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by John Charlton

Soldiers travel down a mountain during a patrol near the Tangi Valley in the Wardak province of Afghanistan, Aug. 30, 2009: by Sgt. Teddy Wade
Soldiers travel down a mountain during a patrol near the Tangi Valley in the Wardak province of Afghanistan, Aug. 30, 2009: by Sgt. Teddy Wade

(Nov. 23, 2009) — Obama is about to sell out —for political expediency—the brave troops of the American and Nato forces which have been fighting a bitter war in the mountains of Afghanistan for nearly 8 years.

The report comes from an Arabic News Agency, Al-Watan, in Saudia Arabia.  Chaptomatic’s translation of the report reads as follows:

Kabul, Islamabad: (agency name)

A well-informed Afghani source confirmed details of secret discussions happening between (name?) of the Taliban movement, among them the designated minister of war, and the American ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry. (and there was agreement). The same source [said there was] complete agreement before the American ambassador party request and it resulted in US conditions for proceeding.

Ambassador Eikenberry proposed that the movement be granted sovereign power / authority in Kandahar state and Helmand and Orzkan and Kanr and Nuristan, in exchange for the ending of attacks on American bases in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Media blog, Membri Blog identifies the minister of war as Ahmad Mutawakil, the Taliban foreign minister — evidently they are the same position.

This report is unconfirmed by direct sources, but a report by the Christian Science Monitor yesterday indicates that the Pakistani government was asked by the Obama regime to sound out in support of Obama’s planned betrayal of the American and Afghan people.

Najmuddin Shaikh, formerly the top bureaucrat in the Pakistani Foreign Ministry, said the Taliban could be brought to the negotiating table if they saw a greater American military commitment and more investments in the Afghan countryside.

“It’s a little premature for talks [with the Taliban],” Shaikh said. “There has to be a change in the ground situation, things happening in the next six to eight months that shows the ‘ink spots’ strategy – [McChrystal’s idea of protecting Afghan population centers] – is taking hold, that some foot soldiers are being weaned away, then talks become possible.”

Nevertheless, behind the scenes talks with mid-level Taliban officials already have begun, and Pakistani officials think they could rapidly accelerate now that Karzai has begun his second term.

“We’ve already been talking to them [the Taliban],” said a senior Pakistani official in Islamabad, who couldn’t be named because of the sensitivity of the issue. “If the US helps the process, some arrangements can be worked out for political reconciliation. I’m not for a moment suggesting that it’s an easy task, but otherwise you will be fighting these people for the next hundred years.”

ThreatsWatch.org has issued its own enlightening commentary with many informative links on this possibility that Obama is negotiating surrender:

It would also fit in consistently with Ambassador Eikenberry’s leaked cables recently railing against a ‘surge’ in forces in Afghanistan. He wouldn’t voice such without thinking he has his hands on something else. Could this be it? The surrender of 25% of Afghan territory in exchange for some form of ceasefire?

One would hope not. But if so, this demonstrated type of ‘effort’ in Afghanistan would prove to be the strongest indication that it may be time to advocate the full pullout of American forces from Afghanistan.

If this is true, then not one more drop of American blood for a path that resembles Pakistan’s path. You recall Pakistan’s series of surrenders touted as agreements, right?

Commentators on the net are indicating that if this news of negotiations between Eikenberry and Mutawakil is true, there will be immediate demands from the opposition parties in the United Kingdom, Canada and other Nato Allies for withdrawal, on the grounds that such a course of action is a slap in the face to America’s allies who have spent the blood of their own nationals for years, supporting the American action in Afghanistan.  The doubt alone, that this is true, will greatly weaken the alliance.

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  1. The danger to our national security of Obama remaining in office is monumental. This is insanity. And Congress will do nothing about it. However, I know who is on my list of phone calls for Monday…and I’m going to let them have it! This is the most serious crisis we have faced since 9/11, and it is of our own doing! It must be corrected before another disaster befalls us.

  2. But wait! There’s more!!

    Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist

    Navy SEALs have secretly captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq — the alleged mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah in 2004. And three of the SEALs who captured him are now facing criminal charges, sources told FoxNews.com.

    The three, all members of the Navy’s elite commando unit, have refused non-judicial punishment — called an admiral’s mast — and have requested a trial by court-martial.



  3. I’m just sitting at my keyboard trying to think of something to write. This story speaks for itself. And it’s another indication of where the usurper’s loyalties lie. It isn’t with the U.S.M.C.

    Obama Sides with Terrorists

    Bill Levinson says that the Obama Justice Department is seeking to block enforcement of judgment against Iran for murder of 241 United States Marines.

    In 1983, 241 United States Marines were murdered by a suicide bombing. A Federal court ruled that Iran was complicit. The court ordered Iran to pay the families of the murdered service members $2.65 billion. The Boston Globe reports that the Obama Justice Department has, in an effort to appease Iran, intervened to quash the judgment; in other words, Barack Obama has sided openly with terrorists who murder U.S. Marines.

    IsraPundit blog reported previously that the Obama State Department (Hillary Clinton) has cut off funding for Freedom House and other organizations that report on human rights violations in Iran and other countries. Now Obama and his Justice Department (Eric Holder) have made themselves, at least morally if not legally, willful accessories after the fact to terrorism against the Armed Forces of the United States.

    What about rule of law, Holder? Didn’t you swear to uphold the law when you took office? That is what you tell us all the time when you say your duty requires you to prosecute CIA personnel for alleged mistreatment of terrorists — and don’t forget the Black Panthers, either. The truth, Eric Holder, is that your “duty” seems to consist of selective enforcement of laws to meet the needs of Barack Obama.

    The law, as interpreted by a Federal court, says that Iran is liable for its role in the murder of 241 United States Marines. Obama and Holder wish to deny justice to the Marines’ families so they can appease the butchers of Tehran. Barack Obama has accordingly forfeited the trust and respect of the American people and the Armed Forces, noting again that his Administration has made itself at least morally an accessory after the fact to terroristic violence against the Armed Forces. We cannot possibly imagine how any United States Marine would now want to be posted to the White House, which was once a position of honor but which would now involve saluting and saying, “Sir,” to an individual who seeks to condone the murder of Marines.




    Mr. Charlton replies: Katie, good work….you have the makings of a citizen journalist…if you want to submit article for the Post & Email, see the about page and email me…

  4. Obama is an illegal alien bent on the destruction of America. He is no different than the terrorists who come to America for the sole purpose of ohysical destruction of some part of our country. He and his group of thugs, radicals and anti-Americans need to be removed immediately before he succeeds in the destruction of the greatest country on the planet.

  5. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this is true. It sounds just like him. Doing sneaky, dishonorable things under the cover of secrecy to achieve his own leftist political goals.

  6. Obama may have been in Asia, but most likely a Saudi Royal jet came in somewhere to see him. Afterall weren’t they the one’s responsible for 750 million in campaign funds? If the US pulls out of Afghanistan our allies may not be our allies anymore.