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by Jim Campbell, blogging at Dangers of Allah

(Sept. 11, 2010) — This petition can be used by anyone interested to serve as boiler plate to ask their local, state and federal representatives to sponsor this as legislation.


Please send this link to your friends all over the U.S.A.  It can be used as a template for city council, as well as, state, and federal government action.

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To:  Mayor Jeff Comerchero and the Honorable Members of the Temecula City Council.

As Concerned American Citizens we are deeply worried about the safety and security of our community.  We believe that a dire security crisis is posed by the mis-use of the Religious Freedoms afforded by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America by organizations and/or groups of individuals as a cover and concealment for the conduct of terrorism, sedition against the United States and other crimes against humanity. We further believe that it is a clear violation of the natural laws upon which our Nation is formed to consider such barbaric activities as a Religion or any kind of Religious Practice the exercise of which is entitled to any kind of preference or protection.  Accordingly, we are calling on the Mayor and City Council by legislative action and/or ballot initiative to have the following City Ordinance enacted.

“Within the City of Temecula located in the County of Riverside, State of California, United States of America, no organization, association, society or other group of individuals shall be considered to be a religion, or a religious organization, for any purpose whatsoever if it directly or indirectly advocates, promotes, endorses, encourages, sponsors, instructs, demonstrates, recruits for, trains for, or otherwise supports ANY of the following:

1.      Any system of laws for governance of the people as superior to the Constitution of the United States of America, or that is, in whole or material part, in direct conflict therewith;

2.      Terrorism against the United States of America or its citizens;

3.      Any organization that has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United States of America.

4.      Any system of laws that decriminalizes violence against women,  or that diminishes the right of free speech and belief;

5.      That there is, or should be, no separation between religion and government;

6.      That any religion is superior to any other religion;

7.      That any person is of lesser or superior value to any other person based on race, gender, national origin or religious belief;

8.      That slavery is justified, or that any person must be subservient or subjugated to any other person based on race, gender, national origin, or religious belief;

9.      That any person or persons should be exterminated based on their race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, religious belief or former religious belief;  or

10.      Barbaric and inhuman punishment for petty crimes, and other cruel and unusual punishment.”

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  1. All:

    We are being attacked from many directions, and to ignore the Islamist assault and singularly go after Hussein Obama isn’t guarding the henhouse very well. He CANNOT be impeached without a 2/3 majority, and that will probably be a stretch. Electing other than Demoncrats on 11/2 will be a major step in thwarting him.

    Still, signing and forwarding this petition is a worthwhile effort to support fellow Americans and patriots who are fighting back against Islam, and their pawn, Hussein Obama.

  2. Sorry, but I think that dealing with an illegitimate president is the single most important and urgent issue before the American people.

    This whole controversy about Islam, the NYC mosque, and burning the Qur’an is a huge distraction, dominating all the conservative talk shows.

    Guess who benefits from this. Guess who has been adding fuel to the fire.
    Are we fools or what?

    Let’s get a legitimate president first, then deal with the many other serious problems our nation is facing.

    1. RIGHT ON David!, my sentiment exactly , see the excerpt from my comment on Friday re: the Treason charge against Obama -article…QUOTE: with the crater-ing economy, and out of control increasing debt (which is truly what obama wants to see happen) obama makes a couple of statements supporting the Ground Zero mosque, and then makes a plea to some obscure preacher “not to burn the Qur’an”, and all of a sudden obama and his worthless press get everyone jawing away crazily about that, and totally forgetting about what is really happening to our Country, including all the criminal activity and debauchery being orchestrated every day by them. UNQUOTE

      Like your first sentence basically says – unless we deal with our illegitimate president first NOTHING ELSE WILL GET RESOLVED. In fact we are still going backwards at mach speed, and may never recover!!!!!!!!! Another few years of this and we will be about like Kenya or Somalia.

  3. And while you’re at it, check out the idea of using 8 USC 1424 as a method of keeping the Islamic groups and their “pushers” (including Obama??) out of the country.