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by Sharon Rondeau

Just how many Benedict Arnolds are there in this country?

(May 24, 2010) — Obama’s supporters are clearly desperate.  The Post & Email and other constitutionally-based websites and activities are exposing the Usurper, their false messiah, little by little each day.  We are doing the work which the almost-defunct mainstream media will not do.

Obama is a pure fraud, and the state of Hawaii is a pure fraud, rotten as it can be.  Its legislators, public officials and courts are corrupt to the core and unworthy to be considered a part of the United States of America.  Some day, they will pay for the many ways in which they have sold out the American people and allowed a constitutionally-ineligible person to occupy our White House.  There will be more coming on this later in the week.

We know that Obama’s worshippers are desperate because we have continued to expose Obama’s lies, fraud and deceit to the point where even they cannot logically defend him.

There have been three attempts to bring down our site since we published the article revealing Factcheck.org’s treachery and lack of response to our questions about Obama’s fake birth documents.  Maybe the folks at Factcheck should be getting a little nervous.  We will not stop reporting on these issues, regardless of how many people try to bring us down.  We have records of all of these people’s IP addresses, and we know when they are using a company computer.  The companies involved have been contacted, and if the attacks from their equipment do not stop, we will be initiating legal action against them.  The Post & Email is a Wyoming corporation, and it is a crime for one corporation to attack the property of another.

Obama’s supporters do not appear to be very intelligent, and they have become incoherent in recent weeks.  Here are some of their comments and IP addresses:

In response to the editorial about Senate Resolution 511, from Destinatus at IP 98.231.85.xxx:

Let’s go over this slowly.

Born on US soil to a US citizen makes you a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

Obama has produced a birth certificate issued by, and verified by, THE STATE OF HAWAII.

Let’s think about this rationally. If you claim that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, that means the state of Hawaii is forging birth certificates. If they are willing to do this for Obama, why wouldn’t they also be willing to forged this mythical “vault copy” of Obama’s birth certificate? Further, what you don’t realize is that since you’ve discredited Hawaii by claiming they issued a forged birth certificate, no document they can produce can be taken seriously. You have poisoned the well. So, we end up back at square one: will you retards accept a birth certificate issued by the STATE OF HAWAII or not? If not, then you won’t accept a “vault copy” either.

Excuse me for being a rational man. As I understand it we are few and far in between.

Another comment made in response to the article about Factcheck’s lack of response to our inquiries by notAnidiot at 64.201.78.xxx:

Aw, fact check won’t jump through hoops for you, poor babies, it must be so upsetting. After all, if they won’t do everything every one who sends them an email demands they do, it must be some huge conspiracy ;)

How many thousands of these demands by “truth seekers” do you think fact check has gotten since they posted that article? If they answered any of them they are idiots, it just opens the door for more demands and more demands, etc.. Heck, they could probably hire several people full time just to keep answering the same questions over and over and to provide pictures and step and fetch for everyone who disagrees with them and likes to send email.

Seriously, what were you people expecting, for them to drop everything they were doing to be ordered around by an obviously anti-Obama website?

If that’s really what you thought was going to happen, I think you’re taking yourselfs way too seriously ;)

And this gem from Tony Griffin at IP 66.211.10.xx, in response to our article entitled “Retired Army General Supports Lt. Col. Lakin”:

Wow, everyone who follows or supports on this site is an ignorant racist moron. However, commendably, most of you seem to have an at least nominally better grasp of the english language than most of the other ignorant racist morons of the internet. Cheers.

This guy has shown that he is an “ignorant moron” because he can’t even capitalize the word “English”!

This next comment comes from da verg at 75.17.141.xxx, whom I recall was a frequent commenter at the now-latent “The Right Side of Life” blog:

will you marry me??
oh shoot
your already married

someone beat me to it

In response to the article about the nine contractor workers indicted for allegedly looking at Obama’s student loan records, AEI at 65.41.246.xx said:

It’s rumored that Barry was admitted as a foreign student and received financial aid. If you know this to be true why not post it….oh I gues you’s Rathernot. HA

The only problem is that The Post & Email never stated that this was “true.”  We do not say anything is “true” unless we have absolute proof.  That shows the low level of functioning of this particular individual!

As is evidenced by these preposterous comments, Obama’s supporters no longer have any defense for him.  They apparently know he is not constitutionally-qualified but want him in office anyway.  If they don’t care about upholding the Constitution, then someday when they call on their “constitutional” rights, they won’t exist.  These people apparently wish to have martial law or communism imposed on us with their messiah, Obama, bringing it about.  And we’re not going to let that happen.

If you would like to help us continue our mission of exposing the truth as well as the lies, please consider a small donation.  If you can contribute in other ways to fight the evil that has permeated our government, our schools, and our very way of life, please contact me at editor@thepostemail.

This is a fight we must and will win.

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  1. You go Post and Email, keep the light shining on those cockroaches, the ones in office too. Thank you for your determination, and objective quest for truth. Integrity is hard to find nowadays, thank you for that too.

  2. Here is a good cause for you to write about : http://jacksonville.com/news/florida/2010-05-24/story/live-oak-prosecutor-fired-speaking-tea-party-others.
    KrisAnne Hall is a Patriot and a disabled Army Vet. The 3rd Circuit States Attorney Office has been a cesspit of Dem political influence pedaling. I KNOW, I used to live there & have been through their ‘system’. Contact me and I will send much more if you want. Or you can check out the link to her speech and get her Email. They are so lame and over-confident, this is fight we can win.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I will follow up on this, but please send all news tips to editor@thepostemail.com. Thank you!

  3. Here we go, the perfect squelch, comeback, parting words to any obot..


    Pass it along to anyone, especially to Sarah Palin and her fans.

    1. Me, too.

      Mrs. Rondeau, I don’t have any money or I would certainly make a donation. But if there’s ever anything else I can do to help, today or tomorrow or any day after that, please let me know.

  4. Sharon-I’m originally from Chicago, so as suburbanites we are quite familiar with the cesspool of corruption on the South Side of Chicago from whence Obama sprang. Chicago also had the charming and murderous Al Capone-you are the Eliot Ness to the Obama crime machine-all you can do is print the truth. Everything requested by you and others denied, wonder why that is? It can only be a few things, it doesn’t exist, or there is powerful evidence against Obama. What these commentators don’t know is how many may have already turned state’s evidence/possibly flipped and are gathering evidence against Obama. The Mob foolishly thought Omerta would never be broken but it was many times. I wonder if RICO statutes being what they are if RICO could be applied to some of these folks that posted here since they may be “paid” for what they are doing-disinformation which is another word for lie.
    Maybe lawsuits shouldn’t work from the top down, but from the bottom up.

  5. My favorite one was from Destinatus: “Let’s think about this rationally….Excuse me for being a rational man. As I understand it we are few and far in between.”
    Destinatus if by chance you read this sir, when someone has to work that hard to convince others how rational they are — it usually means deep down inside they suspect their own thinking is anything BUT rational. In your heart you know, don’t be afraid to face the truth, the truth can only set you free.

  6. Great post, Sharon! This sorry lot of posters need to move on. Where does the DNC recruit these youngin’s from?

    I loved the “rational” thinking boy and his juvenile comments…and I’ll give him credit, he spelled moron right! I don’t know how many times I’ve see folks spell it like this maroon. I always want to chime in and say, no that’s a color, but don’t. Always better to just move along.

    Keep up the great work. Always enjoy your work.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: And thank you for the moral support!

    1. Mrs. Rondeau – you are an outstanding editor. Mr. Charlton is very fortunate to have you on board leading his public blog. And we, the posters, truly benefit and enjoy your work product immensely. I really do mean this. btw, forgot the comma before ‘maroon’ and just wanted to elaborate a bit more on how much I respect your work. best, h
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Well, thank you, ma’am!

    2. Helen, they may actually mean “maroon.” I’ve posted that before. It’s something I picked up from Bugs Bunny when I was a kid. Bugs used to say, “Eh. What a maroon.”

  7. I doubt the people who wrote you are even American Citizens, maybe citizens of the World like Barkle Obamao, who hate the USA.

    Notice how the so called “internet lawyer” Obots could not answer the Breckinridge Long article posted here at the Post& Email. They faded back into their government-subsidized cubicles to watch internet porn.

  8. It’s obvious that Destinatus at IP 98.231.85.xxx didn’t bother to read any of the articles or posted comments here, not even the one to which s/he was supposedly commenting. Otherwise, s/he would know the difference between a “native born citizen” and a “natural born citizen.” This would be just as true if the difference were only perceived or should the SCOTUS one day rule they are one and the same. S/he would also know that a Hawaiian birth certificate, certificate of live birth, and certification of live birth are three different documents, each originating from different sources from the others, each being filed or registered differently from the others, and each requiring its own set of qualifiers or proof in order to be issued, filed, and/or registered. Further, had Destinatus read any of the articles on the topic, s/he would know that no one has accused the State of HI or its employees of forging BCs.

    In light of Destinatus’ thorough lack of knowledge on the subject, I suggest s/he take his/her own advice and read s.l.o.w.l.y all of P&E News’ articles on the topic, as well as the cited sources, going back over the last two years. Then, when Destinatus is caught up on the topic and can speak with knowledge on the topic gleaned from a place other than his/her @$$, come back and share his/her opinions on the topic and we’ll discuss.

    1. Surely, you didn’t think I was finished already, did you?

      When it comes to grammar, capitalization and punctuation, notAnidiot at 64.201.78.xxx has shown that s/he should drop “notAn” from his/her “notAnidiot” handle.

      S/he further proves his/her idiocy by his/her assertion that it isn’t the job of FactCheck.org to fact check and answer any questions that their readers may have regarding the alleged facts they post at their site. Only an idiot is unable to grasp that that is the purpose of fact checking groups or sites. (Based upon the attitude s/he displayed in his/her comment, I’d wager that notAnidiot is one of those workers who get surly and act put upon when asked by a customer for ketchup and napkins.)

      Tony Griffin at IP 66.211.10.xx, who commended us for our grasp of the “english” language, neglected to capitalize “English” and “Internet” and left out the comma between “ignorant” and “racist” when calling us “ignorant racist morons,” not once, but twice.

      Apparently, da verg at 75.17.141.xxx has a problem with Sharon Rondeau responding to comments as Mrs. Rondeau. Only da verg at 75.17.141.xxx and God know why that might be.

      Mrs. Rondeau has already pointed out the low level of functioning of AEI at 65.41.246.xx, to which I can add nothing because that says it all perfectly.

  9. WE must win the race to martial law by getting the military to commit openly or covertly to defend OUR side, the Constitutionally correct side.
    Whomever declares martial law first, the proper outcome depends absolutely on OUR military accepting OUR side in this national crisis.
    Any and all of us with connections to our military should obligate themselves to seeking that commitment.

    Perhaps we can research and find web sites with military message boards and get our message to them so they ALL understand the stakes.

    Refer them to http://www.thepostemail.com for up to date information.