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David Ogden had served under the Clinton administration: he appears here with Janet Reno, former U.S. Attorney General

(Dec. 4, 2009) — The Department of Justice announced yesterday that Deputy U.S. Attorney General, David Ogden, the second highest ranking official under Eric Holder, would resign on February 10th and return to private practice.

Nia-Malika Henderson, writing for Politico.com, a markedly liberal leaning site, could not deny the facts:

The second-in-command at the Justice Department is leaving his post, officials announced Thursday — making him the third top Obama legal official to announce his departure in recent weeks.

Deputy Attorney General David W. Ogden will return to private practice in February. White House General Counsel Greg Craig will step down in January, and Phillip Carter, a top Defense Department deputy assistant secretary dealing with detainee issues, has already left.

Ogden’s annoucement follows news that the White House ordered an open attack on the free speech rights of Commander Charles Kerchner and the Washington Times this week.

The resignation of Craig followed revelations that the Department of Health in Hawaii refuses to explain what “filed by” means on Obama’s alleged HI Certification of Live Birth, a document which the current White House Chief Counsel, Robert Bauer, would not bring himself to ask the court in the Hollister case to take judicial notice of, so confident he is in its authenticity.

As for Carter, his resignation is what any decent American would do in a similar case.

Ogden’s public statement was long and verbose, but no where in it does he explain where he is going, a fact normally contained in resignation letters, when there is a personal reason for seeking better employment.  It must be concluded therefore, he left for internal reasons in the Deparment.  Whether this was on account of Holder’s decision to move the terrorists’ trial to New York City, or the Kerchner Advertorial which makes it undeniably public that Obama is not legally qualified for the office of U.S. President, because he is a British citizen, is unclear as of this morning.

Odgen’s resignation is all the more remarkable since he took his job as chief operations officer at the Deparment of Justice in May.  His decision to resign, therefore is a career U-turn.

FBI Deputy Director, John Pistole issued a letter in response to Odgen’s resignation, wishing him well; a letter which perhaps indicates that Ogden’s resignation had something to do with his siding with the FBI against policy decisions of the Obama regime. Clearly Obama’s handling of the Ft. Hood shooting was grounds enough for that.

Even the Huffington Post attempts to cover for the peculiarity of Ogden’s decision, by emphasizing  his statements that he will be returning to private practice, without however stating what that will be.

For normal Americans, Obama’s legal problem is a no-brainer. For Obama supporters, who are so devoted to him that they checked their brains at the door, they can’t figure it out.

Ogden’s appointment caused a stern reaction from Christians and conservaties through the country, on account of his history defending the porn industry and his strong advocay of abortion.

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