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by Neil Turner

Dr. James David Manning, Pastor of Atlah Ministries, who will be presenting evidence about Obama's past at a trial in May

(Mar. 29, 2010) — Beginning on May 14, 2010, in New York City, Dr. James David Manning will be presiding over the Trial of the Millennium: The C.I.A. COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition and Treason TRIAL!

At the trial, evidence already in hand will be presented to jurors chosen from a cross-section of American Citizens.

It will be open to the press worldwide, and many international media representatives have already expressed their desire to attend.  The proceedings will be broadcast on the internet as well as displayed on two large viewing screens at the Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue entrances to Columbia University.  In this way, the 2010 graduating class of Columbia and other passers-by will be able to see the deliberations of the evidence showing that Columbia University was complicit in the cover-up that allowed Barack Hussein Obama to be in Afghanistan and Pakistan as an Arabic-speaking, non-U.S. citizen Muslim working with the Mujahedeen and the C.I.A in helping to force the Russians out of Afghanistan in the early 1980s.

Obviously, such an individual is, and never was, an Article II “natural born” U.S. Citizen as required by our Constitution to be eligible for the office of President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military.  Therefore, he must be removed IMMEDIATELY.  This trial will show the world how this Seditious and Treasonous act of installing a Usurper as POTUS was made possible.

First, you must take the time to hear the words of Dr. Manning as he describes what will be taking place for seven days from 14-19 & 20 May, 2010, in and around Columbia University and the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem (site of the courtroom). You should SAVE these links so that you can review the information in the days ahead with friends and family to help you to decide what you can do to help save our Nation and our Constitution.

Each morning, for seven days, the Hon. James David Manning, PhD, will lead a march around Columbia University during the trial.

Second, you can watch this video to see just some of the EVIDENCE that will be presented in great detail at the trial:

You can also visit Dr. Manning’s website to see all the videos he has made relative to the Trial.

Dr. Manning is asking us all to step up to the plate in this battle against the Kingdom of Darkness that has descended upon our land and to print out flyers to hand out by the thousands so that all may be aware, become involved, take action, and become the “salt of the earth.”  You can download the two-page Trial flyer here.

Print them out in color or black and white and distribute them wherever you go (car windshields, include with your mail and bill payments, leave on counters, etc.).  Just DO IT!

Next, you can print out some Stickers like these:   (30 per page), from the template found here:

Stick them on every prepaid return envelope you can find as a return address, or stick them on every mail-out you send.  Use your imagination and spread the word.

Finally, if you really want to help the cause to save our Constitution and our Nation, you can print out some business cards telling everyone about the Trial.  Print them out on both sides, and there’s even a place where you can type in your own email address or other contact information on the FRONT of the card before you print them out.  The front of the card looks like this.  The back of the card appears here.

“Obama aids and abets the enemies of the United States and our Constitution.  That is TREASON!

Therefore it follows that any US citizen who does not do everything in his power to stop this Treason becomes complicit in it.”

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  1. May god be your guidance as you embark on a journey to expose this fraud!

    Finally, I found people who share my concerns and want to expose Obama for what he truly is, not a black American, not a Christian, but a Muslim, who is out to destroy this country, as Hitler nearly destroyed his own..

    May God see that you are protected during your trial, and may all others be your army as God is your guidance!

    With great respect, I pray for your safety.

    Regards from one who is your sister, not bound by race, but by GOD and Integrity!


  2. Again, may God bless you and your work Pastor Manning, You are a fabulous communicator and a true Patriot. Even though our skin color may differ slightly, you are closer to me than my own brother; for several reasons…(1) you are 100% reliable and always true to your word (2) we are brothers in Christ, and one can easily see that you wear and live your faith openly and honestly (3) You have the heart of a lion, and the mind and patience of Job, but you have your gospel armour on and are marching bravely forward were few men would dare to try, knowing full well that God is with you, plus most all normal thinking American. Thank you Pastor Manning for all that you are doing; I love you my brother, and I’m 1000% with you. Amen “Boom Shaka Laka”

  3. It is up to “we the people” to spread the word and Insist that our constitution be obeyed ! And to join with Dr Manning in getting this countries eyes back on God . The gays , the atheist and the muslims should all go live in that sandbox in the middle east or face the rath of the almighty on this blessed soil !

  4. Dr. Manning has not once waivered in his belief that Obama is not who he says he is. Not once. The good Rev. has been steadfast in speaking his truth.

    The T-Room is going to cover the Grand Jury work and provide in depth interviews of those who are attending. We’re not certain of our schedule yet, but will post and circulate when completed.

    To everyone at the Post & Email thank you for giving ink to this event. I hope you will also consider sponsoring it too. The T-Room is going to sponsor it.

  5. Obama Steps Up Confrontation
    White House Seeks to Rally Supporters With Aggressive Tone Against Opponents


    “You will not surely die [if you pass ObamaCare],” the serpent [Obama] said to [the ignorant proletariat] the woman. “For God knows that when you eat of it [the fruit of Socialism] your eyes will be opened, and you will be like [Me, an omipotent dictator] God, knowing good [Marxism/Captivity] and evil [The Constitution of the United States/Freedom].” (Genesis 3:4-5 )

  6. Dr. Manning is “ever the top” sometimes….but I have far more respect for him that I do for Barry. I hope Dr. Manning stays safe, and I am anxious to hear what he has to say, and to see the evidence.

    I called my Senators office today and was told about Obama…..”His birth certificate is on the internet”, as if it was case closed, he’s a natural born citizen. The person I was speaking to seemed to ignore my telling her that being a “citizen” was different from being a natural born citizen. Actually, I think it’s quite possible that Obama may not be a U.S. citizen…at all.

  7. This is awesome! Dr. Manning is a courageous man who has been shouting his message from the rooftops for a long time. He tells it like it is and is using audacity right back at obama, but he mingles truth with audacity. We’ll be praying and watching, Dr. Manning. May God bless your efforts in a powerful way!