, and she would be the best place to start. If she won’ t help us with Lakin, then you know the rest will not.

    I say go straight to Boehner. Keep continuous pressure on him until he leads a Congressional Investigation into Lakin’s Kangaroo Court Martial, and the Communist thugs like Judge Lind and all her minions within the U.S. Army who have become enemies of “We The People”.

    Yes to straight to Boehner. He has to be made accountable and we have to make him do this. He still works for us. We have all sat back to long and left these politicians on cruize control. Time to drive this thing and unseat Obama now. By unseating Obama the rest of the dominoes will fall.

  2. Never going to happen. This is the biggest cover up and con that has ever taken place in America. I do believe that Nancy Pelosi and the DNC found out too late that Obama was an illegal. What a monstrosity embarrassment this would be to the U>S>A> after America went after a man in Iraq,with the same name, and then America got him hung. Remember 911 and our war against terrorist , and then the DNC vets someone that might be a terrorist.This cover up is brought to the whole of government and must be put into place. That’s right; every one in government is responsible for this cover up. No one will ever find out the truth about Obama for at least 25 years, just like the JFK assassination. Our government doesn’t give a **%% who they harm or destroy, to protect themselves. Nancy pelosi should be the one in prison. But anyway, I am just an old man with a theory.

  3. One judge actually said that a United States citizen had “no standing” to know whether their president was a lawful president. The fact that the question has had to be raised in the first place should send alarm bells to go off in every cell of every body in every American. What we have here are fellow citizens denying other citizens their lawful rights under the Constitution.
    Here’s an example: those M.P.’s who escorted LTC Lakin to Leavenworth, and those guards at the prison are following ILLEGAL ORDERS and, get this, they know it but THEY DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT.
    Polosi and other members of congrees, every state’s Secretary of State who looked the other way when they put Obama’s unvetted name on the ballot, every F.B.I. agent, Homeland Security and Secret Service Agent, they have ceased to be Americans when they accepted Obama as their president and Comander in Chief.
    Any person who carries out illegal orders are automatically classified as traitors and should be treated as such.
    We hope that Allen West will do the right thing.
    Any military person who keeps their silence in these troubled times, please refresh your memory and review the day you raised your right hand and took the oath to the Constitution. Judge Lind has turned her back on her country, a shame she can never outlive. Don’t let that happen to you.

  4. we will find out very soon if allen west will challenge obama on his constitutional eligibility. my prediction is no. he has been elected and will go along to get along. the voters in his district should have forced an answer from him during the campaign on obama ineligibility. the wait and see process is to late many times.

  5. If West hasn’t brought Article 2 Section 1 up by now he never will! There is a code of silence in play designed to protect Obama! There is something going on in this country that goes beyond Obama! I hope I’m wrong but don’t think so. Don’t expect West to be your savior. If he were to be he would have done it by now!

    1. No offense intended, but “wait and see” is what got us in the position we are in.
      See Col. West today, before the session starts, to make sure he introduces legislation that will correct the problem.
      The operative word is proactive.
      We didn’t put the poison out before the rats came, now we are having a much more difficult time eradicating them.

  6. Thank you for West’s address. I will be writing to him. We The People MUST DEMAND NOTHING LESS THAN IMMEDIATE PUBLIC ACTION from the 112th Congress & that the 112th Congress MUST start to call for special prosecutor’s to hold public investigations on the obvious 100% Daily Massive Anti-American Serial Crimes that Barry Soetoro Soebarkah & George Soros are committing in the USA, as they arrogantly think NO ONE will hold them accountable for Daily Breaking the Massive amouints of USA laws that they are breaking in the USA. How 100% WRONG these Narcississtic & Demonic Daily Serial Criminal Con-Men & Daily Workers of Crimes & Evil as Satan the Devil’s servants these two are!!

    We The American People MUST DEMAND that Congress MUST HOLD PUBLIC Immediate Anti-American Congressional Hearings on ALL of the Outrageous & Massive Daily Anti-American Daily Serial Crimes that are seen by millions of Americans that Barry Soetoro Soebarkah & George Soros are committing in the USA against the National Security of the USA, the many Federal & State Laws in the USA that exist in the USA, against the USA Economy & the USA National Sovereignty, & against the Sovereign Rule Of Law in the USA Constitution that We The People have a Constitutional Contract with Congress to LEGALLY DEMAND THAT Congress, & the EOP, (Executive Office Of President & Commander-In-Chief office now occupied by the 100% Illegal Alien, Foreign Terrorist Usurper, Barry Soetoro Soebarakah), and the USA Judiciary in the Federal & State governments obey and uphold, or we will come and arrest them all.


    The Daily Serial Criminals Barry Soetoro Soebarkah & George Soros can NOT now and can NEVER withstand GOD & GODS’ ALMIGHTY FOREVER LIVING TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS, HOLINESS, MORALITY, VIRTUES, & FOREVER LIVING POWER!! We The American People MUST Let GOD Lead Us in this spiritual battle with the agents of evil, the agents of hell, and against all of the foreign & domestic enemies of the USA.

    We The American People MUST let the ALL GOOD, ALL VIRTUOUS, ALL RIGHTEOUS, & ALWAYS FAITHFUL & ALWAYS TRUE ALMIGHTY GOD conquer our enemies with GODS’ PERFECT ALMIGHTY POWER for us. And GOD will definitely do this for us, when we walk humbly with GOD in Daily Obedience to GOD, Daily Humility with GOD, Daily Love of GOD by us committing daily virtuous loving works of love & charity on earth as we live in & with Daily Constant Trust in GOD, & in & with Daily Constant Faith in GOD, as we Live Daily Constant Prayers to GOD that will make our Daily requests of GOD & our Daily Thanksgiving known to GOD – in LORD JESUS CHRIST – YESHUA’S HOLY NAME.

    When we do this, LORD JESUS CHRIST – YESHUA will be the Conquerer of ALL of our
    Foreign & Domestic Enemies, the Deliverer, & the Savior of the Faithful & True Christians in the USA & in this world according to the The Holy Scriptures, The Forever Living Word Of GOD that are written in the Holy Bible!

    1. “VERY WELL SAID Starla”, you are absolutely correct on all counts; and we as a nation have strayed way too far away from God, and our Lord and Saviour “Jesus Christ”. We will win this battle, only when we get back to God and when there is a great awakening thought-out the Country, AND the good news is that I definitely see it starting to happen “BIG TIME”, especially with great articles like yours.

  7. To all those that would doubt the resolve of Lt. Col. Allen West to bring the ineligibility of the usurper-in-chief into the light of day…you got a better idea???
    In case you haven’t noticed, “We the People” are in a WAR to save the Republic and we have been getting our butts kicked for the last 2.5 years…Lt. Col. Allen West is a warrior with a warrior mentality, and that is to WIN!
    Imho, the best thing we can do is to continually let Lt. Col. Allen West and the rest of the new blood know what we expect of them, and that is to address 1st things 1st, to restore the US Constitution and the rule of law in America by removing the usurper and all his minions with all due haste…and to give them our undying support and devotion as they go into battle for us!
    Never, EVER quit!!!
    Semper Fi

    Let us not forget this American hero.

    LT. Col. Terrence Lakin.

    December 16th, 1773, the day of the Boston Tea Party.

    December 16th, 2010, the day an American soldier and citizen was denied due process, the rule of law, and was taken as a political prisoner for defending the US Constitution in America…the day America ceased to be a free country.

    *Send cards and letters (no food, supplies, or books) to:

    Terrence Lakin #89996 (NOTE: no rank is allowed)
    830 Sabalu Road
    Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027

  8. Thank you, Mrs Rondeau, for caring enough to work on Christmas Day.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Of course. The job of saving our Republic is every day. There have been a lot of comments today, and I myself was surprised.

  9. Here’s a reality check. PBO is a spawn of the Chicago Machine. His primary handler has quit the swamp and was just certified to run for Mayor of Chi Town. But the law says you must be a resident for a year to run and Rhambo did D.C. for the last two years. But so what, it’s Chicago! And Washington and the Nation. This administration has no care for the law, the constitution, or common decency and ethics for that matter.
    But Col. West does, and right there is where the SHTF.

    1. Chicago deserves Rhambo for a Mayor, he is going to further bankrupt them as Obama is bankrupting the entire country. The Department of Economics at the University of Chicago is pretty good and the faculty there never liked Obama as a visiting fellow who never expressed his opinion and position. The problem is that these guys get into politics and buy the mob.

    1. Legally, and with standing, challenge the placement of Obama’s name on the ballots in each state in 2012. There was an article posted on the P&E written by a woman who figured out how and when to do this in her state. From what I understand, most if not all states, have a procedure and a window of time in which to challenge the eligibility of candidates on the ballot. Perhaps the P&E can maintain a home page link to that article, especially as the 2012 election season approaches.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Here is the article, and yes, now is the time for each sovereign citizen to start researching his/her state’s elections laws and find out when that window is, and then file a challenge. It does not require an attorney. http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/07/03/citizen-has-standing-to-contest-the-eligibility-of-candidates-for-office/

      1. As I have said before, sadly, since obama is the incumbent, they will feel quite justified in declaring him sufficiently vetted.

    1. to dr. jim 77 —– i listened to the allen west interview very carefully. i heard nothing about him bringing the soetoro/obama birth certificate/ eligibility issue to the floor and forcing it to be resolved. there is nothing else that will get soetoro/obama out of office and out of washington. he failed to talk about the silver bullet that can bring the usurper and illegal alien down. i also heard him refer to the usurper and impostor as the president at least three times.. i was not impressed with that interview and i thought it was deceptive and disgusting.

  10. To the Alle West doubters, IMHO you may be in for a big surprise. Thus far, West has no political baggage, is a tea partier, does not care abut political correctness and his mission seems to be about exposing oblahblah for what he is, a usurper and a traitor. Callling him a racist won’t work, and the dems will not be able to shut him up through abusing their past majority quashing powers. West, with several other new 112th congressional members, are already making the obama administration quite nervous. Expect an all-out attack on him by the democratic power…West will be ready…He has made some indirect comments about Lakin and the eligibility issues, but mostly avoided these issue during the campaign…
    Will Washington corrupt West???
    Soon we shall find out…
    Allen West in several weeks could be standing on the precipice if he so decides. He is the one who could bring down the usurper….IMHO I believe he could facilitate the end of the obama unconstitutional presidency and trump it into the short path right into the presidency himself. Could be the perfect storm, if he does not succumb to the corruptness of Washington….

    1. It seems rather foolish to put much faith in anyone anymore. Their oath of office is only to
      pacify the public. Their carreers will not prosper with out showing alegiance to the REGIME.

  11. I read the L A Times story. It is very interesting. Every time we see the left talk about eligibility, they always talk about where he was born. I believe they want to keep the discussion on WHERE he was born to draw attention away from his British birth. The real Birth Certificate will confirm his DADDY, but we don’t need the BC for proof. The USURPER has always claimed he was born to a Kenyan British father. Obama admits he is not a NBC. His “certification of live birth” that he posted shows his Kenyan father. I wish the billboards around the country said “Obama born a British citizen.” Let’s send our Reps a copy of John Jay’s letter to George Washington, which warned the first president about Obama.

    John Jay wrote in a letter to George Washington dated 25 Jul 1787:

    “Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen. ”

    Full copy of the original letter (with original signature) here:


    God bless our fight for our freedom!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I agree. And I think Abercrombie is simply blustering to make people think that he could actually have his new cabinet members release Obama’s vital records. They can’t, but all Obama has to do is request that they be made public. I’m sure the Department of Health would waive the $10.00 fee for The Anointed One. However, he’s not going to do that, because Col. Denise Lind has confirmed that there could be something “embarrassing” on it and has therefore sent a good man to Ft. Leavenworth prison for six months, among other things. They are ignoring the claimed British father, the school registration form which said Obama had become an Indonesian citizen (or perhaps always was one), and the fact that high-ranking Kenyan Parliament members have stated on official record that Obama was born there.

  12. Congressman West will quickly learn the facts of life and join the other criminals in Congress who serve their own interests. I predict that now that he is elected, you will see the true Mr. West who will do nothing and say nothing about Obama the illegal usurper.

    1. to jedi pauly —– i believe you are right. allen west is going to disappoint many many people. i have noted all along he has been silent about the usurper and illegal alien.

      1. Let’s hope not, but money and power does strange things to people and there is millions of dollars for West to make once he gets to DC. Let’s see if he can be bought with soros money!

  13. i will not hold my breath. so far as i know allen west did not take up the soetoro/ obama eligibility issue during his campaign. also i do not believe he attended lt. col. lakins court martial. the signs do not look positive to me. he may end up being just another compromised politician. he has had plenty of time to speak up and stand up for the constitution and i have not seen it happen yet.


    1. None of them took up that issue during their campaigns and I wouldn’t expect them to. But what Allen West said at the end of his tape was that if Obama is found to have taken monies from foreign entities, then he should be removed from office. That said, Issa is already planning investigations. Let’s hope this is one of many to investigate Obama and that Issa (I bet) already has all the information he needs.

      Please don’t expect col West to do it all himself. None of them can. They must stick together and put up a good fight that’s all.

      1. It is Issa that I don’t trust. He has already said he won’t file articles of impeachment. You must first have a legitimate POTUS before you can impeach him, of course, but I don’t think that’s Issa’s game.
        Col. West will be bucking the entrenched and unconstitutional good ol’ boy caucus with a much smaller and less experienced group of young bucks. They will have the motivation and energy but the old pols will have craftiness and treachery going for them.
        I have only played the game at the state level but can assure you politics is rotten to the core.

      2. to ro —- i am aware that none of the candidates took up the obama eligibility matter during the campaigns but i disagree and say they should have because as i stated previously after they are elected they are compromised. also just because the others didnt make an issue out of it that does not excuse allen west. somebody has to be first and push it. so far as the illegal monies that obama took even if proven that will not be enough to get obama removed from office . issa knows that and he is just out to damage him. the only way obama can be removed from office is if he is ruled ineligible by the constitutional requirements. people are kidding themselves thinking any other way or dreaming. also obama cannot be impeached because he was not legally elected. the 70 votes needed in the senate to remove him could never be gotten even after house impeachment.

  14. Don’t expect anything from the new congress. You can bet that they will be reined in by the “old guard” and will be very limited in what they can do. But we’ll need their votes when it comes to passing laws that are constitutional. Let’s hope there are no more Scott Browns, Collins, Snowes, Lugars, Grahams, etc.

    What the military needs to remember is that, they are sworn to uphold and obey the Constitution-NOT OBAMA the imposter.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The only problem with legislation, even if it meets constitutional muster, is that an imposter would be signing it. The eligibility problem will always be there until someone musters the backbone to do something. It would appear that there are more American citizens willing to act than those in government.

    1. In the military oath, the part about defending the Constitution comes first and before the part about obeying the orders of the President.

  15. The TEA Party folks learned the lesson of “be careful what you ask for” with Scott Brown. And more “Scott Browns” will bubble up in the coming session. I believe in Col. West, however. I think he will keep his oath to defend the constitution. I think he will spend time testing the water and lining up his caucus, but he will make a move for the People towards regaining control of the federal government.
    But it is the challenge for We the People to support Col. West and his caucus and to teach those who don’t subscribe to that philosophy.
    It is our time; we need to make the best of it, or else.
    Emails, letters, and internet exchanges won’t do the job but personal visits and phone calls will. This is not a pessimistic outlook for the new year; rather it is an opportunity to stand up to our responsibilities to the constitution that our ancestors brought into being. We stood by enjoying the good times and let it go; now we have to reclaim it.

    1. to zeb blanchard —- but the very first issue that needs to be addressed in the 112th congress by allen west and all others is the constitutional eligibility of soetoro/ obama . all other issues and policies need to be put aside until that is settled. it makes no sense to center on the constitution with a usurper and illegal alien in the white house.

      1. Does the House have anything to do with removing a president? Isn’t this strictly set aside for the senate? Allen West was elected to the House, so he may not have much say anyway.
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: If it were a regular impeachment, that begins in the House of Representatives and the Senate acts as the trial court. However, either the House or Senate Judiciary Committee can issue a subpoena which is just as valid as that issued by a federal judge. Congress subpoenas people to appear to testify in front of them frequently. Why not Obama with all of his documentation, if he can produce it?

  16. Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was born in Kansas and met and married his father, also named Barack, when the two were college students in Hawaii. Obama was born at Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961.

    There is no evidence or documentation of a marriage — none, nada, zilch.

    Kapi’olani refuses to support the notion that Obama was born at their facility. There is no plaque in the lobby identifying the hospital as, “The birthplace of the 44th President of the United States.”

    And if Obama was born at Kapiolani, why have both Obama and the Obama campaign claimed the Queens medical center as Obama’s birthplace? Of course there’s no evidence to support that assertion, either.

    The actual wording on Obama’s “Organizing for America” website is:

    1. Barack Hussein Obama, was born 4 August, 1961 at the Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii…

    And even liberal talker Bill Press says he was born at Queens Medical Center. What Press said is, “Even after the Hawaii Department of Health produced his birth certificate — born August 4, 1961, at Honolulu’s Queens Medical center…”

    According to Obama’s Kenyan step-grandmother Sarah, he was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

    That’s three hospitals that the Obama, his supporters and family have identified as his birthplace. It used be “George Washington slept here.” Now it’s Barack Obama was born here, and here, and here, and…

    There will soon be plaques everywhere saying, “birthplace of the 44th President of the United States — but there isn’t a single one, yet????

    But in 2008, as Obama ran for president, critics posted allegations online, without proof, that he was born in Kenya.

    Critics? Without proof? What about supporters?

    Here’s a whole page of “reliable news sources,” such as the Associated Press and National Public Radio, that reported he was born in Kenya. Five Kenyan officials said Obama was born in Kenya, most in formal session. Family members, specifically his step-grandmother, and wife Michelle, have said Obama was born in Kenya.

    The allegations that Obama was born in Kenya come from the liberal press, his family and Kenyan officials, not from Birthers.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The researcher who went to Hawaii last summer reported finding marriage index data for Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr.: http://www.thepostemail.com/2010/08/21/results-of-investigation-made-possible-by-donors-to-the-post-email-legal-fund/ However, we do not know for sure that they were Obama’s parents or that the marriage was legal, as Sr. was already married to a Kenyan woman.

    1. It makes no difference where you are born. Article II “natural born Citizen” is referring to a SOVEREIGN U.S. CITIZEN. Sovereignty is a natural political right according to the Laws of Nature that is spelled out in the Declaration of Independence as a self evident truth (fact of nature). You only inherit a Sovereign political status from a sovereign citizen father. Your mother and place of birth are irrelevant. Any conflict in loyalties due to a foreign mother or foreign birth (soil) are dealt with by Article II via the 14 year residency requirement. Its just that simple. Get a CLUE people!


      2. > Get a CLUE people!

        You obviously haven’t since you keep posting your unfounded allegations which I have criticized in former postings which you chose to ridicule instead of answer properly.
        You know, like, your capitalization “arguments”?

        @johnny says:

        > I AGREE

        No you don’t since you write “BOTH PARENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE AMERICAN CITIZENS” whereas JP keeps insisting (erroneously) that only the father matters.

    2. I have images that I obtained directly from the index books maintained by the DoH in their Honolulu office. I located index data for both the Dunham/Obama and the Dunham/Soetoro marriages. Through previous UIPA correspondence with the DoH, I was able to determine that only marriages which actually occurred are included in the index. The person who officiated the marriage is responsible for submitting the completed marriage license to the DoH for recording. Marriage licenses expire after 30 days if the marriage does not take place and thus are not recorded.

      Unless the records are a total fabrication, I believe that both of these marriages took place in HI. As Mrs. Rondeau points out, whether the Dunham/Obama marriage was legal or not, or if they were his parents, is a different story.

      While I did not visit Queens or Kapiolani, it is interesting that I observed NO commemorations in Honolulu to recognize that O ever even lived there. I just think it is weird that there is not any formal acknowledgement, especially since he is the first person allegedly from HI to be elected POTUS. No formal recognition so as not to perjure themselves, perhaps?

      I did not speak with any of the locals. I presume it is common knowledge that O may not have been born there. By far and away, there are more Obama bumper stickers in my hometown than there are in Honolulu.

      Just food for thought.

  17. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin Court Martial : Eyewitness Speaks Out
    US Naval Commander Charles F. Kerchner Jr. (Ret.) discusses his eyewitness account while attending the court martial of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

  18. Whether it is refusing to sign orders, resignation, objection, active or retired, it is the same as LT Col. Terry Lakin’s challenge of lawful orders, standing behind his oath under the Constitution. However, LTC was sentenced to prison in a court martial for challenging a person claiming to be eligible to hold the office. It appears to me that in Lakin’s case the difference is found in the liberal bias coming from the Military District of Washington Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region that leads straight to the White House.

    The Cause may read slightly different in each case, but the effect remains the same. Whether it is gays in the military, foreign policy or challenging the legality of the election, they all point back to one man that is attempting to radically change America. We run with the public interest ball, connect Lakin to the DADT with Lakin knowing DADT was next on the laundry list of agendas for this administration.

    Are ‘they’ going to court martial All of Them, or was Lakin singled out as their make an example out of this one, whipping this belief back into submission. Get the Politics out of the Military and allow the soldiers to perform their jobs they are trained to do. The military and law enforcement need to stand behind Lt. Col Terry Lakin’s courageous action. Dr. Lakin’s patients, children, wife, brothers and parents want him to come home.

    —– Original Message —– (1) of many examples sent to Major Gen Karl R. Horst Commanding Officer, convening authority for court martial, has the power to suspend or shorten Lakin’s sentence at Leavenworth. 202-685-2808 karl.horst@us.army.mil

    To: karl.horst@us.army.mil
    Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2010 10:11 AM
    Subject: LTC Lakin

    Dear Sir,

    I respectfully request suspension of LTC Lakin’s sentence.

    Col. William E. Reynolds AUS Ret. WW2 “Patton’s 3rd Army” ereynolds@ftc-i.net
    91 years of age

    Officer won’t sign order for troop indoctrination

    President Obama’s repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is already damaging the U.S. military.

    An Army lieutenant colonel has asked to be relieved of command rather than order his troops to go through pro-homosexual indoctrination following the repeal of the policy, which required homosexuals to keep silent about their sexual preference.
    Read the latest now on WND.com.

    Just in time for Gov. Rick Perry’s inauguration ceremonies next month and in support of legislation introduced into the legislature requiring all future presidential candidates to establish eligibility prior to getting on the ballot, a new billboard is up in the state capital asking, “Where’s the birth certificate?”


    Make this your Number One resolution of the New Year on:

    LTC LAKIN DAY – January 1, 2011

  19. This is a question I’ve wondered about for quite some time, for if West declines to get involved then you can write off a political resolution of this farce of an illegal sitting in the White House. West is on record as saying he can’t stand OB, hopefully he will step up to the plate and take action – which is, I believe, one of the primary reasons he chose a political career.

    Thanks for the contact address for his transition team; think I’ll drop him a line as well.

    Merry Christmas, Sharon; and thanks for all your hard work.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: And the same to you.

  20. We can only write letters demanding the NBC issue be asked of Justice Scalia when he gets to reading the constitution to the interested members of congress. maybe that along with the specification of treason also in the constitution can bring about some real change.

    1. to a pen —– justice scalia and the supreme have had several chances to resolve the eligibility question of soetoro/obama and have refused to do it. the most recent case to be denied was the kerchner/apuzzo case. sending them letters and e-mails is not going to force them to act and defend the constitution.

      1. Hmmm, the court doesn’t read mail anyway so why would I send it there? The 112th congress is where this charade can be brought out into daylight. I know the media will hiss like a den of snakes however that is what they all have become. The only resolution will be driven by we the people demanding congress address the issue of his eligibility by simply subpoenaing the birth document. If they can’t get it then that needs to be the headline news story until either the senate impeaches or DC becomes a frustrated mob demanding the usurper get out of our house.

    2. Great idea, A pen.

      Suggest we all telephone Cong. Bachman’s office as well as West’s office with a request that they put the NBC question to Scalia during their weekly constitutional seminars. Let’s see just how trustworthy and fearlessly originalist Scalia really is.