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by Sharon Rondeau

Officer Trent Prock is the "Chief Jailer" at the Monroe County Sheriff's Department and was one of four officers who attacked Fitzpatrick last week during his arrest. Fitzpatrick's landlady described him as "a very nice man" and was told that no one had been injured during the incident.

(Nov. 4, 2010) — LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick, III called The Post & Email today and reported on inmates’ access to materials to prepare for their own defense as well as more details on the detention facility where he has been held for the last eight days after four sheriff’s deputies broke down the door to his residence, tasered and beat him before taking him to jail for having missed a hearing about which he was not properly notified. The “warrant” for his arrest was not signed, and court employees have refused to speak on the record about it.

LCDR: I’m not sleeping on the concrete floor any more.

SHARON: Did the jailers initiate this?

LCDR: No, the inmates in here insisted that I get up off the floor, and two men offered me their rack, and the one that I ended up in was Mr. Bragg’s.  George McCowan and Daniel Bragg are the two people who insisted, along with the other inmates, and Mr. Bragg is now on the floor and I’m not.

SHARON: How long is that arrangement good for?

LCDR: As long as I’m here, I guess.

SHARON: There’s a lot going on that I can’t tell you over the phone.

LCDR: Sharon, that’s OK; there’s a lot that I can’t tell you, either.  I’m sending messages out in a bottle, and there are people whom I’ve asked to contact you.  I hope that that’s happening.

SHARON: I am getting a lot of contact from people.  I don’t know if the jail will deliver…I probably shouldn’t even say this.

LCDR: No, no, no, it’s OK.  Relax, relax.  There’s interaction going on, and that’s fine.

SHARON: OK.  Everybody is so worried about you.  People are up in arms.  Things are being done, I can assure you.

LCDR: OK.  Sharon, I cannot tell you…nothing in this community is going to get fixed…there has to be a federal intervention; I’ve said that before.  The court system is completely out of control.  They have taken over the community; they run everything.  It’s as I said:  a dictatorship.  There is no other word than “totalitarian dictatorship.”  I can’t think of a better way to describe it.  That’s exactly what’s going on here.  The judges and the sheriffs are all part of this.  Even the prosecutors and defense attorneys are part of this process.

Sharon, I have heard one story after the next after the next.  These men, this whole community, is under siege.  It’s just outrageous.

SHARON: That’s what I’m hearing as well.  Are there people in there with you who have been physically abused?

LCDR: Not that I have seen first-hand.  But I have heard reports separately about that kind of thing going on.  I don’t believe that these jailers would be stupid enough to pull that stunt with me in here.

SHARON: Are you seeing people coming in bleeding or banged up on any given day the way you were?

LCDR: No.  I haven’t seen that repeated since I’ve been here…what is it, nine days now.  I would report something like that to you if I had seen it.  There’s one soldier in here, a Silver Star recipient, Jackie Hurst, Sergeant in the United States Army, and he has his ears bleeding, but they’re going to medically treat him.  There are other narratives that are being reported to you separately, I’m sure.

SHARON: Why are his ears bleeding?

LCDR: I don’t know; it happened.  They’re going to take a look at him.  But that’s not because of any physical abuse; I think it was a injury from his time in the service.

SHARON: Oh, it a was a prior injury?

LCDR: Yes, a grenade went off.

SHARON: Have there been any hearings since Tuesday?

LCDR: No.  My next hearing, I understand, is on Tuesday morning.  That’s the hearing status right now.  I did receive one letter; actually, it was one envelope with three letters in it yesterday, which was very encouraging, from a family from North Carolina.  Everybody in here read the letters, and it was very uplifting.

SHARON: I wondered if someone mailed a letter, would you get it?

LCDR: I have, yes.

SHARON: That’s very encouraging, because I know that something else has been mailed which could be important.

Did you get a visit from a Father PJ yesterday?

LCDR: Father McGuinness stopped by yesterday for a few seconds, and we talked.  The phone system here – they’re on the outside, you’re on the inside – doesn’t work.  So he was here for a little bit.  The phones don’t work at all.  This is terrible.  He said, “Are you OK?” and I said, “Yes, Father, I’m fine, all things considered.”  He took a look at me and I thanked him for his visit, and that was that.

SHARON: So how long would you say he was there?

LCDR: He was waiting longer than we actually met.  I don’t know how long he was physically here, because they called up once and the phones were broken and they had to fix them, and then I came back in and we talked for just a few minutes.

SHARON: Did you happen to talk about the injuries you had sustained?

LCDR: No, he didn’t ask any questions like that, and I didn’t get into it with him.  I didn’t know what it was he wanted to listen to, and as I said, the phones weren’t working.  We were having trouble just communicating.  You’d start a sentence, and then it would break up in the middle of the sentence.  So we just exchanged pleasantries, pretty much, and the phones weren’t working, so he said, “God bless you” and took off.  So the phones not being operative was the major malfunction.

This is a dungeon, for goodness’ sakes, Sharon.  This is what this is.  It’s a dungeon.

SHARON: Someone asked if you have a medical condition for which you need medication and you’re not getting it?

LCDR: No, I wasn’t taking medications when I came in here, and I’m not taking any medications now.

SHARON: So it’s not as though anything has been denied you that you medically need?

LCDR: No, but other people are in that situation where they have real medical needs and they’re not being addressed.  That’s what’s going on here.

There’s one other thing which is important to note.  There are men in here who are trying to handle part of their own cases, and they have legal documents where they’ve made copies from law books to which they had some limited exposure or accessibility.  They made copies, and they’ve been waiting days and days and days and days to get a couple of copies.  Other cases are being delayed in similar ways.  These men are not being represented in any way at all.  We’re told that the copies have been made and that they’re sitting up on a box in a file upstairs or some inbox or something like that, and I’ve asked on behalf of these guys, “Hey, can you give them their copies they’ve been asking for?  Their cases are days away.”  And these jailers here refuse to respond to that.  And we’re still living in a meat locker here; it’s as cold as can be.

SHARON: Are there any blankets at night?

LCDR: Yes, we’ve got blankets and things like that, but it’s still colder than all get-out.

SHARON: So they’re not turning on the heat.

LCDR: Oh, no.  You can hang meat in here.

SHARON: Is there access to a law library?

LCDR: They take people to what they call a “day room,” and you can ask for two books from the Tennessee Code, but they’re not the full version.  It’s an old edition of the TCA, and you only get to have two books at a time.  But the pages are missing; there are annotations that are missing, pamphlets and updates that should be there and they’re not.  And the men can look at only two at a time, only for an hour or so, and then you make copies from those law books, and the jailers hold onto the copies.  This is oppression writ large.  This is outrageous behavior.  These men make copies so that they can defend themselves and look into the law and what’s happened to them and find out what kind of charges they’re facing, and then the guards do not give them the copies that have been made.  They don’t have typewriters.  The things that are supposed to be made available to these men are not here.  If you came in here with an Inspector General, this place would be shut down quick.  It’s a dungeon, and these people are just taking full advantage of what they’re doing here.

They have men here who don’t belong here; they’re keeping them here longer than they should.  This facility  gets money; they get so many dollars for each inmate, and depending on their status, they get more money than they might otherwise.  This is a racket.

SHARON: Seeing as Judge Blackwood said you couldn’t bring in an outside attorney, how are you supposed to prepare your defense, given those conditions?

LCDR: There is no way I can prepare my case in here like this.  And I’m not going to try.  There needs to be federal intervention.  The judge has just violently broken the law.  This is nothing but an ambush; another one.

Also, my glasses are sitting back at the house, and without them, I can’t read small print.  There are some things I can read, the larger-print stuff, but small print, there’s no way.  Sharon, this is nothing but a Tennessee ambush.  Here’s what’s going on:  they’re trying to make me look really, really bad.  They’re trying to do everything they can to change the subject away from the judges and the rigging of the juries by the judges; the criminal conduct by the prosecutors, the public defenders…they’re trying to get everybody to look away from the real criminal enterprise that’s here.  I don’t know how to describe it other than that it’s massive.  It’s just extraordinary; it’s breathtaking; it’s titanic.  These people in this community have been under siege for years.  The government has taken over.  This is a dictatorship, a totalitarian dictatorship.  It’s outrageous.

SHARON: This report will go out tonight.  The reason it took me so long to connect to you is that the long-distance company the jail uses said that I’ve reached my limit for collect calls, so I had to give them a credit card, which is fine, but I think they just raised the rates.

LCDR: I’ll do my best to pay the phone bill when I’m out of here, Sharon…

SHARON: No, that’s not what I was saying…

Automated Operator: You have one minute remaining.

LCDR: We’ve got one more minute.  I’m going to try to call you in the mornings because it’s quieter then.  I tried to call this morning, but the phones were turned off.  They’ve got them back on now.

SHARON: It’s not a problem for me; I think it’s another way that the jail is making money.

LCDR: Keep the pressure on, Sharon.  Burn the phones at the FBI.

SHARON: We’re working really hard.  I know people are calling and praying…

Automated Operator: Your time is up.


Editor’s Note: The following email was received this evening from the long-distance phone company which the jail uses for inmates’ calls:

From:  billing@ncic.com
Sent: Thu 11/04/10 2:02 PM
To: editor@thepostemail.com

Thu November 4th, 2010

Dear Rondeau , Sharon,

This message is to inform you that your payment of $28.00 has been received.

Payment ID: Redacted
Date: Thu November 4th, 2010
Amount: 28.00
Type: Card # Redacted

You have a credit balance of $28.00.
Future charges will be deducted from this balance before billing you again.

Thank you for your business.

The prepaid amount will pay for today’s call and one more call.  The Post & Email has been informed that the military uses the same long-distance system, which makes it quite expensive for both members of the military and those who are incarcerated around the country to keep in touch with their families.

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  1. Also- I just sent this email to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. (I’ve been calling, too. They don’t like that, which is a good reason to keep doing it.)

    “I just wanted to let you know the entire country is aware of the corruption in your county and watching. All eyes are on you and Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick.
    You’ve got a regular dictatorship down there, huh?
    Well, all good things must come to and end. So you boyz best start looking for another job. The gig is up!”

    You can contact them directly here:
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: A woman after my own heart!

    1. I emailed the sheriff’s department also. I asked them that regardless of the facts surrounding his case to treat Fitzpatrick with the humility and fairness that he deserves as an American citizen and also as a Veteran serving our country.

  2. #1- ‘Patriot’ is obviously a troll…probably a Monroe Co. Deputy.
    #2- Thank you so much for posting this, Mrs. Rondeau. I have shared it on the ‘Free Walter’ FB page.
    #3- I’m glad to see he is getting mail. I was planning on writing him, too.
    #4- I have updated the Notes section with more information on who to contact regarding the Cmdr’s situation, including the TN State Dept. of Veteran Affairs, the TN Supreme Court, Governor Bredesen’s office (yes, I saw the post above, but it still doesn’t hurt to let them know we’re watching!), and all 9 TN Senators and Reps. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Lt-Cmdr-Walter-Fitzpatrick-From-The-Thugs-In-Monroe-County-TN/156188401089346
    I still need to add some more, but that will be enough to keep those involved busy for a little while.
    #5- I will also post a link to The Post & Email on the page.
    Thank you again for everything you are doing. I will keep at it, as well. I am also praying for the Cmdr.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you for doing this, as I would never have gotten to it myself.

    1. Not a problem at all, Mrs. Rondeau. Like I said, I still have more info to add, but I have a few ‘situations’ in my personal life that require immediate attention.

      That could be any one of us in there. If it were me, I would like to know people on the ‘outside’ were fighting for me.

      I have a question for you- I know you started a defense fund (thank you!). I read the instructions on how to get to it, etc. But there weren’t specific instructions for people who want to donate to the Cmdr.’s fund.

      I see you also accept donations for your website (which I totally understand!). I was wanting to post a link to that page on the FB page as well. What should I tell someone who wants to donate to the Cmdr.’s fund?
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: The “Donate” button for Walt’s Fund is in the middle of our home page on the right under the “World” news section. I’m going to see if I can affix a label above or below it so people know that’s the one to use for Walt.

  3. I hope you work with the priest who stopped by and inform him of the entire background and situation. He can organize the ministers and churches in the area and outside the area to work for the prisoners.IF a minister would stop by every day, things would start to change. Even the phone being fixed would be a huge start, since visitors are not able to even talk with inmates, because of the phone. Also, I do not think that any judge can tell somebody where their attorney comes from to represent them. That sounds totally bogus and way out of bounds, highly improper.. I do not think any judge can limit anybody from any attorney. I hope you can get a photographer to take pictures of everybody at the jail, the judges, the prisoners, the conditions. Everything needs to be documented. God must have brought Fitzpatrick into that awful situation to bring light to a very dark area of our country. It sounds like the Middle Ages or worse.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The problem is getting past the thuggery, cruelty and power grab that those controlling Monroe County are enjoying.

  4. Calls this morning reveal we are being effective in contacting the various agencies. However the calls are not being effective.
    The FBI calls go to an answering machine. The gov office “can’t help”. Calls to TBI are referred to the Chatt office 423-634-3044.
    It would appear that an outside attorney is the best recourse if he will be approved for practice in TN. This means more donations folks.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: 865-544-0751, option 6; then ask for the duty agent and state that you are calling about the Walter Fitzpatrick/Monroe County case.

  5. Walt seems to be keeping his spirits up and his wits about him. It doesn’t sound like conditions are as bad as I had feared that they would be for him. The constant assaults and violence in the Nashville jail were very hard for me to deal with. I am glad that Walt is not being assaulted by the other inmates or the jailers.

    Contacting BHO cohort Gov. Bredesen (D-TN) is not going to help Walt. Gov. Bredesen is the one who initially reported Walt to the FBI; ordered the 200 man SWAT Team to Monroe County on 4/20/10; and appointed the judges in Walt’s case. Obviously, Bredesen will do nothing to help Walt.

    Contacting Senators Alexander and Corker may help.

    Contacting conservative members of the National Media (Rush, Beck, Hannity etc.) about the Tyranny in Tennessee involving Walt’s, Mr. Houston’s and my cases would help. It is important that the media understands that it is not just Monroe County where this Tyranny is taking place. It is happening to Patriots across the Nation. If the media realizes that they too are in jeopardy and that this tyranny is not just happening in a one small County, then they may speak up about the Tyranny all across Tennessee.

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Conditions are actually very bad; he’s just not saying it all over the phone because the calls are recorded. An update will be coming out shortly.

    1. I am very sorry to hear that. If there is any mistreatment of any of those men, then it needs to be reported. It is an 8th Amendment criminal violation for those men to be deprived medication and subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment. It is appalling that terrorists at Gitmo get better treatment than our veterans in US jails.


    2. If calls are being recorded, it is hard to imagine what the jailers are thinking and doing.
      Information is getting out and strategies on our side are being discussed with their full
      Perhaps they realize they have a tiger by the tail now with Walt.
      Perhaps with the Sheriff not there much, the crew is playing their roles by ear,
      and hoping not to be viewed as too complicent in the corruption. If indeed the judges
      are in charge they may be busy covering their own crap like cats in a multi-cat litter box.
      You bet they are watching this site hourly, and trying to think thru their next move and
      watching our moves, as in controlled chaos.
      We need to ensure the choas in their minds turns uncontrolled and they start pointing
      fingers of blame at one another and squeal to the FBI, and then see if Holder will cover
      their assets.

  6. Sharon,

    Our prayers go out to LCDR Fitzpatrick. I was brainstorming and came up with folks that should be very interested in assisting LCDR Fitzpatrick and that is the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). They have thousands of posts all over the US.

    The jail Fitzpatrick is in is located in Madisonville, TN with a zip code of 37354. If you visit the following website… http://www.vfw.org/oms/findpost.aspx and enter that zip code, 3 posts come up with 15 miles and 22 posts come up within 50 miles of that location. All have telephone numbers associated with them. There is one 7 miles away located at:

    Post 5156 Sweetwater Gold Star Post
    PO Box 21
    Sweetwater, TN 37874
    United States
    Phone: (423) 337-6262

    I’ve donated what I can to his defense fund to help cover the costs of making a few phone calls. If any other readers are somewhat close to his location, perhaps they could assist in contacting a few of these VFW posts also.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you. I hope the readers of this site will follow up on this information.

    1. Also, I forgot to tell you to ask LCDR Fitzpatrick the next time you speak with him if he belongs to any local Veterans groups that you can get word to about his situation. I would guess that these folks would be fairly in tune with the local police authorities and may be able to get information that you will not get directly from the jail.

  7. The warrant was signed. Just the transmission page was not. I am sure you want to be completely accurate in this outrage occurring to Commander Fitzpatrick. I don’t think the federal government is going to help him, though, for obvious reasons.

    I will pray for him. God bless Commander Fitzpatrick.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Do you have a copy of the signed warrant? Are you an Obot?

    1. Just wondering how it is that Patriot has access to the signed warrant and the “transmission page”… perhaps he/she can post it.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I wonder the same thing. I received the judge’s order and the unsigned bench warrant directly from Martha M. Cook, Chief Clerk at the Monroe County courthouse.