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by Gary Steven

Does Obama have a long-form birth certificate as he should if he was born in Hawaii?

(Jun. 14, 2010) —  As World Net Daily has recently reported, Tim Adams, a 2008 senior elections clerk for the Honolulu district, has contended that he was told that there is no long-form birth certificate for Obama, contrary to what Hawaii officials have publicly stated.

The White House still obfuscates the facts about Obama with the daily press corps. At a press briefing on June 11, 2010, Robert Gibbs stammered to formulate a cogent response to a reporter asking about the Connecticut social security number presently being used by Barry Soetero. The dialog then morphed into the birth certificate issue with no definite resolution.

There appears to be a desire by more than just a few “birthers” to actually settle the matter in question. On one hand, the Constitutional requirement for the office of President and Vice President of the United States is clearly spelled out as “natural born Citizen.”  Obama’s lack of qualifications has already been answered in his book, Dreams From My Father, in which he allegedly spoke of his past and the fact that his father was a Kenyan/British citizen. That would have made Obama/Soetoro a British citizen as well at birth. Barack Obama Sr. was never a U.S. citizen; he only obtained a temporary student visa. The complete silence of Congress on this vetting procedure is perplexing.

But then, on the other hand, there is a question about what real documentation verifies the hidden past of Barry Soetero. There is an abundant supply of speculation regarding his past. To further complicate matters, the lack of disclosure of all past school records, passport information, actual long-form birth certificate, and adoption papers fuels the debate about his eligibility and authenticity. The campaign trail was stoked by speeches and promises of transparency and open dealings within his future administration. And yet, before the first full day in office was completed, an executive order was signed sealing all records to his past.

Many speeches later, Obama’s consistent media presence leaves many voters of both parties and some in the media trying to match his words with actions that reveal just the opposite. One fact is certain:  he holds the office of POTUS based on what “we the people” DON’T know about him. The diligence of the fourth estate in fact finding and reporting is to be commended. The heightened awareness concerning the Constitutional qualifications for president is at an all-time high with copies of the Constitution flying off bookstore shelves as well as online order houses. The citizens of this once great country are being challenged by a “fundamental transformation.” An increase in court filings and FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests seems to be occurring. The refusal of orders by a decorated flight surgeon who is now preparing for court martial over his doubts about the legitimacy of the de facto commander-in-chief  is raising even more awareness among the people.

As the facts become known, and the diligence of the new media which seeks to find the truth continues unabated, it would behoove many traditional journalists to acquire the focus and tenacity to cover what is unpopular and still unresolved. May the truth in facts bear out what has yet to be revealed on the mystery of Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama.

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  1. Since it seems most likely that the reason Obama has never shown a long-form Hawaii birth certificate is because one does not exist, maybe we should ask the question one more time.

    How about this:

    Has anyone representing the Hawaii Department of Health in an official capacity verified that a long-form Hawaii Birth Certificate, issued by the State of Hawaii in 1961 and belonging to U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama, exist, and is filed and on record with the Hawaii Department of Health?

    Please answer yes or no.

    Should I ask for a “yes or no” answer?

    If yes, please verify that the first name of the local registrar, which is the last signature at the bottom of the long-form Hawaii birth certificate itself, is “Beatrice”.

    I will include a copy of the Susan Nordyke’s long-form Hawaii birth certificate, issued one day after Obama’s was supposedly born, and listing the Kapiolani Hospital as place of birth.

    I have written the Hawaii governor, but not the Health Department, twice. Does this mean I am on their vexatious list so they don’t have to answer me?

    I’m sure this has been asked before, refresh my memory, what was the answer?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: No, if you have not made a request under the Hawaii UIPA law to a state agency, you can submit your request to the Health Department. I don’t believe the governor counts. I would encourage you to ask that exact question of Dr. Fukino. They will probably say they cannot discuss birth records, which are covered under Hawaii’s privacy law, if they answer you at all, but that is no longer the case, as they themselves have come out publicly and discussed his supposed birth there. So they should have a long-form BC (but I don’t think they do).

  2. Mike, did Leo Donofrio learn that there is an index record for BHO II FROM 1961 OR did he simply learn that there’s an index record for BHO II?

    That is, did they prove to him, somehow, that the index record has been in existence since 1961? I suspect not.

    Otherwise, why would they resist giving copies of the pages from the archived paper index to “vexatious requestors?” Under their own laws and policies, those paper index books, which were used to catalog births and which provided the index for clerical staff before the advent of any database, were required to be maintained. And to be accessible to the public.

    YET, the DoH will not copy pages from those pre-database books. In fact, if I read butterdezillion’s posts about this correctly, they seem to act as if they don’t know what is being requested or they deny that such paper documents exist. Meaning that they either deliberately play dumb, have destroyed paper documents contrary to law, or are outright lying about the existence of those documents.

    1. It was from August of 1961. If you google Donofrio and index data and obama you should find some links that has what was provided. If the truth is that Obama was born somewhere other than Hawaii (Kenya, Canada, Washington state are all in the running) then the grandmother likely ‘filed’ a record of birth to lock in US Citizenship (not worrying about nbC status for POTUS). This would especially be the case in a Kenyan or Canadian birth. Hawaii was barely a state and the logistics of tracking births on multiple islands made fraudulant claims of birth easy.

      Remember that the documentable history of Obama starts in Washington state where he and Stanley Ann Duhnam have an apartment in September of 1961. She enrolls and goes to school at University of Washington in the fall semester. If Obama was ever in Hawaii in 1961 he was there only a short time.

      1. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2379323/posts

        This is all I can find. It appears that Donofrio has removed his post concerrning the index data. Apparently, the DoH implies that something was in existence before August 10, 1961. However, what that is, nobody knows for sure. They released at some point sketchy information giving, iirc, his name and the fact that it was a birth. No date, iirc.

        Without Donofrio’s post, we won’t know. Perhaps Miss Tickly can fill us in. She got the same information, I believe.

        HOWEVER, they don’t tell you WHAT that index read like IN August, 1961. Any changes he made since then might be superceded in their database and cause the computerized “index data” to show whatever it is that he wants it to show TODAY.

        For example, what if he was registered as Barry Dunham in 1961? The paper index would say, Barry Dunham. But if he amended his name at any point in time, for any reason, then the computerized “index data” that the DoH sends out today, would say, Barack Hussein Obama II.

        This is why, imho, they will not show the index books from 1961–these being the paper books that they are required by their own laws to maintain and to provide access to. Why won’t they show them, if whatever is on them agrees perfectly with the index data they sent to “vexatious requestors?”

        The “documentable history of Obama” doesn’t even start in Washington State because there are two conflicting stories: One is that he was in Washington with his mother when she went to college there only weeks after supposedly giving birth to him. The other is that she went to college in Washington while the baby remained behind in Hawaii.

        So where was he? We don’t know that any more than we know for certain where he was born. Not to mention to whom.

  3. Folks! Do you realize that the United States of America has been covertly overtaken and is now under siege by some unknown power! This power is controlling the thought content of out politicians and the Main Stream Media including Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and all the others. Let’s face it! These news pundits that I just mentioned are not free men! They are all slaves! Somebody is telling them what they can say and what they cannot say! Whether you are aware and whether you agree or not. There are many people in the United States of America who want to have a debate about the United States Constitution and ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1 as it pertains to Barack Obama! Some power! An entity! Someone or something has a control of what politicians and the MSM will discuss in this country! That’s a very obvious circumstantial fact! You will hear from them from time to time bring up the “birth certificate” but that is a subject people like myself don’t care about! There are over 300 million people in America. The talk about the “birth certificate” is designed to obfuscate the truth and to cover up and quash any discussion about a potential violation of the Constitutional Law of ARTICLE 2 SECTION 1! Let me remind you, I’m saying just to be able to talk about A2S1 at a national level! The politicians and Andrew Breitbart etc. are aware of this! They aren’t that stupid! But they are unable to make any mention at all of A2S1 because somebody has the power to put duct tape over their mouths and they seem content with that! Folks! If there is somebody or something out there beyond our reach controlling what and what not is to be discussed in America is a very dangerous but real sign that the United States of America is no longer what it is supposed to be and people should pay closer attention and start demanding answers to hard questions from these manipulated puppets!

    1. The powers NUTN2SAY mentions, are found at this link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAaQNACwaLw&feature=related
      Although a lengthy (nearly 2 hours) video, it does document (factually) the handlers of barry s. and the various banking powers that run things. The research put into the film alone is worth the time viewing. The link is useful and should comply with P&E guidelines of not promoting a product, membership, or spam site.

    1. Actually, Atty. Leo Donofrio did a number of FOIA request almost certainly covering the bases when it came to all the direvatives of Obama’s and his mother’s name. What he found was:

      1) There is an index record from 1961 for BHOII
      2) There is no index record (and thus no COLB) for his half sister. This squelches a longstanding internet rumor that her COLB was used to create the FTS, DK, FC forgeries.
      3) There was a divorce filing between BHO Sr and SAD

      Some have called for the long-form BC to be presented. The problem is – it may truly not exist if the birth was ‘filed’ by his grandmother without hospital or medical records. And this puts the onus on the DOH who has shown that they cannot be trusted.

      What people should call for is the ‘Shoe-box BC’ that Obama mentions in his book. He has that. That document, that he openly admits having in his book, should clear up a lot of things.

      1. This presumes that the HI DOH answered Donofrio’s requests honestly. We know in one instance that they lied about not having divorce records, even though their own website says that they do maintain divorce records. What they also didn’t admit was that the index data can legally permit the release of the file number, place of birth and birth date. Leo dropped the ball as he was talking about suing the state of Hawaii to release the records. This has to happen (by someone, if not Leo) in order to force these records to be released.

  4. Folks! I’ve been saying this for well over a year now. An attorney needs to be obtained to file a “CLASS ACTION”, let me say that again to be clear. A “CLASS ACTION” Petition for Redress of Grievances! Have the attorney file the petition but leave it open so that Constitutionally minded citizens can sign on to the petition to make it grow until it gets the recognition that it most overwhelmingly deserves! Start at a lower federal court! Expect defiance from the judges, when we encounter activist judges we inform them that their time as a corrupt judge is short and place them on notice! Has we move through the courts and as people learn about the petition I am sure people will want to sign on to add more growth. We do not take “NO” for any answer! And we do not ask them to interpret A2S1 of the Constitution! WE THE PEOPLE SHALL TELL THEM WHAT THE FOUNDING FATHERS MEANT…MOTHER AND FATHER BOTH U.S. CITIZENS!

    1. Your suggestion of a class action may have merit. Not being a lawyer, would a class action obviate the difficulty posed by rules governing standing? Several suits have been rejected because the claiments couldn’t show “particular injury.” Our courts are protecting themselves from some frivolous suits by eliminating cases where a large number of citizens experience the same injury. The idea seems to be that if everyone, or most everyone, has experienced the same injury, the issue has become political and should be resolved at the ballot box.

      If a case could be be conservatively and carefully crafted (no Bilderbergers, CFR, or Rothchilds) millions might sign a petition.

      Given the collapsing trust in our judiciary, the well-derserved lack of faith in the integrity of our voting systems, a class action may be the last hope before a constitutional convention. Our legislators, many of them, have indicated that they will not meet with constituents before the election. We are not currently a representative republic. So many are violating their sworn oaths to protect the Constitution it is hard to know where to begin. There are certainly grounds for impeaching legislators of both partys who all know that a natural born citizen is “born on the soil of citizen parents.”

      The case for impeaching supreme court justices is in case law as well as in the Constitution, Article 3 Section 1. It appears to require that the Senate determine whether “evading” the violation of Article II Section 1 is a violation of good Behavior. There is a term, “misprision” which appears to apply. Officers of the court have a sworn obligation to address a violation of the law. The Constitution would seem to qualify. Every justice is complicit based upon comments in case law made by John Marshall.

      The bottom line appears to be whether a class action is trumped by the requirement to show specific injury? Would a court reject a petition with ten million signatures because of the “specific injury” rule? If this, as it appears, is an issue which must be resolved politically, it is clear why George Soros is funding a political action corporation addressing secretarys of state. That is why there was so much concern about Orly Taitz’ run in California. This is clearly a war against the Constitution and the freedoms it used to protect.

  5. A senior elections officer in Hawaii, someone whose specific job was to verify the citizenship of people who sent in write-in votes, says that he knows first-hand that the hospitals have nothing and that his supervisors specifically told him that there is no birth certificate………and yet not one major news outlet would cover it. Neither Fox nor Drudge would cover it either.

    Thank God for the internet and the new media.

  6. According to my specific knowledge, the executive order signed by Barack Hussein Obama on 21 January 2009 (?) that prohibits the release of documents pertaining to Barack Hussein Obama concerns those documents that pertain to Barack Hussein Obama from the day Barack Hussein Obama took the oath of office. The executive order in question does not, or should not pertain to those documents that are part of the public domain, although sealed, before 20 January 2009. I remember reading an opinion by Leo Donofrio that presents the same or a similar legal judgment. Of course, Mr. Donofrio would know more about the matter than I know. Perhaps the Post&Email should interview Mr. Donofrio concerning this legal question. Furthermore, since the Constitution for the United States of America, Article II, Paragraph 1, Clause 5, explicitly states that Barack Hussein Obama cannot have the position which Barack Hussein Obama now illegally occupies, then the bogus status means that Barack Hussein Obama’s signature to the executive order, just like his oath of office, is null and void, does it not?



  7. Tom the Vet: YES I too have prayed that Mr. Adams be protected and not meet an untimely death, although I’m sure he’ll be ‘investigated’ and every detail of his life drug through the mud like Joe the Plumber’s life was.

    What is unclear to me though is how much weight exactly will “he was told that there is no long-form birth certificate for Obama” carry?
    Told by whom? Under what circumstances? Will it just be dismissed as office rumor?
    I mean I believe the guy and I’m sure it is 100% true but so? I’m just an American citizen that nobody in “power” listens to.

  8. I certainly hope Mr. Adams has some personal protection! Remember what happened to Lt. Quarles Harris, the person investigation Obama’s passport?
    Shot dead!
    Pray for the safety of Mr. Adams and pray we can finally expose this usurping Socialist Muslim!

  9. Mr Adams said he’ll tell his story under oath.

    Will the Haw Doh employees? The Haw Governor?

    I doubt it.

    It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out why.