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News Analysis by Doug Cook

NPR's Alinsky Inspired Video

(Jan. 8, 2010) — It’s pretty safe to contend from this animation that the elite at National Public Radio have a different value system from conservative-minded people.

For that matter, it is heartwarming to know that NPR (national progressive/communist radio) is using the people’s taxed income in an unbiased news format.  They are generous enough with everyone’s free money to devote a whole web page for this animation by Mark Fiore.

NPR states he “works from an undisclosed location in SF” (California).

Maybe you can shed some light on the motivating principles of a talented artist such as this guy. (I’d love to know how much of my tax money went into this fellow’s bank account as compensation for art like this.) Mr Fiore’s blog

Maybe Mr. Fiore has one of those fishy zip codes the big O “mistakenly” mailed your stimulus bucks to. Nah, the prez is one of us, said so himself.

While you’re at it, your opinion as to this revealing gem of your tax dollars working for you:  Copyright (c) 2010 NPR, (you can find this in “Page Info” under tools on your browser.)

While you peruse NPR’s website, you can brush up on your progressive terminology and doctrine. You have to love the double standard of the party of equality from the land of the summer of love. Don’t be a dummy, forget those pesky facts, learn to speak the language of derision and hate.  Alinsky will love you for it.

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  1. The Tea Party is moving to mailboxes everywhere.

    This will not inconvenience the PRODUCTIVE SECTOR only the PARASITES!


    Mr. Charlton replies: John, The Post & Email is a child friendly site; as there is a video with a foul handsign linked at that youtube page…I will not post that link here…

    1. Hello Mr. Carlton
      I was already aware that the offensive gesture was unwelcome at the Post & Email but failed to consider its presence as a video response linked to “Geithner Needs Your Help!!!”. Please forgive my negligence. The offending link has been removed but may show up as a YouTube auto generated related video among others . If you see fit please consider posting the original comment. If not however know that I respect that you are led by conscience independent of fashion and the Post must reflect your character and judgment.