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Political Analysis by Doug Cook

Communist Leader Mao Tse-Tung, responsible for the deaths of 77,000,000 people

(January 18, 2010) —  Mao Tse-Tung is only a larger monster than Obama by means of blood spilled. So far. These two demi-gods share much in common.

Obama and his Nomenklaturer have been busy little bees presenting to Americans a farce of soft far-left doctrine, all the while setting up the mechanisms of a parallel dictatorship in waiting; a coup in the making, pieces and players placed for when the time is right for the hammer to fall and the sickle to reap the harvest of Liberty’s prosperity.

Unknown to the protagonists of Red Amerika, a terrible miscalculation of unintended consequences has transpired. The joke is on them, the dream of a ruling class elite all for naught.  The Constitution and Bill of Rights are inviolate; all of the regulations and executive orders designed to circumnavigate those founding documents hold water only for people who believe they are legal. The worshipers are fleeing in droves, the illusion is empty, the prince has no clothes. You’re going to have to pull a Jim Jones soon there, buddy, to salvage your own narcissistic image.

The joke is on the proxy press and immorally lost bureaucrats and elected leaders.  Your usefulness ends when you fulfill your course; then the purges begin.

The company of elitists and radicals with whom Barry has surrounded himself now ensconced in our government by way of czarism and Chicago-style gerrymandering has revealed its true intent for America and its people. It can be explained in no other way.

“Hope and change” is radicalspeak for Mao’s Great Leap Forward, or maybe it is his “Cultural Revolution.”  Those surely do sound like nice things.  But even we knuckle-draggers and unwashed masses in flyover country with our Cracker Jack secret decoder ring see the ruse as the self-delusional buffoonery that it is.

Once it starts, there is no place to go but as in the eventual Mao-inspired re-education of 70,000,000+ people by way of a lead lobotomy or destruction of the economy under the false pretense of “Hope and Change.” Starving millions to maintain rule with an iron fist? Or uncle Joe Stalin’s Gulags, so quaintly coined “re-education camps”? Mmm? Let’s consider an obamabot extraordinaire, Anita Dunn:  her “favorite political philosopher” just happens to be Chairman Mao.

His Philosophy

Mao’s theory of revolution involved pure destruction of every shred of identity of person and country, family and religion, murderous adherence to Marxist doctrine.  He said:

“the country must be…destroyed and then reformed.”

1. Any tactic that achieves a desired result is acceptable, regardless of the costs.

2. Individual people are irrelevant; only the group has any standing; human deaths mean nothing.

3. A strong central government must be erected.

4. Non-socialist states must be shattered to be remade along Marxist lines.

6. There is no God; no set of rules exists above society, including any civil or human rights.

This megalomaniac was for real, exterminating 77,000,000 Chinese souls like so many cockroaches under the boot of “transforming China.”  Have a familiar ring to it?

Dunn in her own words:

Mao Tse-tung is who I turn to most to basically deliver a simple point which is ‘you’re going to make choices; you’re going to challenge; you’re going to say why not; you’re going to figure out how to do things that have never been done before.’

How charming, how educated and noble, how utterly elitist, how chilling the evidence of a sociopath, working for The One, in the people’s White House, paid a salary out of your paycheck.

How about this gem of political wisdom from Obama’s longtime neighbor, mentor and co-worker:

Self-professed advocate Professor of Mao and Marxism, radical US terrorist bomber/cop-killer Bill Ayers, claims:

“after America is overtaken by communists, 25 million resisters might have to be murdered”

Chilling words from a teacher in our education system, fellow community organizer, proud, self-professed, unremitting, flag-stomping sociopath who is married to another social psychopath; who placed and set the timers on devices that killed and maimed Men in Blue on American soil. A husband and conspirator who stated in true communist hubris that his “only regret was that not enough was done.”

Connection between Obama and Mao?

Any human being in a position of trust granted by the American people, let alone the most trusted elected position on earth, who would dare to exemplify or associate with any aspect of such megalomaniacs of history as Marx or Mao and demented individuals such as vitriolic Reverend Wright or Bill “gimmee-another-eight-sticks-of- dynamite” Ayers has only one intent:  to follow in their shoes.

Decoration on the White House Christmas Tree, 2009

Mao on the White House Christmas tree? That is without question the Obamas’ mockergy of Christmas Best Wishes to America, designed and crafted by a mentally-deficient, perverted radical. A regular Marxist/Alinsky hand sign to the American principles based on Judeo-Christian heritage. Center-finger salute to traditional American values, Alinsky tongue-in-cheek symbolism of soiling the cherished celebration of the Carpenter Son and Holy Ghost, and true Man of Peace; all in the White House, no less. Karl Marx was all about symbolism and insipid mocking of Freedom and Liberty and the people behind it. Alinsky is all about choosing targets and creating decisiveness within them.

Well, here’s news for all of you:  we the people can be most decisive, terribly so.

“From the Consent of the Governed”

I have my own bit of philosophy and a Hawaiian good luck salute for obots and their dear leader:  you who have committed treason against the Constitution will be held accountable!

In your hubris, in your visions of fundamental change to the dark side, you failed to account for our hole card, our ace of aces in the hole, our patriotic dignity, our hearts of Liberty, and our bone-deep understanding of self- determination. You cannot comprehend that we will do whatever is necessary to stop your Marxist ambitions from becoming reality.

You don’t get it; this is our country.

You who dream of a transformed Amerika, you don’t know what revolution is; you haven’t a clue what we the people are about and capable of, for you haven’t seen anything. The irony is you have nurtured and fertilized the very thing you hoped to exterminate:  patriotism and self-determination. You do not believe we are equal to national self-worth. You believe we are bankrupt due to your subversion of traditional American values and morals. You believe we are ripe for the taking. You could not be more mistaken. You have cornered the beast, and the beast will exact a terrible price.

You all are living in a dream world thinking you would succeed in usurping the land we love.

There’s a nice resort for you all at one end of Castro’s little paradise, The Gitmo Crowbar Hotel. Three squares and a cot, tropical view of Castro’s Cows. Most poetic.

Careful what you wish for there, Barry and all; change is coming, just not the way you intended!

As Lt. Col. Allen West said, “The United States of America was founded by the original insurgents, a bunch of farmers…a bunch of people, men and women, …[who] said to the British, ‘We’re not living under your tyranny.’  Now we’ve got to come back and do it again.”

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  1. Government registration is coming in the color of voter registration. Soon the gun grab will begin. Obama only has until 2012 at the most to consolidate power in the executive branch and he will lose the rubber stamp of the legislative branch in 2010. They will either make a move or drop back into the wings and hide if there is a way left open. Given the mounting pressure by the public to return to representative government the fear they have is that hearings may ensue investigating the eligibility question and all the other actions of the cabal. Given that I suspect they will indeed make a move to secure their position by 2010. Rigging the vote seems the obvious choice since it will be debated long enough for them to establish complete control. Remember, it only took Hitler 5 years and he didn’t have the internet and George Soros.

  2. Lt. Col. Allen West should allow his name to go forward for election as President of The United States. What a guy to lead the charge.

  3. Wow– what a sparkling essay, that cuts right to the main issues and exposes the Obama nightmare for what it is. Add to your reading list “The Obama Timeline,” which is the finest analysis of The One available anywhere– certainly far more informative than the two works of fiction gjostwritten for the protaganist-in-chief. Never thought I’d see the day when we were at war with “our” own government. Weapons of choice for now are the ballot, the pen, keyboard, $ (such as it is) and loud protests. Don’t make us escalate, Barry boy.