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News Summary and Analysis by John Charlton

(Nov. 11, 2009) — The path he’s taken is somewhat remarkable and quite unusual.  He is a sitting U.S. Senator, the former vice-presidential candidate with former Vice-President Al Gore, in 2000.  He is a stauch supporter of Climate protection laws, saying to one constitutent in his home state of Connecticut:  “It’s my number one priority.”  Like Bush senior and junior, and Bill Clinton, he is a member of the secretive Masonic Fraternity at Yale University, known as Skull & Bones.

Yet his political journey out of the Democratic Party has led him to square off with the embodiment of the new Democratic ultra-left Fürer, Barack Hussein Obama, in that without the former, the later’s Health Care federalization bill cannot get through the Senate.

Joe Lieberman’s journey began some years ago, when he opposed the majority of his party in Congress, who wanted a relaxation of laws protecting children from smut and violence in video games.  On that occasion he uttered some remarkable words in favor of decency and public morality. Jake Tapper of Salon.com, wrote in a piece back in the year 2000, that Liberman’s opposition to immoral entertainment media, was downright embarrassing to leading Democrats.

However, his checkmate against Obama’s agenda is so pointed, that few in the Main Stream Media even want to talk about it.  The news is coming from blogs, not major news sources:  in an evident sign of embarassment or fear of touching the subject.

On British paper is basically calling for Obama to do something extreme.  Giles Whittle, of the Times of London says in an editorial entitled, “It’s not about health, it’s about who runs the US”, that:

Power drains from those too afraid to use it. It is draining now from the White House to a handful of senators who could make or break Mr Obama’s healthcare reforms, and thus his presidency. One is Joseph Lieberman, widely accused of being in hock to the health insurance industry that dominates his home state of Connecticut. I don’t think so. He’s our new neighbour; a modest chap who happens to hold the fate of a nation in his hands. It’s time for the President to take it back.

How a Brit thinks the office of U.S. President has the authority to take power back from a U.S. Senator, is questionable.  The veiled implication of threat and violence, and at least of impatience with an American politician who would dare stand in the way of Obama, is unquestionably papable.

Brody Mullins, who blogs at the Wall Street Journal, is one of the few American journalists to broach the issue of the Lieberman vs. Obama battle brewing in the U.S. Senate, and then only briefly.  He observed:

In the Senate, Lieberman’s vote is critical because if he were to join Republicans to oppose health-care legislation, Democrats could fall short of the 60 votes needed to bring the bill to a vote on the Senate floor.

ABC, on the other hand, is attempting to create an issue, by reporting miniscule incidents involving the arrest of pro-health care demonstrators at the offices of Joseph Lieberman (Video).  Seeing that 1.7 million citizens marched in D.C. on Sept. 12th against such measures, and were ignored or insulted by the Main Stream Media, it is remarkable that ABC news would even notice the arrest of 9 or 5 protestors, who had no accompanying crowd to spurr them on.

Bloomberg news is one of the few major outlets to discuss Lieberman’s opposition to the Health Care bill, at some length, on Nov. 8th:

The Senate version calls for a similar program that would allow states to opt out. Still, Reid faces opposition to the public option from Senators Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, an independent aligned with the Democrats, and Olympia Snowe of Maine, the only Republican to vote for any proposal so far. At least four Senate Democrats have also been critical of the idea.

Reid needs all 60 votes controlled by the Democratic caucus to even begin debate, and it’s not certain he has them. He would then need 60 votes again to cut off debate and take a vote, amid battles over the public option and new taxes to pay for the expanded insurance coverage for Americans.

Lieberman’s Opposition

“We’re going to do this legislation as expeditiously as we can, but we’re going to do it as fairly as we can also,” Reid told reporters on Nov. 3.

Lieberman today reiterated his opposition to the current Senate bill and his intention to help block action on it.

If the public option remains in the Senate measure, “as a matter of conscience I will not allow this bill to come to a final vote,” Lieberman said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Senator Lieberman is a courageous man.  His opposition in the Senate to Obama’s key instrument to his agenda of “change” will be the test of Obama’s character:  either Obama will crumble, or he will employ some of his often used dirty political tricks to undermine the Senator.  In a word, Lieberman vs. Obama will be the test case of whether we have a wimp or monster in the White House.  The relative silence of the supporters of the latter seems to bode for evil days.

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