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by John Charlton

The one thing inescapable about the human conscience is that everyone has to have one and cannot live without one, yes even evil men.

That’s because the conscience is the repository of the personal decisions regarding what is right and wrong.

In normal folk, it is the repository of just and true judgments; accepting the criteria of moral principles which they recognize from objective, nobler sources than their own wilfulness and self-centeredness.

In evil folk, it is the repository of false and unjust judgments; imposed by the wilfulness and self-centeredness of their own subjective point of view, or drawn from sources which were baser or more perverted than themselves.

But, both kinds of persons are bound by the necessity of human nature to have a conscience; to call something good and something else evil.

The result is, ironically, in one aspect, the source of humor: I speak of the phony moral hang-ups of evil folk; compelled as they are to denounce some kinds of behavior as disreputable, dishonest, unjust, criminal, unethical; yet denying the objective categories of these concepts, they invent their own and end up making buffoons of themselves.

You can see this sort of childish nonsense in the Obot world.  They speak like spoiled children throwing a tantrum: hurling deprecations that have nothing to do with the issue, such as  “birther”, “racist”, “kkk”.

They consider the most noble aspirations of men, something to be ridiculed and derided:  e.g. the desire of our brave men and women to serve our country in the Military, along with the conscientious inquiry into the legitimacy of the chain-of-command; the desire of political candidates to know if the playing field was level, or if they had to compete against ineligible candidates; the desire of taxpayers to know why there is so much apparent SSN fraud involving the name and or SSN number used by Obama and his wife.

At the same time they find fault and make an issue of other matters, far distant from those more central to the country today.

One case in point is the election in Afghanistan

There has been more coverage of voter fraud in Afghanistan than there ever was regarding the eligibility requirements of office, which Obama never met.  To the latter there was U.N. intervention; which no one criticised; Hamid Karzai, whom nearly everyone found fault with; a recount ordered; where none was ever suggested here; and a declaration of the justice of a new election; where here justice means the opposite.

Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, said long ago:  “They strain gnats and swallow camels.” He was speaking of the commentators on the religious observances of the Jews of his day; being a Jew Himself; but in general His words can be applied to all those with falsified consciences.  They have to find fault with something.  But having denied the truth, they end up focusing on the absurd as normal or calling the normal absurd.

Here in the United States we have allowed the Socialist agenda to remove from public education any sort of instruction in morality; even in a natural law basis of morality, that a pagan like Aristotle admitted.  The result is the idiocy that reigns from the pulpits of the Main Stream Media to the boob-tube addicted minds of liberal chat forums on the Internet; when participants take cartoon characters as avatars; use foul language in every sentence, and rub each other’s ego, to confirm their feeling of being just in their individual prejudices.

Alan Keyes was correct when he debated Obama for U.S. Senate in 2004:  the whole purpose of the public education laws was to ensure a good education; vouchers therefore should be issued which allow parents to choose that; just as much as the wealthy of persons like Obama can, who claimed he would not send his kids to elite schools — another fat lie.

Whereas the public school law has been twisted to now mean the duty of the state to see to it that every kid grows up to be an amoral socialist cadre; fit to salute the usurper as Leader; and recognize his supremacy over state and law.


Regarding The Post & Email’s coverage of the AP Story & Google Archives

At this liberal site which covers “media bias”, a blogger claims that WND’s story on the Kenyan-born news stories is lousy jouralism, because you shouldn’t believe something is true, just because it’s on the Internet.

To which I would respond: “How about that COLB, Barry, which your campaign put on the internet to prove that your claim to eligibility was true, but which you prefer hide with the help of lawyers, who defend you in dozens of lawsuits?  That’s BC is really precious to you, hey?”

For the record, though,  The Post & Email’s coverage of the AP story regarded coverage and the consistency of Obama’s claims, not the truthfulness of Internet information; and our coverage of the Google News Archive, did not regard the AP story’s claims, but the absence of these stories in the Archive.  The question where Barry was born, was not answered — maybe even he doesn’t know!   No second-hand confirmation of these facts was necessary, since The Post & Email went right to the historical sources themselves.

Any attempt to pretend that is not what we did, is Media bias.

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