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Political Analysis by Doug Cook

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(Jan. 4, 2010) – There is much talk and action taking place among conservative and libertarian people about running a third party. This is certainly a noble and patriotic endeavor by rightfully frustrated and angry citizens.

After considering it carefully these last 12 months, it is evident that many of us, myself included, have lost sight of the forest for the trees. The crucial thing here is to empower us as a people, enabling us to turn our government from a dictatorship into the servant of we the people.

This is the only goal; anything else will fall far short, and not much will change.

In saying this to you, my fellow Americans, party affiliation or philosophy does not matter.  This will not affect our goal of placing government back into the hands of the people; one way or the other it is meaningless.  To effect change that is lasting and complete, what matters is doing the most with the least effort and expense and using the most commonsense methods and resources at our disposal.


Logically and strategically, it does not matter what party name the revolution takes to be victorious. The organization and established network that exists in the Republican Party is the perfect instrument for obtaining victory. In argument here, as it exists today, it is ineffective in the politics of the day, ruled by elitism and greed, failed in its contract with America and lost to the people by special interest; therefore, why not take it over? After all, we have paid for it countless times over with our blood and treasure. We might as well take ownership of it; it belongs to us.


For the revolution to be victorious there are three items of supreme importance.   They are inescapable, quite conveniently set up, and ripe for the taking if we so choose.

1.  Time:   This is of the essence; you don’t get it back once it’s gone. Timing is everything.  The sooner time becomes our ally, the sooner it becomes a weapon we turn on our enemies.

2. Infrastructure:  The Republican Party is a fully integrated and established entity. In terms of time, taking possession of it saves years, which could save our cause.

3. Money:  The financial savings of taking over the Republican party vs. establishing a new third party figures in the billions, billions this revolution simply doesn’t have. As a conservative-minded patriot, to me, this is a clear case of Yankee ingenuity and thrift. It is another case of making the best use of the time remaining to assure victory. Necessity is the mother of invention, or re-invention in this case:  re-invention of the Republican Party into the mighty just arm of the people’s power and will.

The great win-win of this strategy is that that we now have direct power to rid us of the crooks, traitors and impostors running wild, and we get direct access to the halls of greed and elitism. We have the power to throw special interests, gerrymanderers and the elite agenda on the trash heap of history. We get to kick serious butt and put the fear of the people into the hearts of the enemy. We become the boss, and we get to say what goes and what doesn’t.


We have the power to determine our lives and what is and is not good for ourselves!

If a third party is important, well, when you’re the victor, the spoils go to the winner, and we can call our party any darn thing we want.

How’s that for having your country and shaping it, too?

In every practical way imaginable, this strategy is a win-win-win.

I’m all for and all in for winning.  America is a nation of winners.  Victory goes to the swift of heart and mind.

If you have lived your life and wondered if you have made a difference in the world, I say to you, doing your patriotic duty to your fellow man, your country and your God, you won’t have to wonder.

Government for the people, by the people and of the people.

“Let’s roll.”

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  1. Many people will vote for the Democratic Party candidate, out of blind tribal loyalty. Therefore, the other major advantage in not forming a third party, is the necessity not to split the vote of those who put Country before Party. Many thinking ‘Democrats’ will vote for the Grand ORIGINAL Party, when they realize that it has gone back to its founding principles and has thus become different from the Grand OLD Party of recent years.

    The key is to constantly focus attention on the need to restore FREEDOM and Government, of ‘We The People’, by ‘We The People’, for ‘We The People’ (as guaranteed by The Constitution of The United State of America).

    In recent years, ‘We The People’ have, at the hands of The GOP and DNC, suffered Government of The Party, by The Party, for The Party.

    Increasing numbers of American people have at last opened their eyes to what has been going on and WILL restore Freedom and Constitutional Government. In an ideal world, this revolution would take place within BOTH The GOP and The DNC, but in practice The DNC is a lost cause for the immediate future.

  2. Doug:

    I agree whole-heartedly with what you are proposing. It is the only feasible way to win for We the People at this point. Again, I say we need someone to lead this effort and get America on board. Since we have a plan, how do you propose to execute it? MSM is not going to be our ally in this effort??!!!?

    1. The jig is pretty much up in regards to the lapdog press, more importantly the folks who desire republican government don’t place much credence in the propaganda from that media source in any case.

      All the more the value of the new media and blogsphere, and most importantly folks like yourself who post their ideas and thoughts.

      My friend there are more patriotic leaders than you can imagine, the impetus for them coming forth is two fold; there are 3 associated viable methods to promote civilian government, and by consequence a renaissance of the conservative electorate. If the people lead, leaders will follow. We can not afford to repeat history, we have to start from the fundamental tenets of civilian civil servants as our founders intended.

      Aside from the priceless value of letter writing,blogs, forums, petitions and peaceful gatherings like 9/12 DC;

      #1 National Precinct Alliance, this one strategy is nothing less than stunning in its potential and scope of effective redress. Check it out here: http://nationalprecinctalliance.org/

      #2 A true grass roots monetary fund dedicated only to the peoples redress: The Freedom Force Strategy, a unique and singular war chest. Learn more here: http://freedomforce.us/TheFreedomForceStrategy.pdf
      Learn about People and Grass Roots organizations involved here: http://www.freedomforce.us/

      #3 Orange revolution; the inherent power of total redress in this has the potential to transform every aspect of our country. In its correct form it is as lawful as the US Constitution itself, in fact it is the means of recourse that our founders understood would be required at this point in history we are at. Our founders put in place the legal mechanisms for we the people to succeed by way of peaceful revolution. This strategy of Liberty is close at hand. One event or action will precipitate orange revolution. It will come from the roots of traditional values and principles, by way of the people. Once it begins it going to be unstoppable. It is something that will be the down fall of 90 years of socialism’s subversion of America. The beauty of it is that it is legal, peaceful and the defining paradigm of our great nations history.

      Hopefully I have helped you in your quest, you have helped me.
      Kind regards,
      Doug Cook

      Peace, God bless the USofA