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by Sharon Rondeau

Is Sheriff Bill Bivens running a criminal enterprise rather than true law enforcement in Monroe County?

(Nov. 23, 2010) — The Monroe County, TN court clerk fulfilled her promise to send The Post & Email the audio recording of a hearing which took place on November 9, 2010, which revealed that Capt. Michael Morgan’s testimony regarding the events of October 27, 2010 during Fitzpatrick’s arrest conflicted with Fitzpatrick’s account of multiple taserings and the deputies’ failure to announce themselves prior to their breaking down the door to his residence to get inside.

Fitzpatrick accused Judge J. Reed Dixon of being “part of the problem” and having threatened two public defenders who were previously working on his case.

The Post & Email paid for the damages to the door out of the Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III Legal Defense Fund, which the landlady stated were $200.  Although we requested a receipt, we did not receive one, so the canceled check will be displayed shortly with the landlady’s name redacted so as to protect her privacy but to prove our claim.  If a civil lawsuit is filed against the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, The Post & Email will seek restitution, as the Sheriff’s Department should take responsibility for the damage done to the home because of its failure to follow proper procedure during the arrest.  Morgan simply states that they “entered the house.”

Canceled check to landlady for repair of door broken down by Monroe County Sheriff's Deputies when they "entered the house" on October 27, 2010

Capt. Morgan also makes no mention of Fitzpatrick’s injuries sustained during the struggle for which he received no medical treatment and which were quite obvious in a photo which was displayed on the internet shortly afterward, while Morgan allegedly went to the emergency room and received a diagnosis of “brused (sic) ribs.”

There have been complaints about Monroe County Sheriff’s Department deputies’ alleged misconduct and brutality in the past.

Captain Michael Morgan's report charging Walter Fitzpatrick with assault
Statement of Captain Michael Morgan, one of four sheriff's deputies who broke into the home of Walter Fitzpatrick and tased, beat, and arrested him on October 27, 2010

A full audio is available here:  Fittzpatrick-Monroe TN Hearing

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  1. Fuhgeeditabout Pidgeon…Seriously though, we need to know about progress with the new lawyer and how funding is to go. I’m a pipelayer and should be able to pick up some OT and would love to give it to Cmdr. Fitzpatrick.


  2. Has anyone heard back from Walt’s childhood friend that he attended Scouts with? Just wondered if there is anything going at that end of things. Seems if anyone could get an investigation started, where needed, it might be this friend.

  3. Mrs. Rondeau,

    Thanks for posting this! I wonder why Walt’s former lawyers won’t submit an affidavit that they were threatened by Judge Dixon? Seems like they owe him that much.

    Is any progress being made with Walt’s new attorney? With the trial date so near, I would guess that he/she would have gathered all the documents and transcripts in the case. When will Walt let us know the identity of the real lawyer? I bet folks would donate a lot more money if they knew who it was.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I’d like to check before releasing the name.

    1. I am worried about Mr Pidgeon.

      No one has heard from him for nearly 2 weeks.

      He has been a steadfast patriot and now he has vanished!

      Does no one else but me think this is odd? I know Ms Rondeau has tried to contact him. I did too, with no success. Has anyone heard from/of him? I know people think he let Cdr Fitzpatrick down in some way, but no one seems to know where he is or what has happened to him.

      I’m really worried!!!
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I know someone heard from him via email yesterday or the day before.

  4. If I posted the text of a movie script or novel where the hero being held in a jail broke out with the help of men in a helicopter, do you suppose the sheriffs department would read that and frantically seek access to a surface to air missile? Maybe post a deputy or two 24/7 on rooftops? Oddly enough I don’t see posting script where a judge has a change of heart and decides to turn into a federal witness after sensing the man is actually a decoy used to set the criminal network into action so it can be identified down to the last participant then releasing the man to the FBI for protection until the criminal ring was rounded up. Knowing what happened to Jim Miller might make that harder to believe unless that murder was actually the motive to put a man inside who would be a distraction while the investigator played his cards. Well boys, which judge do you think it is?