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by The Jaghunter

Why is there so much circumstantial evidence that Obama was born in Kenya, but none that he was born in Hawaii or anywhere else in the U.S.?

(Sept. 5, 2010) — America is engulfed in a national peacetime emergency over the standing and stature of the U.S. Constitution. The outcome of the ongoing conflict–escalating in each passing moment–will either renew us as a Nation of Laws or make plain we’ve become instead a nation of lawyers, a nation oppressed by men.

As my close friend Tim Harrington observes, Obama is a constitutional lawyer in the sense that Obama studied how to burn the Constitution.

As you read these words Obama and his team are working frantically in these first days of power-consumption in efforts Obama describes as the “beginning of the end” of the U.S. Constitution.

We all heard Obama striking the match.

Mr. Obama wasn’t born a U.S citizen.

Federal government officials of every description know with certainty Mr. Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya. These same officials prepare every day for the foreseeable firestorm combats that will pit supporters of the Constitution against Obama and his followers.

Many U.S. military commanders are no more obedient to the Constitution than Mr. Obama.

Army LtCol. Scott Weil considered himself unconstrained by that pesky Constitution when Weil deployed his rapid reaction force into the small community of Samson, Alabama on 10 March of this year in a drill designed to test, to measure and to observe many things.

Weil assigns watch standers to monitor emergency radio frequencies. On that fated Tuesday afternoon, a deranged 27-year old wildly ignited police radios as the maniac’s nightmare shooting spree began, developed, and escalated.

Weil was alerted and reacted instantly by calling local civilian police dispatch asking: “Can we help?”

In early moments of indescribable chaos, panic, and domestic turmoil–professional police officers pray they will never encounter–Army LtCol. Scott Weil placed a terrible burden upon engaged and distressed policemen by forcing a decision in a moment police were neither prepared to make or had time to consider.

More than that, it was the kind of decision that put the supremely stressed decision makers at risk of saying, “No, go away, we don’t need your help.”

All LtCol. Weil saw was a training opportunity to be exploited at the expense of civilian policemen in time of chaos.

The kind of chaos foreseeable by Weil and Weil’s chain of command in the ongoing and developing national emergency Mr. Obama sparked for all of us.

The Constitution prohibits the peacetime “deployment of troops at the local level in response to what is purely a civilian law enforcement matter.” LtCol. Weil is the Provost Marshal and Director of Emergency Services at Fort Rucker. Weil commands this knowledge as he commands his military policemen. It is Weil’s job description. Scott Weil knows his military policemen have no peacetime jurisdiction or police power in the civilian community!

Weil also knows the question of his peacetime jurisdiction depends on who you ask (ask Obama for instance).

Samson City Attorney Neil Griswold did ask.

Counselor Griswold put the question directly to Geneva County Staff Judge Advocate Steven Smith. Geneva County Staff JAG Smith–in service to his commanders who condemn the Constitution–lied to City Attorney Griswold telling the Samson Attorney that no laws were violated. No criminal prosecutions targeting Weil or his senior officers were appropriate.

But Staff JAG Steven Smith knows, LtCol. Weil knows (as a professional military police officer), and I know the United States Constitution prohibits direct military involvement in civilian law enforcement activity.

There exists long-standing U.S. law and policy limiting the military’s role in domestic affairs.

LtCol. Weil violently trespassed upon the Constitution and Alabama state sovereignty when Weil called police dispatchers on 10 March.

Make no mistake: Weil knew exactly what he was doing in carrying out a preplanned response reviewed and sanctioned by Weil’s (and Staff JAG Smith’s) senior military commanders.

Oh…did I mention that Steven Smith’s day job is as the civilian Assistant District Attorney for the County of Geneva, Alabama including the City of Samson?

Otherwise Counselor Smith is an Army Reservist Judge Advocate (military attorney).

Staff JAG Smith knows full well officers like Scott Weil–when the U.S. Constitution is operative-“have had their careers abruptly brought to a close by misusing federal military assets to support a purely civilian criminal matter.”

Defense Department commanders chillingly plan to deploy U.S. servicemen in foreseeable real-world responses the day Mr. Obama faces criminal consequences for his TREASON!

Weil’s deployment of Army troops to Sampson was a drill!

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  1. “Why is there so much circumstantial evidence that Obama was born in Kenya, but none that he was born in Hawaii or anywhere else in the U.S.?”

    Actually there is “evidence” that Obama was born in Hawaii; but it’s all manufactured and fraudulent (See US Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 47, § 1001). Therefore anyone who was involved in Obama’s betrayal of America via fraud, i.e., treason and misprision of treason (See US Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115, § 2381 & § 2382) are also involved in a conspiracy to defraud the United States (See US Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 19, § 371). Yes Virginia, it is a conspiracy and it vast and it involves thousands of people who have betrayed America.


  2. U.S. Supreme Court ;
    “The characteristics of a “totalitarian dictatorship,” as set forth in subsections (2) and (3) are the existence of a single, dictatorial political party substantially identified with the government of the country in which it exists, the suppression of all opposition to the party in power, the subordination of the rights of the individual to the state, and the denial of fundamental rights and liberties characteristic of a representative form of government. ”


    You will also discover that under Bill Clinton the laws making subversive activities illegal were repealed. Patient, devious and now caught.

  3. Unfortunately Walter is right and the proof is that not a single government entity will ask to see the constitution upheld in regards to the ineligible man whose team of foreign ideologies are using the authority of the office of the President to “change” our entire national system of laws. The list of their restructuring is so large there isn’t a single man in congress that knows all of it or even who wrote it. That, good people, is what is called a foreign influence. Resiting it through any means has been denied by the government as well. That is known as a Totalitarian government. Together they are a Foreign Totalitarian government and it has only now allowed itself to be seen as it can no longer hide and perform it’s dasterdly overthrow. Make no mistake, it is so heavily invested that the use of force will be of no consequence to secure its control. Those who think patriots hold the upper hand, look up Stanley Milgram. The only deterrent to crime is the certainty of punishment. BHO is certain his eligibility will never see a courtroom test. He is above the law.

  4. I almost forgot to say that your report on Samson, Alabama could not have been published at a better time!

    Labor Day! Look at the parallels of unconstitutional “peacetime deployment of troops” between the incident at Samson, Alabama and the Pullman strike (the origin of the US Holiday of Labor Day).

    Did US President Grover Cleveland have the Constitutional authority to send in 12,000 US Army troops to Pullman, Illinois to quell the strike at the Pullman Palace Car Company? Did these US Army troops have the right shoot down civilians?

    I know that the significance of many US holidays have been forgotten. I like to remember their true origins.

  5. TheJaghunter,

    Your report on Samson, Alabama is very intriguing. I am embarrassed to say that I had never heard about this March 2010 incident until I read your article today. Your report is very informative. Thank you.

  6. First, we can’t be certain BHO was, in fact, born in Kenya. That is still in serious dispute. However, we DO know that his father was NOT a US Citizen and that, therefore, BHO is NOT a NBC and, by extension, NOT constitutionally eligible to be our Commander-in-Chief. So, I think we need to stick to what we know. Conjecture needlessly muddies the waters and makes us vulnerable to the precious few cogent attacks the left can justifiably hurdle at us.

    As for the military, there was a reason Obama’s Homeland Security labeled vets–especially returning vets–as potential terrorists. The overwhelming majority of military men and women do not support him or the Democratic, aka Progressive, Party. A vet myself with many vet comrades, we can all be assured that in a “show-down” with an overreaching/tyrannical government, we the people, among whom are millions of seasoned vets and genuine patriots, will have the upper hand. And BHO and his thugs know this.

    So, while we have much to fear and need to remain vigilant and prepared for any local or national “emergency” perpetrated by the Obama’s regime, I am absolutely confident we will prevail. Both the police and armed forces are us. The line is drawn in the sand, and socialists in DC know this.

  7. The first wave of Unconstitutional unprovoked slaugter of American Citizens.They might get away with.But when Americans Civilian & Military & law enforcement find out what is really at stake.Partys over.They wont stand a chance.For there is an oath they have taken.And sworn to uphold.This will be the beginning of the End for our perverted form of Government.Remember America’s Citizens is the most well Armed standing Army in the World.Were the ones that have the Constitution on our side.

  8. No doubt about it, this administration is testing the limits to see what the response from the public really is. If We the People don’t begin a major push-back of our own (i.e. November 2nd) we will be swallowed-up into a form of government we have so far only ever read about! The fat lady is warming up in the wings, if we fail in November it’s all over and 2012 will be too late!

    For God and Country

  9. military assets to support a purely civilian criminal matter.”

    “Defense Department commanders chillingly plan to deploy U.S. servicemen in foreseeable real-world responses the day Mr. Obama faces criminal consequences for his TREASON!

    Weil’s deployment of Army troops to Sampson was a drill!”
    So in effect we have a martial law situation.
    Martial Law declared by whom?
    The CIC in his own defense?
    Our Military in defense of WE THE PEOPLE?
    Just to keep the peace amongst opposing factions?
    Protect property?