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Summary by John Charlton

(Oct. 30, 2009) —  George Soros, international financier and puppet master behind the throne of Barack Hussein Obama.  How did a Hungarian who traded in currencies under the Nazi’s arrive at controlling the White House?

The facts are outlined by Jan Malina, a staunchly anti-Communist Catholic from the Czech Republic, in an article entitled, The Case of George Soros:

George Soros was born in Hungary on August 12, 1930. . . .

George Soros as a young man traded currencies on the black market during the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Soros lived there until 1946 when he left the country as it was under the Soviet occupation and he, without money and at age of 16, ended up in London, U.K. in 1947. According to claims Soros has made, he left his native Hungary because of the Soviet occupation….

Young George was able to leave the country, he was able to make it through countless Red Army check points, without a passport that would be valid, without a Soviet approved permit to leave the country, without money and without any outside help.

Soros was not only able to “pass through” these check points but he was able to cross the border to Austria, where the Red Army was also present at the time, and Soros was able to get through the Red Army check points in Austria and “defect” to the West all the way to London, U.K.  Un-parallel achievement and because of my personal experiences as a political refugee who had to go through some difficulties escaping the communist oppression, I know what I’m talking about.

His stay in the U.K. and his 1947 enrolment to London School of Economics, and to be able financially support himself during that time, with no mentioned substantial help or financial backing, and to be able to graduate in 1952 at that young age, this all gives me chills where I missed my own opportunities and how come I wasn’t able to be so “fortunate” and to have such “miraculous achievements” in my life.

Soros, after a brief period of working in financial services in Britain, was able to start his own financial institution. What an achievement again. No money at all from the beginning and after just a few years he’s got his own financial company.

That requires starting capital, these expensive ventures don’t come easy, these are not hamburger stands but virtual banks with lot of money inside – who supplied the money to Soros or has he won a huge jackpot in Britain ?

It is believed that Soros was financed by the Rothschild Family of Bankers, whose general financial strategy for generations has been to fund both sides of international disputes.

Mr. Malina continues:

In the previous Weekly Opinion I was able to present facts about the one Frantisek Janouch, a communist and also a financial backer of the leading “anti-communist dissidents” in Czechoslovakia who were able [by some un-known miracle] to set up an anti-communist [pretended] group called Charter 77.

Well, George Soros was the main financial contributor to Charter 77 and also to the Polish Labor Union called Solidarity. . .

According to my phone conversation with the wife of former political prisoner and later, as a sort of token for the communists in 1990 [for 4 months] adviser to Czech Interior Minister, Mr. Miroslav Dolejsi [his analysis is worth reading], Mr. Dolejsi received some secret documents from Sweden that confirmed that Janouch’s Charter 77 Foundation was a Soviet GRU-KGB operation.

Mr. Malina then points out that George Soros undertook ventures that only a Communist approved agent could perform:

When it comes to simple logic, how come Soros was allowed to set up his Open Society Institutions in the communist Hungary in 1984, in 1986 in communist China and in the Soviet Union in 1987  – and at the same he was financing the “anti-communist” opposition movements and the communists had let it go without arresting Soros, confiscating his money and sentencing him for 20 years to Siberian Gulag ?

Such probability of getting away with it were only possible for communists or communist agents and NOT for an American businessman like Soros. . .

Soros had to know this. To make concessions to communists is also of interest to show, what kind of “real character” George Soros really is. And to make it even more obvious we can ask the “true philanthropist” George this following question: Are you happy you were helping the communists to set up such institutions ?

The agreement between Soros and the communist government in Hungary had to be approved by the Communist Party General Secretary Janosz Kadar. Kadar was during the 1950s personally involved in torture and murders of anti-communist opposition members in Hungary, he is a Stalinist of the worst kind and Soros had to know real well who Kadar is.

As an American citizen Soros did a great disservice to his country by supporting these communist criminals.

Based on his anti-American pro-communist deeds, does George Soros even care about his country [America that is] ?

There is much more information about George Soros in the article, which is worth reading in its entirely; especially for its view of Soros’ operations in Europe, from an ex-Communist dissident’s vantage point.

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  1. It’s interesting how my background is very similar and very different from Soros.

    I left Hungary in 1979 and came to the UK as a political refugee. I also graduated at a British university majoring in physics. Without state grant I could not have done it. It is impossible to have a job which would pay for the very high fees and living expenses in London. In 1981, Mrs Thatcher’s government granted refugees the same right as native born UK citizens, before this date overseas student fees were and still are very high. Soros could not have graduated without any financial help in the UK.

    On my father side of the family, his aunt was a committed communist who had left Hungary in the 30s and ended up living in New York. In the 60s she kept coming back to Hungary and still worshiped our communist dictators. His uncle also left Hungary in the 30s for Moscow and there he disappeared without a trace. They had all learnt esperanto, an intended ‘world language’, still taught at Hungarian schools in the 60s and 70s. Soros has the same in his background and, I believe, the same hard core communist commitment.

    It is well known that the KGB & Co sent agents to the West as political refugees. Also, look at his actions against The US where he is a citizen, the UK, where he was educated and Hungary, by then capitalist, where he was born. Black Wednesday 1992 cost the British government about £3.4 billion (circa $5 billion); in Hungary he tried to destroy the oldest bank in the middle of a financial crisis.

    Britain gave him the best education an economist could have, the penniless refugee has become extremely rich.

    Yet, I despise him and see him as evil.

  2. George Soros is the source of enormous evil. He is one of the big wheels that rolled ObumAxelrod’s Red wagon into the White House, and yet, despite his awesome wealth and power, Soros is still just a tool in more powerful hands–hands that now hold our White House in thrall.

  3. And to top it all off, soros is a convicted criminal. Guilty of a financial crime.

    Think if there was a billionaire conservative hedge fundie that was suspected of working with, oh, say, Pinochet or Franco, and was also a convicted criminal, and was funding the vast majority of all conservative activities in the US. That’s what you’ve got in soros and NOT A PEEP!

    Let’s start forming the citizen militias that the constitution provides for. No doubt that our current judges will find them unconstitutional, but that’s the whole point of forming them, isn’t it?