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by Pixel Patriot

Patch Logos of the Oathkeepers

(Apr. 20, 2010) — An eyewitness account states that as of approximately 7:20 a.m. today, Patriots were traveling due east on Highway 68 toward Sweetwater, TN in transit to the Monroe County courthouse to show support for Lt. Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick III (Ret.), who had been arrested on April 1 after attempting to effect a citizen’s arrest at the courthouse.

The travelers were approximately 15 minutes from their destination when an Oath Keeper was pulled over while driving lawfully. He has now been removed from his vehicle and is in the back of either a Sheriff’s car or a TN State Trooper’s vehicle. Two unmarked SUV’s are also on the scene. Carl Swensson, an eyewitness who was traveling behind in a separate vehicle, said that neither of them was driving unlawfully.

The eyewitness reports that the only difference between Swensson’s vehicle and the car in front of him was that the  latter had a sign that said “Oath Keeper.” Swensson said the sign was not hand drawn but professionally made.   It was Swensson’s opinion that the the police “must have been tracking them.”

Also reported is that Swensson has been in communication with Mack Ellis of the U.S. Grand Jury and that the Monroe County courthouse is in “lockdown,” meaning that no one is allowed anywhere near or inside the courthouse except the defendant.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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  1. I am a psychotherapist who is a friend of Leo Haffey.

    The Soviets had a frequent policy of declaring that a person was mentally ill and then keeping them confined for years.

    Without proper testing Leo was given the diagnosis
    “delusional paranoid”.

    I insisted that Leo be tested by a mental health professional not affiliated with the courts in the proper way including standard testing. He was found to not be “delusional paranoid”.

    He has been in confined since May on false charges and has never had a trial. The person who made the false charges has recanted and admitted that they were pressured to make the charge by court personnel and others.

    I have ducmentation for all of this including the actual diagnosis and the recanting of the false charge.

    Obama’s thugs are off their leash in TN.

  2. Police State? Someone needs to explain the need for such a high police Presence! Tenn. was there for Texas at the Alamo I guess this Massachusetts man will have to be there for my fellow American brothers from Tenn.

  3. I can’t believe this. Is this AMERICA? This reminds me of what they are doing to Attorney Fine. http://wethepeopleusa.ning.com/profiles/blogs/attorney-fine-jailed-for

    If someone exposes corruption, throw then in jail without due process. Lock them up in solitary confinement for a year. Protect those who are corrupt at ALL COSTS. I an so sick and disheartened about what happens when average citizens stand up. That’s why so few do. How can we expose this and gain National attention. Any ideas?

    1. This is just the tip of an iceberg of government corruption in America today.

      Withing weeks of my writing about BHO not being Constitutionally qualified to be President and calling for Citizen Grand Juries to investigate crimes committed by the BHO campaign in Nashville in 2007 and 2008, I was arrested 4 times in May of 2009 on False Charges. On September 14, 2009, my bond was unconstitutionally, illegally revoked. Since 9/14/09, I have been Falsely Imprisoned in the Nashville (Davidson County) Jail for 60 days and Falsely Imprisoned at other facilities for over 6 months.

      Being that I was abiding by our Constitution and advocating against anything and everything associated with a call for violent “Revolution,” I was shocked when I was first arrested in May of 2009 on False Charges. My ordeal at the hands of Criminally Corrupt BHO supporters in Nashville has been documented on the websites listed below for those interested in the details.

      I hasten to add that, although my Family has been terrorized by Criminally Corrupt BHO supporters in Nashville, We the People still have our Bills of Rights. Consequently, I am still able to exercise my right to Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Assemble and Freedom to Form Citizen Grand Juries, at least, for now.

      However, to speak colloquially, What you don’t Use, you will Lose. Thus, I once again urge all Patriots to form Citizen Grand Juries and regain control of Our government before it is too late.



  4. This is just outrageous that something like this could happen in America. It’s what happens in communist countries. So does that mean that Walt Fitzpatrick had nobody there in that courtroom for his support? I’m just sick over this.

    1. After speaking with Walt Sunday night, I planned on representing him today in Madisonville. Then yesterday afternoon I got a call from my attorney who told me that I would be arrested again if I went to Madisonville today.

      Having been separated from my wife and daughter for nearly a year (60 Days in Jail and the rest of the time Falsely Imprisoned at “treatment centers,” halfway houses, and separated elsewhere by court order), I simply could not take the chance of another arrest. BHO supporters nearly killed me in the Nashville Jail.

      They withheld my Blood Pressure medications. I am lucky that I did not have a heart attack or stroke. Inducing me to have a heart attack, stroke or seizure was clearly the intent of the BHO supporters.

      I do plan on being in Madisonville on May 4th. If they illegally arrest me again, it will only be 13 days in Jail before my next hearing in Nashville on May 17, 2010, but what Walt asked us all for and what I ask my fellow Patriots for is your support. If you can be in Madisonville on the 4th, PLEASE be there and bring video cameras. If you can not be there PLEASE blog about this at every site on the internet that will post it.



  5. Very disturbing news. I spoke with Carl last night and told him that it was communicated to me that I would be arrested if I went to Madisonville. Having been arrested on False Charges by BHO supporters in Nashville and having spent 60 days in Jail, I know what the Criminal supporters of BHO are capable of.

    I am surprised that this has happened to Patriots in Monroe County since that is a relatively conservative part of our State. However, we do have a BHO supporting Governor Bredesen who evidently is afraid he will soon be Indicted by Patriots for crimes in connection with the BHO campaign in Tennessee. Governor Bredesen him had a front page article in the Tennessean Newspaper wherein he expressed how intimidated he was by Citizen Grand Juries.

    Also, on the phone last night, Carl told me that he was told by a government staff member that Governor Bredesen was attempting to abolish the Grand Jury system in Tennessee, very disturbing, but as we say in Tennessee, we Patriots can’t worry about the Mules going blind, we just have to load the wagon.

    Leo Patrick Haffey

    1. Just got off the phone with Carl.

      Darren was detained by agents for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.

      Being that the agents had NO PROBABLE CAUSE to ILLEGALLY DETAIN Darren, they wisely released him.

      Carl got it all on video and it will be displayed on RiseUpForAmerica.com tomorrow.

      Commander Fitzpatrick’s hearing has been re-set for May 4th.

      Leo H.

      1. I have paper work that would make this case go away! If someone would like to look it over give me a contact email and I can send it.