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The hope of the children?

(Dec. 23, 2009) – A dear friend of mine has a son turning 18 soon, a senior in High School planning to attend college before long. He drops by the house regularly and wants to talk about the current state of our country and his future. He’s a very bright articulate young man of great promise,  and he is increasingly desperate for any form of good news and hope.

But like most Americans, he is frightened about his future, more so than any 18 year old should ever be in the land of the free and home of the brave. He is watching as his future is stripped from his hands, and placed in the hands of Washington DC elitists who are fully convinced that they can provide a better future for this young man, than he will ever be able to provide for himself.

He looks ahead and sees nothing but tyrannical government intrusions into his life and no hope of providing for himself or a family as his father was able to provide for him. No stability, no rights to dream, earn or own – no method by which to address his government in a peaceful way and receive the respect that every productive American taxpayer deserves.

He looks ahead and sees no means to control his own destiny, and no leaders willing to protect his unalienable right to live free and prosper under his own steam. He has no hope…

From Hope

For more than 233 years, his country was the beacon of hope and freedom all over the globe. But today, his generation will be the first to live in an America where individual freedom, individual rights and individual achievement are out-dated and unwelcome concepts of the past.

Like most kids of the new generation, this young man saw hope in the election of the “first black President” a little over a year ago. He had been told that this would be the end of racism in America, that this modern “Messiah” of moderate campaign rhetoric was something to celebrate around the world.

He was one of the 65% of Americans who had great hope for the new President on Inauguration Day 2009. He didn’t understand the 30% of Americans who had great doubts about the new American Messiah, and couldn’t begin to comprehend the 5% of Americans who had no strong opinion either way.

But today he is one of the 55% of Americans who oppose everything the new Messiah has done to his country and his future, in just ten short months. And as he watches the international left drive his country further and further into economic depression, and divide the American people like never before in history, he knows that this cannot end well for his generation…

To Hopeless

From 65% hopeful to 55% opposed and hopeless in ten short months is a lot for an 18 year old to take in. At a time in life when one is supposed to be excited about his future, even anxious to charge out from under parental wings and make his mark in the world, it is heart-breaking to see the look in this kid’s eyes…

When every form of political dissent is played off as nothing more than an act of racism, the racial divide is more alive and well than at any point in American history, because it is now nothing more the a tool of the trade for people engaged in a full frontal assault on all things American.

The term “racism” is now limited to the definition of a political hammer, used to advance an agenda and nothing more.

The term “capitalism” (aka economic freedom) is now a dirty word, while most four letter words are common every day dialogue even on TV programs and games designed for children.

He will not be able to control his own health choices, his own standard of living, his role in self-governance, the safety or security of his home, the right to protect his children from evils in the world, or any other part of his future, and he can see all of it with his own eyes.

That look of disappointment and despair in his eyes, kept me awake for hours last night. I woke up this morning still thinking about the hollow dark glaze that was once the bright and lively face of a ten year old that couldn’t wait to drop by and tell me about his day, or his big plans.

Today, he comes searching for any reason to feel good about his future.

In Ten Short Months

The hopeless America of today

Less than a year ago, 44% of Americans had high hopes for Obama. That number is now only 26% and dropping daily.

In the good ole days, it would have been easy to tell this young man what he needed to know about his future, how bright it was, how his hard work and sacrifice would pay off for his family, and how it was his civic duty to directly engage in his government, by the methods taught to me in civics class more than 35 years ago.

But today, I find myself working to come up with anything hopeful to tell this young man. I dare not lie to him, and dare not tell him the truth either. The truth about America’s future should frighten any 40 year old. For an 18 year old, I fear the consequences of such realizations.

Less than a year ago, he was with 65% of Americans who were hopeful about what kinds of “change” Obama & Co. had in mind. Today, he is with the 55% of Americans who now see those “changes” and fear for their future.

He has been through history class. He knows that the federal government was formed at the pleasure of the states and the people, and that ultimately, the people are supposed to be in charge in the United States.

But he also watches as that government engages in immoral, unethical, illegal and unconstitutional acts in its efforts to pass unconstitutional laws that most Americans openly oppose, and he sees not a single American willing to stand up against all odds and speak for him.

After listening to him describe in great detail, his assessment of what he is watching and how that directly impacts his future, afraid to respond at all, as I have two children of my own that will soon reach his age, and I have no idea what to tell them either…

I could think of only one thing to say…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

And then I told him to join Freedom Force… Because the future of this nation does not rest in the hands of corrupt politicians. It rests in the will of the people! So long as the people have the will to be free, they will find a way!

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  1. Obama lied to the youth of our country, he knew they could be misguided easily especially on the college campuses where the Left rules down from the administration. Recent poll showing that 66% of the adult population do not trust Obama’s leadership. How high does the polling need to go before the Amrican public come to Washington DC and demand his resignation?

  2. Obama reached out to the youth for votes. I wish all of them could see the truth in what he is doing to them, but of course, most believe the lie of “It’s Bush’s or the Republican’s fault.” The Republicans are no better as they could have stood up, had some guts, and pointed out each lie Obama uttered (would have been a full time job, however!). I guess that was too much to ask, and now our children and grandchildren will pay the price for their cowardice. Odd how this administration has yelled and screamed about imaginary ‘torture tactics’ used on terrorists by our CIA, but what they are doing to the American people and our youth for generations is much worse than any ‘so-called’ torture used on people who have killed and wish to continue to kill Americans. Liberals are not compassionate (their favorite mantra)…..they are EVIL. They do not set people free, they enslave.