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Legal analysis by John Charlton

U.S. Representative for Georgia, Nathan Deal.

(Feb. 11, 2010) — After nearly three months waiting for a response to his letter, U.S. Representative for Georgia, Nathan Deal, has yet to receive any reliable information from Barack Hussein Obama regarding the latter’s citizenship status.

The non-response can mean only one thing:  there is no reliable information!

Carl Swensson recently interviewed the U.S. Representative on video, during which time Deal affirmed that he believe his request was reasonable and that it demanded a response. Deal had originally announced on Nov. 5th that he would seek such information as the release of Obama’s birth certificate.  The Post & Email editorialized on this letter on Dec. 5th.

Deal’s interest in the requirements for obtaining citizenship at birth for children of foreigners is not something recent.  In 2007 he signed on as a co-sponsor to a bill which would end the “anchor-baby” loop-hole in current immigration law, which allows any child born on U.S. soil, regardless of the citizenship of his parents, to claim U.S. citizenship.  Deal proposed that at least one parent had to be a citizen.

For those who believe Obama’s undocumented claim to be born in Hawaii, even that is insufficient, if proven true, to silence his critics, and this for two reasons.

Obama has claimed a foreigner as his legal father; and his claim to Hawaiian birth appears not to have prima facie evidentiary value (that is, one which would be assumed to be true at first sight).

While it is true that all those born in Hawaii are accorded U.S. Citizenship status at birth by virtue of 8 U.S.C. 12, § 1405, the State of Hawaii does not claim to authenticate the information on birth records issued by their Department of Health, but remands such verification to the court to which the document might be submitted as evidence (cf. H.R.S. 338-17).

And there is the rub.

While some, such as Jack Cashill and other concerned citizens,  have speculated extensively on Obama’s actual parentage, this seems an unlikely possibility, for surely if Obama could claim all the requirements of the U.S. Supreme Court definition of a “natural born citizen,” he would present the evidence posthaste.

Nor is it likely that Dr. Chiyome Fukino has lied about the “existence” of original vital records in the possession of the Hawaii Department of Health, even if her interpretation of what she saw is suspect, as long as her department refuses to disclose the originals.

It’s the evidentiary value of what she alleges to have seen. If the original filing was amended within the first month so as to change the name of the father or place of birth, there would be major problems for Obama in disclosing the originals:  major problems because the information currently accepted by the State of Hawaii might have no evidentiary value whatsoever, beyond the bald, undocumented claim of whomsoever petitioned for the change.

If Obama’s alleged COLB, released by his campaign, was sought from Hawaii in 2007, it  could also be that Obama himself petitioned a change on the document as early as that.  Furthermore, his rather bizarre visit to Hawaii just days before the Presidential Election in 2008 seems to coincide more with regularizing the details of his candidacy than any interest in visiting his allegedly sick grandmother, who died apparently from the shock of their encounter just days afterwards.

This has led to speculation that Obama visited her to obtain an affidavit in support of his petition to amend his place of birth or his parentage on his original Birth Certificate.  In fact, Dr. Fukino’s original statement that her department has such on file was made just days after Obama’s visit to Honolulu in October 2008.

It seems more likely, thus, that Obama’s lawyers are forestalling disclosure, and that his political stormtroopers are thrashing at any who question this non-disclosure simply because the evidentiary value of whatever documents might exist in Hawaii are the crux of the issue.

And that is, I believe, why Obama won’t answer Nathan Deal’s letter requesting reliable information.

Because there just ain’t any!  —  In this, Obama’s silence drowns out all the growling protests and criticisms of his supporters, who try to make it impossible to hear him say, nothing.

If only one reporter in the White House Press Corps would ask this question, we might get to the bottom of this mystery:

“Does the President have an original vital record, of prima facie evidentiary value, establishing his claim to be eligible to hold that office?”

And Obama, I repeat what I said back in October: your goose is now double-cooked!

Show ’em or fold, man!

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  1. Well, has obama answered any questions or letters about his eligibility? I don’t think he will and no one will continue to push for answers. He is made of teflon more than clinton ever was. Nothing sticks to him. Of course he has a lot of help from our non-representatives and so-called senators. Can’t leave the judges out either.

  2. As the neomarxist takeover from within progresses, the FBI, CIA, Congress, judiciary, and every system set up to defend the USA is attacking those that actually do. Nathan Deal even gave bammy an “out”, in a way, because if the bamster had provided a real birth certificate it could have diverted the equation—but in actuality Ofraud’s team knows that anything he says, provides, does, will actually harm his tenuous fraud-position. Best he say/do nothing and ignore all comers. Then he can go executive-gangsta and see what he can get away with before it all comes crashing down.

    America sleeps…but it’s hearing that annoying ever-louder buzzing in its ear, and when the sleeping giant finally awakes, it will never rest again until this evil is purged.

  3. The only thing the birth certificate is good for, is to show the name and nationality of the father. obama has already admitted that he was a British Subject at birth because of his father. That makes him ineligible to be President according to OUR Constitution. I don’t really care “where” he was born, he must also have two American citizen parents to be Natural Born and he only had one, according to obama, himself.

    obama will not answer Rep. Deal. Look at how many other letters to obama that have not been answered, on other subjects. obama does not care what our elected official ask, he does not answer, Neither does holder.


    Mr. Charlton replies: I personally also want to see if the original filing differs from the current version of the filing. And I am sure all historians and citizens want to know the actual spot of his birth, if it is known…because if he was an adoptee, then it may not be known.

  4. Anything to keep this issue alive and well is good. This has gone down in history as the first congressman ever having to ask the ‘president’ to show proof of his eligibility to be president, and, the ‘president’ ignoring the congressman!
    It is a pity that ALL cogressmen and senators (at least the Republicans) don’t ask the ‘president’ for proof! If all people (i.e. those ‘patriots’ who insist in upholding the constitution) and all (right-wing) media and Republican lawmakers ask for proof, he will not be able to hide! But, most won’t protest Obama violating the most basic of our constitution while opposing vehmently his every unconstitutional move. That really makes sense!

  5. Thank you, and very well said, Mr. Charlton — “…..it’s civilization against barbarism; liberty against tyranny…..” And this is why we continue to fight the good fight.

  6. Mr. Charlton, I admire and appreciate all the effort into uncovering Obama’s roots. Thank you.

    For me at least, this has evolved into something way bigger than just Obama’s eligibility; it’s now about our Constitution and rule of law. The powers that be have made it very clear – both liberals and conservatives – that they don’t care what the Constitution says, and they will bully us any way they can to usurp our rights and our Constitution. Maybe it’s time to start asking new questions.

    Do we live under a rule of law or do we make up the laws as we go along? And who gets to make up these laws? Does might make right? What other parts of the Constitution will our elected representatives and media will ignore? What other thug tactics will they use to shut us up???

    And we have to ask ourselves the other side of the question: What other parts of the Constitution will We the People let our elected representatives and media ignore? If we give up this fight, then we have basically told them they can corrupt the Constitution any way they choose, and we’re just little sheeple that will fall in line.


    Mr. Charlton replies: Mia, you’ve said it all: this is a very pointed an accurate analysis of the crisis. It’s not just the people against Obama, or the people against the NWO; it’s civilization against barbarism; liberty against tyranny….

  7. Sorry to be back so soon but I forgot to mention that I do not live in Georgia so he is really none of my business i guess but if I did live there I would be looking at other candidates if he stops now.

  8. So is Rep Deal going to press on with this issue or shrug his shoulders and say oh well?
    I said at the beginning this was only a ruse to get elected by telling people what they wanted to hear and expect to see him back off now by saying I tried and he said no so issue is dead.

  9. If all he’s got for the first, original vital record is an affidavit from a relative, which is what I think is most likely, what will be our next move? We know the other side will simply say ‘that’s good enough”.

    If the long form bc says that the info was not forwarded and accepted by the state registrar, that should be a trump card for us. But if it was forwarded and accepted, we’ll still have a heck of a fight on our hands.

    Of course, if there are other things involved, like name changes and parentage changes and all the rest, the scandal alone should be enough to make everyone wake up, smell the coffee, and get about the business of impeachment.