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October 12, 2010

At the age of 21, Nathan Hale was captured and hung by the British for having spied for the Continental Army. His last words were, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."


In my view, it is doubtful  you would understand, but I will give you a hint…

If our elected representatives had not decided to sell out America, I would be able to spend time with my family and on building my backyard business.

Do you really think it is fair to the army of us doing all of this in self-defense because those responsible have failed to protect us and our way of life? Remember the dinner roll, Chuck.

In the grand scheme, my contribution is only a tiny drop in the bucket. There are those who have much more invested in terms of human capital.  People like Terry Lakin.  Of course you know of him?

Somehow I must have missed your efforts to provide Terry with the support and recognition he deserves. It is people like Terry who have put everything on the line to protect the very essential qualities that represent America.

As to the e-mails I generate, I only send out an alert as I receive them. Generally they are to highlight some sort of abuse about which those who accept my service wish to be made aware. Like you, they can opt out at any time.  Some do from time to time but many quickly ask to be included again.  So you be the judge.  I am not a journalist nor do I have any training in this field.  I do this because I feel so compelled.

The results of my research is provided as a public service.  Like many of us, my only concern is for the safety and security of our once great country. I operate 24/7; I only take short naps whenever I can no longer see the screen.

I have no idea just how widespread the distribution of this information goes, but I routinely receive about 4000 emails a day.  Of course some of that is spam, but I regularly communicate with sources all over the globe.  I deal with individuals in over 100 countries.  This also includes some military in the various theaters of conflict.  My phone numbers and email are always included with an open invitation to contact me 24/7.  Did I miss that on your e-mails?

My involvement started when the DCCC attacked the free speech of Rush Limbaugh.  This was shortly after the inauguration in 2008.  Prior to that, like most Americans, I had no interest in politics.  I had trusted my elected officials were acting in the best interests of our country.  I generally voted for the person and the issue but my views were always what one might consider right of center.

I respected the law and the Constitution and mistakenly believed every American did as well.  However, as a result of my intense research, I would have to say I am now right of Attila the Hun!  This is not by choice, Chuck.  It is by necessity, a necessity caused by what I perceive to be the treachery and the betrayal of our members of government to conduct themselves as they represented when they accepted their elected office on behalf of the American people; everyday people just like you and me who elected them in good faith and trusted them to honor their word.

Without exception, they all swore an oath when they accepted the responsibility of public service.  Of all of those whom I have personally tested, and there are many, again without exception, they have failed to honor that oath.  As a result I am compelled to report the abuses I uncover with the aid of many other dedicated individuals who are driven by the same zeal to fight back for our country and to restore our constitution and the rule of law.  This was something I expected you to understand, but now, I have serious doubts about even you.  Do you think my concern is justified, Chuck?

After almost two years of intense investigation, virtually around the clock—I abandoned everything else in my life including my family, my friends and a lot of my 4500 clients’ needs—because I was so fearful that what I was learning would destroy everything for which our country stood and for which so many before us gave their full measure of life to protect.

Would they all have died for nothing?  That thought alone drives me on!

Once more the reality sets in and I am quickly reminded that it appears our members of government chose to deliberately dishonor and abandon their sacred duty to protect and defend the constitution. They deliberately chose to disregard the will of the American people; they have demonstrated this on multiple occasions.  This is treason, Chuck, no matter how it is spun.

However, the most damning part of all of this, Chuck, was that the members of the 111th Congress made a conscious concerted decision to permit the “fox” into the hen house and thereby initiated the largest grand conspiracy in the history of this nation to defraud the American people.

From all of the evidence I have been privileged to review and passed on to the FBI, for instance, it appears our trusted officials chose to preserve their own political careers over the safety, security and the very future of our republic.  Such a level of organized conspiracy, treachery and betrayal is unthinkable.

So what am I to think when you start whining about spamming…instead of accepting the warnings and the intelligence in the spirit intended and therefore acting as a responsible member of the California Government to also save our country?

Maybe I got this wrong, Chuck, and feel free to straighten me out if this is true…but you might have been one of the first to file a noise complaint about Paul Revere breaking the peace?  <LOL>

It is not too late, Chuck!  Join the patriots, the Patriots dedicated to save this nation!


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  1. Yes Arnie, that is truly another great letter and I have to agree with Robert Laity. Get some rest! We need several million patriots just like you, so don’t burn out on us!!!
    From another California patriot.

  2. who is chuck? is he a california representative or another one in washington?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Just a person on Arnie’s mailing list who exemplifies someone who doesn’t understand our present constitutional crisis.