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by Sher Zieve, ©2010

The Liberty Bell, or Independence Bell, was rung to announce the First Continental Congress in 1774 and after the Battle of Lexington and Concord the following year

(Aug. 9, 2010) — Since the earliest beginnings of the United States of America, our country again has the clearest voting choice in its history.  In November 2010, we can begin to vote for bondage and slavery or freedom and liberty.  We can choose to elect slave masters and overseers or partners in the restoration of our Republic.  We can vote for choices and options or give up our decision- making to others.  We can choose religious freedom or bow to the power elite forcing atheism, Islam or a combination of the two upon us.  On 2 November, we will vote for the Marxist and Maoist totalitarians or Americans.  But, in November even our prior free and unencumbered voting in the United States may be a patent challenge.

We-the-People now have an actively race-biased Department of Justice and a DOJ that seems bent upon suppressing as many “non-minority” (aka “white”) and US Military votes as possible in the upcoming general election.  Political Correctness and an overt bias in favor of Marxist Democrat totalitarian leaders keep the ObamaMedia (ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc.) from reporting on anything negative about The Obama.  Although a few members of these media are now placing their little toes in the water and offering “tee-ninesy” (that’s VERY little, folks) criticisms of the American Stalin, most still refuse to report the truth about anything–let alone their revered dictator-in-chief.  But, as ugly as some find it, the truth MUST be reported.

In 2008, as an apparent test case, the New Black Panthers “patrolled” outside a Philadelphia polling place in order to intimidate white voters.  These Black Panther members are reported to have said, “We’re tired of white supremacy!”  On another video, Philadelphia NBP leader King Samir Shabazz is shown and heard loudly shouting: “I hate white people…all of ‘em” and “white cracker dirty whores” and “you want freedom you’re gonna have to kill some crackers.  You gonna have to kill their babies!”  Despite having gained a conviction against the New Black Panthers‘ obvious voter intimidation, while awaiting sentencing the Obama DOJ effectively overturned the convictions and threw the case out.  Protecting their own and moving against the (white) man?  You betcha.  Uncomfortable or not, this is the raw and unvarnished truth.  Under the Obama regime, this is what out Department of Justice has devolved into–a third-world country form of pretend “social justice” (NOT blind constitutional justice) and a “justice” or lack thereof which pits one race against another.  This is more of what Obama–an already unconstitutional US leader–has brought to the table.  Look for more violent intimidation during the upcoming 2010 midterms.  And remember who is fomenting, supporting and encouraging it.

The intent of the Obama regime is, apparently, also to heavily suppress the US Military vote in the 2010 elections.  In 2008, former DOJ employee J. Christian Adams reports, over 17,000 US Military votes went uncounted and were thrown away. This year, many ballots are simply not even being sent out to military members.  So, it strongly–if not irrevocably–seems that the planned disenfranchisement of the US military is now afoot and is being perpetrated by Obama & Co.  And there is increasing evidence surfacing that Obama & Co stole the Democrat presidential primary election from then-candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Note:  “Crime Inc.” barely begins to describe the Obama regime.

I think we can be fairly certain that the 2010 midterm elections are going to be fraught with Marxist fraud, intimidation and an increasingly chilling  disenfranchisement of voters.  The Obama has so ruled.  Please ensure that–in your own polling stations–for each and every ObamaThug present, there is a corresponding member from We-the-People to monitor them.  Only we US citizen-voters can correct the problems of a slave-state totalitarian government and its respective perpetrators that have been festering for decades.  It has now come into a toxic disease-bloom mode and only We-the-People can destroy this virus that threatens our very existence.

We must also stop the clearly Nero-like excesses being blatantly displayed and thrown into our faces by The Obama and his putative First Lady.  As The Obama and his Marxist Democrat minions (aka “the power elite”) steal from We-the-People and take away our ability to provide for ourselves, they use our stolen money to party all day and all night.

In November of this year, we will make a choice between Marxism and an on-its-way-to-restoration American Republic.  We must stop the destruction of our country.  And once we have thrown out the American Stalin’s power base, we must begin coming for him.  If–or when–we are successful, we must remember that never again can we allow our Republic to be in such dire jeopardy.  Never again.

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